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ESO Achievements

ESO Achievements

Welcome to the ESO achievements overview page. In this category of the website you can find all the Elder Scrolls Online achievements.

Achievements grant in-game points and sometimes special rewards such as furnishings, titles, dyes or mounts. If you want to track your progress, you have to visit your journal and choose the header Achievements. Some milestones come easily, others are very hard to achieve.

There's a total amount of Achievement points acquirable, that will be raised with each DLC release.  

Achievement categories

Category Achievement points
arrow Champion 235
arrow Class 505
arrow Companions 100
arrow General 415
arrow Guilds 520
arrow Justice 420
arrow Skyshards 475
arrow Trophies 80
arrow Vampire 110
arrow Werewolf 105
Player VS Player
arrow Alliance War 915
arrow Battlegrounds 575
arrow General 400
arrow Alchemy 380
arrow Blacksmithing 200
arrow Clothier 230
arrow Enchanting 220
arrow General 1375
arrow Jewelry Crafting 135
arrow Outfitting 95
arrow Provisioning 255
arrow Woodworking 200
arrow General 550
arrow Group Dungeons 390
arrow Public Dungeons 1910
arrow Trials 890
Veteran Dungeons
arrow Death Challenges 1250
arrow General 355
arrow Slayer Challenges 480
arrow Speed Challenges 1250
arrow Survivor Challenges 1200
arrow Aldmeri Dominion 915
arrow Coldharbour 160
arrow Craglorn 385
arrow Cyrodiil 230
arrow Daggerfall Covenant 930
arrow Dark Anchors 410
arrow Ebonheart Pact 925
arrow Fishing 190
arrow General 165
arrow Aldmeri Dominion 410
arrow Coldharbour 95
arrow Craglorn 285
arrow Cyrodiil 50
arrow Daggerfall Covenant 410
arrow Ebonheart Pact 430
arrow General 310
arrow Main Quest 160
arrow Decorating 150
arrow General 40
arrow Property 320
Holiday Events
arrow Anniversary Jubilee 185
arrow Jester's Festival 270
arrow Midyear Mayhem 0
arrow New Life Festival 175
arrow Whitestrake's Mayhem 165
arrow Witches Festival 280
arrow Blackwood 10
arrow Deadlands 10
arrow Dragonhold 10
arrow Elsweyr 85
arrow Fate's Proxy 0
arrow Galen 10
arrow General 10
arrow Gold Road 10
arrow Greymoor 10
arrow High Isle 10
arrow Markarth 10
arrow Murkmire 45
arrow Necrom 10
arrow Antiquities 485
arrow Exploration 370
arrow General 390
arrow Harrowstorms 155
arrow Kyne's Aegis 430
arrow Quests 255
arrow Exploration 400
arrow General 270
arrow Quests 270
arrow Sunspire 400
arrow Abyssal Geysers 150
arrow Cloudrest 695
arrow Exploration 385
arrow General 365
arrow Quests 340
arrow Exploration 380
arrow General 480
arrow Halls of Fabrication 525
arrow Quests 255
arrow General 245
arrow Veteran 700
arrow Exploration 130
arrow General 320
arrow Quests 225
arrow General 175
arrow Veteran 670
arrow General 185
arrow Veteran 685
arrow Blackrose Prison 445
arrow Exploration 120
arrow General 245
arrow Quests 240
arrow General 155
arrow Veteran 685
Dragon Bones
arrow General 145
arrow Veteran 730
Clockwork City
arrow Asylum Sanctorium 425
arrow Exploration 85
arrow General 235
arrow Quests 215
Horns of the Reach
arrow General 145
arrow Veteran 615
Shadows of the Hist
arrow General 155
arrow Veteran 630
Dark Brotherhood
arrow Exploration 295
arrow General 375
arrow Quests 180
Thieves Guild
arrow Exploration 370
arrow General 320
arrow Maw of Lorkhaj 340
arrow Quests 275
arrow Exploration 425
arrow General 300
arrow Maelstrom Arena 115
arrow Quests 170
Imperial City
arrow General 650
arrow Imperial City Prison 300
arrow White Gold Tower 275
arrow General 175
arrow Veteran 880
arrow Antiquities 130
arrow Exploration 115
arrow General 310
arrow Quests 295
arrow Vateshran Hollows 485
Flames of Ambition
arrow General 155
arrow Veteran 790
arrow Antiquities 125
arrow Companions 120
arrow Exploration 445
arrow General 260
arrow Quests 230
arrow Rockgrove 420
Waking Flame
arrow General 255
arrow Veteran 890
arrow Antiquities 105
arrow Exploration 160
arrow General 320
arrow Quests 225
Ascending Tide
arrow General 215
arrow Veteran 1010
High Isle
arrow Antiquities 140
arrow Companions 120
arrow Dreadsail Reef 370
arrow Exploration 390
arrow General 295
arrow Quests 230
arrow Tales of Tribute 685
arrow Volcanic Vents 90
Lost Depths
arrow General 235
arrow Veteran 1090
arrow Antiquities 135
arrow Exploration 100
arrow General 230
arrow Quests 205
arrow Tales of Tribute 40
Scribes of Fate
arrow General 250
arrow Veteran 1110
arrow Antiquities 170
arrow Bastion Nymic 125
arrow Companions 120
arrow Exploration 410
arrow General 280
arrow Quests 330
arrow Sanity's Edge 380
arrow Tales of Tribute 65
Endless Archive
arrow Exploration 0
arrow General 0
arrow Tales of Tribute 0
Infinite Archive
arrow Exploration 860
arrow General 600
arrow Tales of Tribute 45
Scions of Ithelia
arrow General 240
arrow Veteran 1100
Gold Road
arrow Antiquities 110
arrow Exploration 465
arrow General 225
arrow Lucent Citadel 400
arrow Mirrormoor Mosaics 65
arrow Quests 290
arrow Scribing 490
arrow Tales of Tribute 45

What Achievements are

Achievements are goals you accomplish in-game. For this you are awarded Achievement points. These Achievement points accumulate on a specific Achievement screen and are separated in global and character-specific Achievement points. It is a milestone-meter and doesn’t serve any other purpose than showing the player how much Achievement points they have earned.

Achievement points are usually awarded in increments of 5. So it starts with 5 points for easy Achievements and reaches up to 50 for harder to accomplish Achievements. Below you can see an example of this:

Achievements in ESO
Achievements in ESO

The Quest Journal holds the Achievement page, which lists all the Achievements in categories. On PC you can open the Achievements tab by pressing J to open the journal and then selecting the Achievements tab in the top right corner. The Achievement categories are the following:

  • Summary
  • Character
  • Player vs Player
  • Crafting
  • Dungeons
  • Veteran Dungeons
  • Exploration
  • Quests
  • Housing
  • Holiday Events
  • Prologues
  • Chapters
  • DLC

How Achievements work

Achievements also build up on each other in most cases. This can be either by completing minor Achievements in order to complete a bigger achievement and get a reward, or by completing all Achievements for a trial, dungeon or DLC. In the example below you can see both see Achievements you need for completing a DLC, as well as an overall achievement you need to receive a special reward. You will only receive these rewards if you complete a list of Achievements.

Achievements in ESO
Achievements in ESO
Monster Slayer Achievement in ESO
Monster Slayer Achievement in ESO


Some of the rewards you can expect from Achievements are:

To showcase an example, let's take one of the most favorite skins in the game, the Dro-m'Athra Skin.

Dro-m'Athra Skin in ESO
Dro-m'Athra Skin in ESO

In order to receive this skin, or any skin, you have to complete a specific Achievement. Sometimes, in rare cases, it's multiple Achievements, but this one is straight forward.In order to receive the Dro-m'Athra skin you need to complete the Maw of Lorkhaj on Veteran modus.

Achievement Maw of Lorkhaj Conqueror in ESO
Achievement Maw of Lorkhaj Conqueror in ESO

For this you need a raid party of usually 12 people in total. Compared to other skin-achievements you do not have to absolve it on Hardmode or any other really hard achievement, but the trial itself can propose quite a challenge to inexperienced trial groups.

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