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Full list of all "Emotes" that are available in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The "Emote" category includes all base game and dlc "Emotes" that you can obtain in the game.
Admire Me icon Admire Me Admire Me
Admire Me icon
Throw your arms wide to call attention to the fact that YOU are the most awesome being within three provinces!
Aldmeri Dominion Banner icon Aldmeri Dominion Banner Aldmeri Dominion Banner
Aldmeri Dominion Banner icon
Display your alliance's banner with pride and honor!
Alinor Allemande icon Alinor Allemande Alinor Allemande
Alinor Allemande icon
Dance with the courteous grace of the High Elves!
Angry Dust Off icon Angry Dust Off Angry Dust Off
Angry Dust Off icon
Been through a bit of an adventure, eh? Time to dust off.
Arachnophobia icon Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Arachnophobia icon
Do you feel something? On your back? Is that a spider?
Argonian Greeting icon Argonian Greeting Argonian Greeting
Argonian Greeting icon
Displays a typical Black Marsh greeting gesture between tribal Argonians.
Arkay's Warding Gesture icon Arkay's Warding Gesture Arkay's Warding Gesture
Arkay's Warding Gesture icon
The world can be an awful, terrible, no-good place filled with undead. Ward them all off with Arkay's help. (Caution: Does not actually ward off undead.)
Arrow to the Knee icon Arrow to the Knee Arrow to the Knee
Arrow to the Knee icon
Express all the angst and agony of taking an arrow to the knee!
Barkeep icon Barkeep Barkeep
Barkeep icon
Exhibit your mastery over proffering powerful potables in clean containers!
Begone! icon Begone! Begone!
Begone! icon
This intimidating display is sure to scare off even the bravest birds.
Belly Laugh icon Belly Laugh Belly Laugh
Belly Laugh icon
Express your hilarious mockery of another with this over-the-top laugh emotion.
Bite Me icon Bite Me Bite Me
Bite Me icon
An obvious request for a vampiric blessing.
Blow Bubbles icon Blow Bubbles Blow Bubbles
Blow Bubbles icon
Pull out your wand, blow some bubbles, and watch them drift in the air.
Boozy Boot icon Boozy Boot Boozy Boot
Boozy Boot icon
Need to slake a deep thirst? Partake of your favorite beverage the Lonely Troll way by quaffing a boot full of it!
Bright Moons Greeting icon Bright Moons Greeting Bright Moons Greeting
Bright Moons Greeting icon
Sweep your hands into a gesture revering the moons, Jone and Jode, with this Khajiiti greeting.
Bright Throat Greeting icon Bright Throat Greeting Bright Throat Greeting
Bright Throat Greeting icon
Express your hope for understanding among all beings by using the Bright Throat tribe's greeting.
Bull Horns icon Bull Horns Bull Horns
Bull Horns icon
Channel your inner bull.
Bumbling Artificer icon Bumbling Artificer Bumbling Artificer
Bumbling Artificer icon
Oh, hey, what's this uh. Oops. You didn't see that. That didn't just happen.
Cardsharp icon Cardsharp Cardsharp
Cardsharp icon
A dexterous display of deck division and distribution!
Cat Contemplation icon Cat Contemplation Cat Contemplation
Cat Contemplation icon
Contemplate the Lunar Lattice like a true Khajiit, thinking deep feline thoughts and totally not taking a cat nap.
Chaos Ball Boom icon Chaos Ball Boom Chaos Ball Boom
Chaos Ball Boom icon
Riding high on your latest triumph, you slam the Chaos Ball into the ground. Good idea? Maybe not. But it was fun to watch.
Chaos Ball Victory Dance icon Chaos Ball Victory Dance Chaos Ball Victory Dance
Chaos Ball Victory Dance icon
You've done it! You have the Chaos Ball! Time to rub your superior play in the opposition's faces!
Chatty Hand Puppet icon Chatty Hand Puppet Chatty Hand Puppet
Chatty Hand Puppet icon
Sometimes the only way to have a decent conversation and get a straight answer is to talk to your own hand. Right?
Chef Kiss icon Chef Kiss Chef Kiss
Chef Kiss icon
Sublime doesn't even begin to describe the perfection you just experienced. No, for that only a gesture will do—this gesture!
Clippers icon Clippers Clippers
Clippers icon
Soul Gem beats Clippers, Clippers beat Parchment, Parchment beats Soul Gem. Ready? Go!

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