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ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event Guide 2024 header

ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event Guide 2024

ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event Guide 2024

Updated: 01/01/2024

Zeal of Zenithar is a new ingame event in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) that occurs in the summer of 2023. The event honors the Tamrielic god of commerce, labor and cooperation. During the event, the cost of using Wayshrines will be reduced by 75%, equipment repair costs reduced by 50%, and global vendor prices for AP, Tel Var and Gold dealing merchants will be reduced by 10%. 

This includes all such vendors, including the Golden VendorLuxury Vendor, Achievement Furnishing and Luxury Furnishing merchants. Crafting inspiration will also be increased by 100% during the event.

  • Wayshrine travel costs are reduced by 75%.
  • Repair costs on vendors are reduced by 50%.
  • Crafting inspiration gained from all sources is increased by 100%.
  • Vendor prices across Tamriel are reduced by 10%. (Gold, AP, Tel Var, Golden, Houses)

We will explain and showcase everything in this 2023 Zeal of Zenithar event guide for ESO. 

Event Location: Belkarth Festival Grounds

If you need data on item prices please visit the ESO Trading Hub page. You can find data for all items that are listed in Guild Stores there.

How to Start the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO

To get started with the Zeal of Zenithar event in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), you must first open the Crown Store and pick up the Event Quest: The Unrefusable Offer voucher. This is completely free of charge. You will then need to complete an introductory quest:

  • Talk to Amminus Varo in Belkarth, Craglorn.
  • Craft Baked Apples. You can buy the recipe from the nearby Chef vendor, and there is a basket on the ground next to Amminus containing some apples.
  • Give the Baked Apples to Amminus, then get him some Maple. There are some trees nearby just across the stream where you can find some.
  • Go and retrieve Zenithar's Blessed Awl from the Greycloak bandits. You will need to defeat a werewolf boss, then retrieve it from a nearby basket.
  • Return to Amminus to complete the quest.
ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event Location
ESO Zeal of Zenithar Event Location

After completing this introductory quest, you will be given a Zenithar's Delightful Parcel, and will have access to Zeal of Zenithar Daily quest "Honest Toil".

How to Start Zeal of Zenithar Daily Quests in ESO

After completing the introductory quest for the ESO Zenithar event, there will be a new Quest Marker near the Shrine of Zenithar in Belkarth, right where we were when we were talking to Amminus. The quest marker leads us to a Zenithar worshipper called Fasaria. Speak to Fasaria and she will give you a daily quest.

Pray to the statue of Zenithar, and you will be given a choice of three tasks to complete, for example:

  • Gain a level or earn a Champion Point
  • Unearth an Antiquity or Treasure Chest
  • Spend 10,000 gold at Guild Traders.

You only need to complete one of these tasks, and when you are done you can return to Fasaria to finish the quest. You will be given three Event Tickets and a gold-quality Zenithar's Sublime Parcel, which generally contains better rewards than the Zenithar's Delightful Parcel.

ESO Zeal of Zenithar Daily Quest
ESO Zeal of Zenithar Daily Quest

How can I get Zenithar Reward Parcels during the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO?

In addition to the reward boxes you get from the introductory quest and the daily quest, you will also be able to earn Zenithar's Delightful Parcels by completing various in-game tasks during the Zeal of Zenithar event in ESO. Here are all of the ways that you can earn these boxes:

  • Complete a daily Crafting Writ. per account, completed each day.
  • Completing any Master Writ, per discipline, per account, each day. (Subsequent Master Writs of the same discipline won’t provide further boxes until the daily reset)
  • Complete rounds of group arenas, namely Dragonstar Arena and Blackrose Prison while grouped with someone who is a member of one of your guilds. No daily limit.
  • Defeat a world boss while grouped with a player who is in at least one of your guilds. No daily limit.
  • Complete a world event while grouped with someone who is a member of one of your guilds. No daily limit.
  • Participate in Legerdemain activities such as pickpocketing, opening strongboxes or Thieves Troves. You won't always get a parcel, but the drop rate is decent. Beware that if you are caught by the guards after stealing, all stolen Parcels and rewards in your inventory will be lost. No daily limit.

What Rewards can I get from Zenithar Reward Parcels during the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO?

Zenithar's Delightful Parcels are similar to the boxes earned during the Undaunted Celebration event in ESO. You can get a multitude of rewards from the Parcels, including the following items:

  • Outfit pages for the [Kwama Miner's Kit] and [Ashen Militia] styles
  • Crafting materials, provisioning ingredients, alchemy reagents, and enchanting runestones.
  • Crafting boosters (Chance to drop a gold tier booster or a research time scroll)
  • Crafting Motifs.
  • Crafting tempers (such as Tempering alloy, Rosin etc.)
  • Research boosters
  • Repair kits, including AvA repair kits and Group repair kits
  • Furnishing and provisioning recipes
  • Imperial City vault keys
  • Treasure maps and crafting survey reports.
  • Currency pouches, which have a small chance to contain a jackpot amount of the currency.
  • Gear for your companions.
ESO Kwama Miner's Kit Style
ESO Kwama Miner's Kit Style

How Can I get Event Tickets in Zeal of Zenithar in ESO?

Once per day, you can earn three event tickets per account by completing the daily event quest, Honest Toil. You will also get a Gold quality Parcel from completing the quest, which contains better rewards.

As usual in events, the event tickets can be traded for special items by visiting the Impresario merchant. The merchant can be found in Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Vulkel Guard in Auridon, Davon's Watch in Stonefalls, or Belkarth in Craglorn.

Impresario Wares during the Zeal of Zenithar Event

The Impresario event merchant will be selling all of the following items during Zeal of Zenithar event in ESO:

ESO Passion Dancer's Attire Costume
ESO Passion Dancer's Attire Costume

Unstable Morpholith Pet and Deadlands Firewalker fragments

During the Zeal of the Zenithar event you can also get the fragmets for the Unstable Morpholith pet and the Deadlands Firewalker personality.

Indrik Vendor Wares during the Zeal of Zenithar Event

Nenuluare the Indrik Vendor will have the following Indrik items available during this year's Zeal of Zenithar Event:

Crimson Indrik mount in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)
Crimson Indrik mount in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Hidden Events during the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO

The developer post about the event mentioned the following: New rare social and combat wilderness encounters are peppered throughout Tamriel for you to find, related to Zeal of Zenithar. In a forum thread from the user Benefactor it was pointed out that there are several hidden events that occur during the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO.

The events share the same spawn locations as other world events like the Adoring Fan in Blackwood or M'aiq in the base game. Two types of these events exist, main road events (M) and side road events (S).

Audremard Petit Event (M)

  • When traveling along a road you will come across a Priest to Zenithar praying at a shrine to Zenithar. When speaking to him he will offer you a blessing if you can answer a two question quiz about Zenithar. His quiz seems to draw two questions from a list of eight possible questions. If you get his questions correct he will bless you with "Zenithar's Blessing". This Blessing will unlock two additional Side Road Events(S) by shining a light on treasure as you approach and will be active for us to 12 hours before you need to renew it.
  • There is a second part of this encounter to where you can steal from the shrine's coffer and obtain the item "Prayer Beads of Zenithar". This item can be used in the Juste Nin Event. The priest will always spot you when stealing it and scold you when doing so. 

Golden Light Treasure Event (S) - Requires Zenithar's Blessing from Audremard Petit

  • The first of two of these events will have you come across a shining light coming out of the ground. As you approach you will see that you can dig up a dirt mound. Doing so will grant you a "Golden Treasure Box" item. This item does not seem to be used for any other Event and can only stack up to 10 and be sold for 50 gold.
  • The second of this type of event will have you come across a Minotaur kneeling at a dirt mound with a light coming out of the ground. After killing the Minotaur you can loot the mound and get a "Golden Treasure Box".

Endia Event (M) 

  • This event has you coming across Endia who has also encountered Audremard Petit and was granted the Blessing of Zenithar. Endia then came across a Treasure Mound like the ones above when you come along. There are three outcomes to this encounter. The Audremard Petit Event is not needed for this encounter. 
  • The First option is to tell her that Zenithar wanted her to have the treasure in which came she exclaims joy in that that she needed the gold. *The Second option is to Intimidate her in which case she gives you hte treasure. 
  • The Third option has you Persuade her that you lost treasure around here and she will willingly give it to you but seem sad at the lost treasure.

Zalezu Event (S)

  • The Khajiit Zalezu when encountered will be in the process of being robbed by Taren Sethandas. Taren will be hostile towards you and you will need to kill him. After doing so Zalezu will express gratitude and offer you the contents of her sack, the "Award-Winning Radish". This item can be used in the Juste Nin Event. 

Juste Nin Event (M)

  • This is perhaps the most involved of all the events as depending upon which of the other events you have done will determine which items you will have to give to Juste Nin. You will encounter him standing in front of a Shrine to Zenithar with a few options you can mention to him.
  • The first and default option is to give his little bit of gold he has to Zenithar. If you tell him to do so he will donate his gold to the shrine and nothing happens as he asks Zenithar for guidance.
  • The second option will only appear if you have the "Prayer Beads of Zenithar" that you an steal from the Audremard Petit Event. If given to Juste he will donate it to the shrine and then Zenithar will smite him by setting him ablaze and he will fall over dead.
  • The third and last option will appears if you completed the Zalezu Event and received the "Award-Winning Radish". Upon given to Juste he will donate it and a golden light will envelope him and he will feel motivated to work.

Yrgrid Event (M)

  • Yrgrid is a thug you can encounter that will warn you that her band of ruffians will take you for your gold unless you buy a "Mark of Protection" from her for a few hundred gold. Upon doing so you will get a few extra dialogue in the Grat Event. After accepting the Mark you can encounter Yrgrid again and she will have slightly altered dialogue and offer to renew your mark. The "Mark of Protection" is a buff that an be found on your character sheet.

Grat Event (S)

  • The Grat event occurs when you come across two random bandits and a third named Grat. They are hovering over a dead body which they are looting. They will attack on sight unless you "Mark of Protection". If you do they will notice the mark and state they didn't want your gold anyways. You can still kill them if you choose to do so.

Begs-in-Wilds Event I (S)

  • Begs is an Argonian that you can find in the Wilderness that will ask for you help. Upon approach he will summon two bandits who spawn and try to kill you. After dispatching the bandits he will run away stating he didn't want to do this anyways.

Begs-in-Wilds Event II (M)

  • Begs can be encountered in a second event on a main road where you can talk to him. If you have not encountered him before you can give him gold, tell him you can't help, or tell him about the Festival in Belkarth he can visit. No matter the choice you make I could find no difference. He doesn't appear to visit Belkarth.
  • If you had previously encounter the Begs-in-Wilds Event I you will have an additional dialogue choice. This choice will have you confront him about trying to kill you which he will profess that he does not know what you are talking about and it must be someone else. After this the conversation will continue as above. Again the choices don't seem to matter with this event.

Nafzileh/Oorlar Event (S)

  • This last encounter is between an orc, Nafzileh, and the Redguard Oorlar and her bear, who are arguing over goods that where sold to Oorlar. You have the choice of either interfering and killing Oorlar and her Bear to save Nafzileh or watching as the bear kills Nafzileh. If you interfere then Nafzileh will admit to making some bad deals and you loot random items off of Oorlar. Otherwise you get nothing. 

We hope you enjoyed our ESO Zeal of Zenithar 2023 event guide for ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Zenimax Online Studios.

Past event dates

  • From: Jul 27th 2023, To: Aug 9th 2023
  • From: Jun 30th 2022, To: Jul 12th 2022

Outfit styles and motifs

Icon icon High Rock Spellsword Zeal of Zenithar Event
Icon icon Kwama Miner's Kit Zeal of Zenithar Event

Frequently asked questions

When does the Zeal of Zenithar start in ESO?

The Zeal of Zenithar starts on 27 Jul 2023

Where is the Zeal of Zenithar Event located in ESO?

The Event can be found in the Craglorn zone in the city of Belkarth. Walk over the bridge and go past the Guild Vendors and you will find a lot of tents.

How do I start the Zeal of Zenithar Event in ESO?

To get started with the Zeal of Zenithar event in ESO, you must first open the Crown Store and pick up the Event Quest: An Offering He Can't Refuse voucher. This is completely free of charge and will get you started.

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