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Getting started with the ESO-Hub Trading Addon header

Getting started with the ESO-Hub Trading Addon

Getting started with the ESO-Hub Trading Addon

This page will go over the steps needed to get up and running with the ESO-Trading addons and client. The addons will make sure you always have the latest price information in-game, as well as sync guild stores and listings with our system. So let's get started.

Step 1: Create and ESO-Hub Account (optional)

NOTE: You do NOT need an account to use our trading systems. You can skip this step entirely!

Having an ESO-Hub account will give you access to extra features on our trading pages, like saved searches and item favourites. You can create an account by going to the login page. You may create an account with your Email address, or use Discord to log in.

Step 2: Download and install the ESO-Hub client

In order to sync data with our servers, you will need to install the ESO-Hub client. You can download the client here:

Once downloaded, run the installer and open the program. It is recommended to let it start with Windows, as the program is light-weight, and this makes sure you always have the latest trading data on your computer.

Click the settings tab and make sure the ESO directory is set correctly. It is normally a folder named "Elder Scrolls Online" in your Documents folder.

Set the correct path to your Elder Scrolls Online directory
Set the correct path to your Elder Scrolls Online directory

Step 3: Make sure the addons are installed and enabled

Go to the addons tab and make sure the addons "EsoTradingHub" and "LibEsoHubPrices" are installed and enabled.

The correct addons should be installed and enabled
The correct addons should be installed and enabled

If you do not wish to use an ESO-Hub account, you are now done. Happy trading.

Step 4: Log into the Client with your ESO-Hub Account (optional)

If you want to log into the client with your ESO-Hub account please read the following text carefully, as there are different workflows for accounts created with Discord, and accounts created without Discord.

Step 4a: Checking your account type

Go to your My Account page and have a look at the text above the form fields. If it says "This account is registered with the email address ..." then you have a normal ESO-Hub account. If it says "This account was created using a Discord Login" then you have a Discord ESO-Hub account.

Step 4b: Log into the client with a normal ESO-hub account

Go to the login form on the ESO-Hub client, and log in with your user credentials. If you do not know your password, you can always request a new password via the change password page.

Step 4c: Log into the client with a Discord ESO-hub account

There are two ways to go about this. You can either add an email address to your account via the "add email address" function in your account settings, to convert your account to a normal account. After that, you can reset your password. If you do not want to add an email address, continue with the instructions below.

Go to your personal ESO-Hub client page, and copy the credentials found there. Use those to log into the ESO-Hub client. A login only needs to be completed once. The client will save the login details, and won't prompt you again.

If you run into any trouble, you can join our Discord server to ask for help.

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ESO Hub Trading - Prices and Guild Stores
Welcome to the trading page of ESO-Hub. The trade center for all ESO items. Here you can find the prices of all items, and see who is selling them in guild stores.

Frequently asked questions

Why can I not find these addons on Minion/ESOUI?

Minion and ESOUI are addon managers that keep your addons up to date. However, our addons require a two-way datastream. You get price information from ESO-Hub, and ESO-Hub gets listing information from your addon. This two-way sync is not supported on ESOUI or Minion. Therefore, we developer our own little client program that will take care of these issues, it will also auto-update our addons, so you never have to look at it again. 

Having it on Minion, only to have you download it via Minion, and then install our client program anyway (because it is required for the addon to work properly) would just be an extra step, for no reason. In the end, our client program will manage the addon.

Do you combat bad actors and outlier prices?

Yes, we have systems in place the eliminate bad actors and outlier prices from the price table generation. We also reserve the right to block and/or ban anyone from the system who is deliberately trying to influence prices with fake or staged listings and/or sales.

How often are the ingame price tables updated?

The ingame price tables are updated twice a day. Except on trader-swap days. There we update them right before the trader swap, so we have accurate data before the market reacts to the trader-swap.

I found a bug or encountered a problem, where do I go?

Please come to our discord at and inform us of your troubles in the #trading-hub channel.

Can I run ESO-Hub Trading addons alongside other trading addons?

Yes, you can use any other trading addons of your choice. They should not interfere with one another.

Is ESO-Hub involved with any major trade guilds?

No, we are not. We operate entirely on our own and have no affiliation with any guilds. Everyone is treated equally on the ESO-Hub Trading platform.

How are the suggested prices calculated?

First, all listings of an item on a server (EU or NA) are grouped together. Then, a formula for outlier elimination is used to eliminate ridiculous prices (low and high) from the dataset. Once that is done, we take the median 10% of listings and use those as the suggested price.

Some items don't have a suggested price, why is that?

A suggested price is only added if we have a certain amount of listings available. For some items, we may not have enough confidence to give suggested prices, and therefore, they will not have price suggestions.

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