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Coming Back Guide to ESO - Returning Players


Welcome back to the world of Tamriel! Or, in case it interests you what has happened in the past years, welcome to the history of what happened in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) since 2014 with this Coming Back Guide.

A lot has happened since the game was first launched, and while some things stayed the same in one way or another, a lot went through an overhaul or was even replaced. New content was released every quarter of the year and from seemingly releasing random content, there's nowadays a fixed schedule for one year which thematically handles one big story arc.

Content-wise we have seen a lot of changes regarding the combat system, the layout, Quality of Life (QOL) changes, an in-game store, subscription model and much more.

To find out what exactly ZOS (Zenimax Online Studios) has been doing the recent years, we have created this Coming Back Guide to ESO. In the table of contents you can find the major Updates which changed the game more or less immensely, or brought such things as console support.

So whether you are a returning player, or just want to see what happened in all those years since release, we hope you enjoy it!

Table of contents



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