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ESO Mounts Guide - What are mounts and how to get them

Welcome to the ESO Mount Guide, which will tell you all about mounts in ESO, as in what they precisely are, how to get your first mount and how they work. And much more!

Mounts were introduced to ESO from the get-go, back in 2014. Back then you could acquire a horse for 10 000 gold, and special horses for 42 700 gold, which would give you a specialized mount in either Stamina, Speed or Carry Capacity. Additionally, you could also train the other specialties, once a day for 250 gold.

Later on this was changed and all mounts would be a base mount, without offering an additional boon.

What are Mounts in ESO

Mounts offer a great way to travel the world and give the player a completely different experience to traveling on foot. Unfortunately, or not, everyone starts with a basic mount, which is very slow, doesn't have a lot of stamina and very low carry capacity. You will get your first mount at level 10 for free from the milestone rewards.

Leveling any of the stats will count for any mount you acquire on that character. Unfortunately, leveling the stats up on one character does not level it up on the entire account. Every character must be trained separately.

Mounts though are accessible on your account through your Collections. They are a purely cosmetic option that you can change how you like.

Once you have purchased a mount, you can summon it by pressing the specific key. You can see which key or combination is linked to it, open your Settings.
Pressing that key or combination again will cause your character to dismount.

Characters with multiple mounts can choose their active mount through the Collectiions Menu. The Collections Menu will also allow you to name your mount.
Collections mounts in ESO
Attacking or using most abilities while mounted will cause your character to immediately dismount. While mounted, hold the Shift key (i.e. on PC) to increase your movement speed while draining your mount's stamina bar. Players are immune to stuns and knockbacks while mounted, but not to a slowing status.

Taking damage or being hit by enemy abilities drains your mount's stamina bar. Taking damage on your mount with an empty stamina bar will knock you off your mount and stun you. Your mount regains stamina while not sprinting or taking damage.

How to get your first mount in ESO

When you start the game, or haven't played in a couple of years, you will notice that every few levels you get rewarded for leveling up, so called milestone rewards. At level 10 you get a free horse which you can now train at stables for 250 gold. You can invest a total of 60 points into the following stats:

  • Speed 60%
  • Stamina 60
  • Carry Capacity 60

As mentioned above, this only counts per character, and not for the entire account. Also, anything you unlock, purchase in the Crown Store or get as a reward will only count for the account you got it for, and will not transfer for any other server or platform.

Horse stable in davons watch stonefalls zone esoHorse Stable in Davon's Watch in the Stonefalls zone.

“Free” Mounts

There's a couple of ways to get free mounts. The first free mount is the one at level 10. Upon reaching level 10 you will get the Sorrel Horse. You can also acquire the Imperial Upgrade, which will give you a free mount called Imperial Horse plus a 10th playable race the Imperials.
Sorrel Horse in ESO
Also, during events, you can acquire tickets and purchase items to "craft" a mount at the Impressario. To see more details, you can read this guide.

When you have access to the Greymoor DLC, you can also get a free mount by making use of the Antiquities System. There you can get the Ebon Dwarven Wolf after collection its pieces from leads.

Rare Mounts in ESO

There are a lot of rare mounts in ESO! To give you an example of what you can expect to be super rare, here is a list of the five rarest mounts in the game:

Chroma-Blue Dwarven Spider

Companions can use Mounts in ESO

Each companion can be customized in multiple ways. They can wear any of your collected costumes, although you cannot hide their faces. Companions also come with their own mount, but can also use any of the mounts that you've unlocked. When you summon your own mount, they summon theirs too and ride along with you.

To customize your companion, simply interact with them to open the dialogue. Select the Companion Menu option and choose the Collectibles tab in the top right. You can change costumes and mounts on this tab.

Future Plans

During the PTS cycle for the Ascending Tide DLC, two multi-rider mounts, the Duo-Dynamo Dwarven Spider and the Grand Pillion Draft Horse were available for players to try out. It seems very likely that these will be coming to the live server in the future.

There will of course also always be new versions of already existing mounts, and mounts returning which are seasonal or connected to only specific events.

A couple of times there also have been entirely new mounts implemented into the game, such as the Nix-Ox War-Steed with Morrowind, the Dawnwood Indrik with Summerset, the Senche-raht with Elsweyr, the Crypt Warden Death Hound with Greymoor and the Nagahide Welwa Ravager with Blackwood.


Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to get a fast mount in eso?

The fastest way to increase your mount speed is to get Assault Rank 3 in PvP and put a skill point in the first passive called [Continuous Attack].

How do you get all mounts in eso?

In order to get all base mounts in ESO, you can go to a stable in the main cities and buy the three standard horses. The rest you will have to buy through the Crown Store or through other means.

How do I ride a mount in eso?

On PC you have to press (U) and click on the Mounts tab. Select the mount you wish to use by double clicking on it. Right clicking also brings this option.

How many mounts are in eso?

Mounts are a favorite method of travel in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are twelve categories of mounts: Arthropods, Bipedals, Camelids, Canines, Cervines, Constructs, Equines, Felines, Heavyweights, Multi-Rider, Toys and Ursines. Most of these categories have several varieties.
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