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ESO News - Up to date news about the Elder Scrolls Online header

ESO News - Up to date news about the Elder Scrolls Online

ESO News - Up to date news about the Elder Scrolls Online

Welcome to the ESO News overview page. On this page you can find all news related to ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). If you are interested in the newest DLC/Chapter please visit the DLC/Chapter overview page. If you are looking for events please visit the ESO Events overview page.

If you want to stay up to date or have questions about anything ESO related you can also join our various social accounts. 

Cyrodiil Siege Weaponry is FINALLY stackable in ESO

Cyrodiil Siege Weaponry is FINALLY stackable in ESO

Update 41 of ESO includes something very interesting for PVP players. Cyrodiil Siege Weaponry is FINALLY stackable.
By Blubskugel at 4 Feb 2024 15:00
Scions of Ithelia DLC brings 12 new sets to ESO, including a new mythic!

Scions of Ithelia DLC brings 12 new sets to ESO, including a new mythic!

New DLC Scions of Ithelia and Update 41 brings us 12 new sets to ESO, including a new mythic. Here you get evething you need to know about them.
By Blubskugel at 2 Feb 2024 21:22

Here is what’s new with ESO’s Scions of Ithelia DLC!

The new ESO DLC “Scions of Ithelia”, launching in March. We will give you all the details about them and the new sets and rewards you can get. Read more
By Blubskugel at 31 Jan 2024 15:00

All ESO Gold Road Chapter Editions and Pre-Purchase Reward Explained

In June, Gold Road, the new chapter of ESO, will be released. We will explain which versions are available and what pre-order rewards you can expect. Read more
By Blubskugel at 29 Jan 2024 15:00

Who is Ithelia? The Elder Scrolls Online reveals a new Daedric Prince

With the new chapter Gold Road, a new Daedra Prince, Ithelia, is introduced for the first time in the history of ESO. Read more
By Blubskugel at 26 Jan 2024 15:00

You can soon change the visuals of Skills in ESO - Skill Transmog Styling System

With Update 42 Skill Styling will be implemented in ESO beside the new Scribing System to customize your individual play style. Read more
By Blubskugel at 24 Jan 2024 15:00

New feature in ESO: Scribing as precursor to spellcrafting

With Scribing a new game feature will be implemented in ESO with Update 42. It is a precursor to Spellcrafting. Read more
By Blubskugel at 21 Jan 2024 15:00

ESO Gold Road Chapter, everything you need to know!

ESO's new Chapter is called Gold Road. In today's article we cover everything related to the Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road. Read more
By Alcast at 18 Jan 2024 21:36

Exciting News of Reveal Event and initial hints about the new chapter of ESO

On Thursday the Reveal Event takes place on Twitch. A letter from Beragon and fragments provide us with the first hints about the new ESO chapter. Read more
By Blubskugel at 15 Jan 2024 12:36

New event in ESO: Guilds and Glory starts next week!

The new ESO community event Guilds and Glory is scheduled to start next week. You can find all information in our event guide. Read more
By Blubskugel at 12 Jan 2024 19:05

Frequently asked questions

Is there a new ESO coming out?

Yes, ESO releases a new big content update every year called "Chapters". They also have smaller DLCs coming throughout the year too. You can learn more about each of the Chapters and DLCs on the DLC/Chapter Overview Page. An ESO 2.0 is currently not under development as they plan to focus on ESO for many years to come. 

What is the next Event in ESO?

Please visit the Event Overview Page for information on the next ESO event. A full list of all events and when they are active can be found on that page.

IS ESO offline right now?

Please visit the frontpage to see the server status in the sidebar or visit the to see the status of each ESO server.

This page provides you with up to date ESO News, including information about new DLCs, chapters, items, events and other content in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as current and recent notable happenings in ESO and the wider ESO community. We will also publish articles with tips and tricks for ESO and help you stay up to date with useful rewards in the game that you might have missed otherwise. 

ESO News
ESO News

We hope you enjoy our ESO News section.

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