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The Impresario Guide for ESO


This Impresario guide for ESO will help you in getting to know everything about who and what the Impresario in ESO is, where you can find her, what the Impresario’s task is and other important information you need to know.

The Impresario

The Impresario Event Merchant is an Imperial race NPC which you can find in various locations in Tamriel and which will only appear during special events, as she is an Event Vendor.The Impresario offers a wide variety of items that are only available during these events, such as Jester’s Festival, New Life Festival or Whitestrake Mayhem. There’s usually an overall theme for an entire year, where players can gather multiple items that, if combined, give a pet. The pet in return is usually required for an even bigger reward, which is usually a mount.

There are also rewards available for the specific events that return every year and also hold new items for the current year.

Available Items

Since the items change for every event, and new items are added every year, it’s not possible to list them beforehand, but for every year the overall theme doesn’t change for a whole year.




Impresario Event Item Creation

Every new season of the Impresario in ESO players get a new objective to collect items, form a base item, and evolve it from there.

Let me show you how this works with the first iteration of the event:

At first we had to collect 4 different feathers by exchanging Event tickets. By purchasing these feathers you were able to unlock all collectible fragments needed for creating an Indrik. By right-clicking these and choosing “combine”, you were able to unlock the mount collectible, the Nascent Indrik.

The Nascent Indrik could be evolved into a different form. Enchanted Berries were released each event to help us evolve your Nascent Indrik into a special form. You needed 4 of these berries for each evolved Indrik and you had to combine them the same way as the feathers, but you always needed the base form, plus the berries.

If you wanted another Indrik, you had to start collecting the feathers again for the Nascent Indrik and then later evolve the Nascent Indrik into an evolved Indrik.

It still works the same way. You will have to collect a base set of items to form a Collectible, and from the Base Collectible you will evolve it into a different form.

Buying Items

You can acquire these items by buying them with a special currency - Event Tickets. These Event Tickets drop during an event either from boxes or by fulfilling a special task, such as killing a World Boss. The number varies, and can range from 1-4 per task. Oftentimes it is split into multiple tasks, not only one task.

You can also buy Event Tickets in the Crown Store, in case you are missing one or in case you want to gift it to a friend.


Generally speaking, the Impresario can be found next to the first big starter cities of each alliance’s starting zone. Additionally to this, you can also find them close to the main cities of each bigger DLC or chapter. Below is a detailed description of where to find her:Daggerfall - Glenumbra

Davon’s Watch - Stonefalls

Vulkhel Guard - Auridon

Vivec - Vvardenfell

Alinor - Summerset

Rimmen - Elsweyr

Solitude - Western Skyrim

Leyawiin - Blackwood

The Impresario Merchant Assistant

You will find a male NPC next to the Events Exchange tent with the name of Philius Dormier. He will inform you whether the Impresario is present or absent. He also offers a lot of special event furniture which you can purchase for gold regardless of whether the Impresario is present or no


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