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Master Writs Guide - ESO
Master Writs Guide - ESO

Master Writ Guide - How to get and how to do Master Writs in ESO

Welcome, in this guide we are going to take an in depth look at Master Writs in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Master Writs are special, more advanced writs that you are sometimes given after doing regular crafting dailies. Completing them offers you writ vouchers which can be traded for rare items. Master Writs only start dropping when the crafting is max level and you do max level writs.

For example the Zeal of Zenithar Event that launches at the end of June 2022 will require you to handle Master Writs. 

The Master Writ image below lets us know that we get 81 Writ Vouchers for crafting the following item:

Master Writ Guide ESO
Sealed Clother Master Writ
Master Writs are a potential reward for completing high end, regular crafting writs. These special Writs can require usage of rare materials, items be made of very high quality, or in specific motifs or item sets. Performing extensive tradeskill specific actions like doing research, learning recipes or motifs, translating runes, or identifying herbs makes Master Writs more likely to appear.

Completing Master Writs rewards you with Writ Vouchers. These Vouchers are a currency, which can be viewed in the Currency tab. They are usable to purchase special items, including housing decor, recipes, and motifs, from Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio. They are found in Stormhaven, Deshaan and grahtwood.

What are Crafting Writs and how can I get certified?

To start with Crafting Writs you will have to get certified in each crafting skill line. Please check out the individual guides on how to do that if you haven't done so already:
If you are already maxed out on the skill line you won't even have to craft something to get certified, so this won't take long.

How to do Crafting Writs fast every day to get more Master Writs?

It is recommended to have a separate crafting character that is always ready to pick up all the crafting dailies, for example in the city Alinor in Summerset like shown in this video here.

Of course you can get the max amount of characters on an account to let them all do the crafting writs. There are players out there that have several accounts to do crafting writs on 30 or more characters. This results in huge gold gains but is pretty time consuming. If you are on PC it is recommended to install Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter Addon which automizes the process like shown in the video.

How to increase the chance to get master writs?

Master Writs don't always appear but there are ways to increase the chance of their appearance. For example if you have researched most of the ingame traits you have a higher chance of Master Writ discovery. The same counts for things like Motifs. If you know more motif styles then the chance is higher that Master Writs drop. Same counts for things like known recipes, rune knowledge or alchemy flower traits discovery.

Alchemy Master Writs drop chance depends on: 
  • Traits of Reagents known (Achievements unlocked), 15% higher chance

Enchanting Master Writs drop chance depends on:
  • Knowledge of all the Runes, 15% higher chance 

Provisioning Master Writs drop chance depends on:

Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking and Jewelry Master Writ drop chance depends on:
  • Amount of Purple Motifs known (Only completed Motifs count)
  • Amount of Traits researched (All Traits researched results in 15% higher chance)

Where are the Master Crafter NPCs located to hand in the Master Writs in ESO?

Each alliance has their own spot for the Mastercraft Mediator Rolis Hlaalu and  Achievement Mediator Faustina Curio. At these NPCs you can hand in your Master Writ quest to get Writ Vouchers that you can spend to buy certain things at these NPCs. 

Rolis Hlaalu, Mastercraft Mediator ESO Master Writs
Mastercrafter Mediator Rolis Hlaalu

Faustina Curio, Achievement Mediator ESO Master Writs
Faustina Curio, Achievement Mediator

Aldmeri Dominion Location

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio are located in the Grahtwood zone in the [Elden Root] city for the Aldmeri Dominion alliance.

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio aldmeri dominion eso location

Daggerfall Covenant Location

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio are located in the Stormhaven zone in the [Wayrest] city for the Daggerfall Covenant alliance.

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio daggerfall covenant eso location

Ebonheart Pact Location

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio are located in the Deshaan zone in the [Mournhold] city for the Ebonheart Pact alliance.

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio ebonheart pact eso location

Purchasing Master Writs at the Guild Traders

You also have the option to purchase Master Writs at the Guild Traders. Some players favor this method because you can pick the correct Master Writ with the right Set and the right Motif Style that you already know. 

Which Master Writs should I prioritize?

Not all of the Master Writs are worth completing. It is better to focus on Master Writs with a good cost vs reward ratio. For example Master Writs that require Motifs that are only obtainable via DLCs might be more expensive to craft because most players won't have access to these styles. Or they have to buy them first which will cost them a lot of gold just to complete the Master Writ. 

In general Alchemy and Enchanting Master Writs are easier to craft, especially the low cost ones because it is far easier to learn all the Alchemy and Enchanting related things than learning all Motifs.

Of course some Master Writs also require you to use legendary crafting materials, you want to think twice whether the Writ Vouchers are worth it to you or whether you want to rather do a purple quality one.

It is recommended to install the WritWorthy addon if you are on PC, it helps with Master Writs.

Official Developer Comments regarding Master Writs in ESO

You can find official ZOS developer comments on Master Writs here.

Player Question:  This is still false, I have all research on all crafting and all motifs including Crown ones and ive gotten 2 master writs (worth 6 each) since launch with doing all crafting dailies every day. 

ZOS Answer:  Yes, the Master Crafting Writs are working as intended but it sounds like what you've experienced is on the very low-end of the possible drop-rate range. If you keep with it, you should see the rates even out a bit over time. Even with an optimal chance of getting one based on your knowledge (research and known Motifs), Master Writ invitations are quite uncommon. That said, we recently discovered a bug that causes Provisioning Writs in particular to award Master Writs roughly half as often as intended. We are currently working on a fix, so you can expect these to appear a little more often once that fix is in.

Player Question:  Thank you for the article but it did not really clarify what we already knew in general about the chances to get Master Writs.
Is it blue, purple, and gold recipes that increases your chances or only purple and gold?
Does each Chapter of a motif increase your chances or only when a Motif is completed?
Does completing Achievements in general on the character increase your chances or only the crafting achievements?

ZOS Answer:  Only Purple- and Gold-quality provisioning recipes and completed Motifs increase your chances of getting a Master Writ. Individual Motif Chapters do not increase your chances. Achievements are factored into Master Writ chances by way of learning associated Alchemy reagent traits and Enchantment glyph translations.  

Player Question:  Does that include the new motifs that were just introduced with this patch?  

ZOS Answer:  Yes, Motifs that aren't Crown Store-exclusive (including the ones added with Update 13) are factored into Motif knowledge for the chance to receive Master Writs, with the playable race cultural Motifs being the exception. You may be asked to craft items in the playable race cultural Motifs to complete a Master Writ, but they do not contribute to your chances of getting a Master Writ. 

Player Question:  How much knowledge of Motifs helps to increase the rate of getting Master Writs? 

ZOS Answer:  Completing all of your research and learning all the applicable Motifs is weighted very similarly. 

Player Question:  With the introduction of furnishing crafting schematics, does knowledge of these influence Master Writ chances as they are "craftable goods"? 

ZOS Answer:  Currently, yes. As the system is new, we're constantly evaluating decisions such as this and taking player feedback into consideration. This may change in the future, or it may remain as-is.

Using Master Writs to instantly level up to level 50 in ESO

You can also use a neat trickto level incredibly fast with Master Writs because they give you so much experience points. If you want to learn more best check out the video in which we leveled up from 3 to 50 in 44 minutes.

The video description says the following: I had 150% experience scroll active here and I used about 200 writs. During an EXP Event you could get an additional 100% and probably do it in about 20 minutes with less writs. You need 12 Skill Points and maxed out Alchemy to do the writs. The alchemy writs will always give the same amount of EXP, so you can use any of them, I bought the cheapest ones to do this. 

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