Category: World
Other skill lines in World : Legerdemain, Scrying, Soul Magic, Vampire and Werewolf
Passive abilities
Icon Hand Brush Hand Brush
Removes 1 layer of soil or rock from a 1x1 area. Generates: |c19D3FF1 Intuition Maximum Intuition: 4.
Icon Augur Augur
Indicates how near the Antiquity is to the selected location. Can only be used a limited number of times, based on the Antiquity's Difficulty. Works on the lowest six layers of dirt and rocks. Cannot detect Bonus Loot. Using Augur does not consume a turn.
Icon Trowel Trowel
Removes 3 layers of dirt or rock from a 1x1 area. Costs |c19D3FF2 Intuition to use. Can safely trigger Fissures to create explosive chain reactions.
Icon Keen Eye: Dig Sites Keen Eye: Dig Sites
Antiquity Dig Sites will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.
Icon Excavator's Reserves Excavator's Reserves
Further increases the amount of time you have available when excavating a dig site.
Icon Heavy Shovel Heavy Shovel
Removes 1 layer of dirt and rocks from up to a 3x3 area. The shovel only affects a single contiguous height of dirt and rocks. Costs |c19D3FF2 Intuition to use. Has a chance to consume no Intuition on use.
Icon Keen Eye: Treasure Chests Keen Eye: Treasure Chests
Treasure Chests will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.

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