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Skill Styling Guide for ESO - All you need to know header

Skill Styling Guide for ESO - All you need to know

Skill Styling Guide for ESO - All you need to know

Skill Styling is a new feature coming to the Elder Scrolls Online in 2024 with the Gold Road Chapter. It will allow players to customise the appearance of their skills. 

What is Skill Styling in ESO?

Skill Styling will allow players to change the visual appearance of some of their skills. 

Skill Styling is expected to be usable on some base-game skills. We don't know exactly what will be available just yet, however, one specific example mentioned by the developers was a purple version of Wall of Elements, a popular Destruction Staff Skill.

This is something that all players who own Gold Road will be able to make use of, and it will be of particular interest to roleplayers and fashion enthusiasts, who can now make their abilities more closely match their character's outfit, appearance and personality. 

How Are Skill Styles Obtained in ESO?

At launch, there will be 22 different Skill Styles available - all of these will be earnable by playing the game, they will not be sold in the Crown Store or Crown Crates. However, this does not mean that Skill Styles will not appear in the Crown Store at some point after the release of Gold Road - this has neither been confirmed nor denied by Zenimax, so we will have to wait and see. 

Zenimax has confirmed that they plan to add more than the initial 22 Skill Styles after Gold Road, we just don't yet know how they will be obtained. 

Which Skills Can I Style?

We don't know all of the skills that players will be able to style as of yet, but we do know that there will be style options for the aforementioned Wall of Elements and also Trap Beast which has been shown in an image released by Zenimax. All of the skills that can be styled will be in the Weapon, World and Guild skill lines - this might change in the future, though.

New Trap Beast Skill Styling in ESO Gold Road
New Trap Beast Skill Styling in ESO Gold Road

It will be interesting to see just how the Skill Styles will be applied, and what level of customisation is available - for example will one Style be applied to all abilities, or will we be able to pick and choose styles for individual skill lines, or even individual skills? Can one style be applied to any skill, or are the styles skill-specific? 

While Skill Styling is being added to ESO at the same time as Scribing, and follows the same customisation theme, we do not know for certain if the two systems will interact with each other - will we be able to apply any of the skill styles to the skills we make with the Scribing system?

These questions will be answered here as soon as we know for certain how the finer details of the Styling System will work in the Elder Scrolls Online. 

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