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Scrying Skill Line - ESO header

Scrying Skill Line - ESO

Scrying Skill Line - ESO

Category: World
Other skill lines in World : Excavation, Legerdemain, Soul Magic, Vampire and Werewolf

The Scrying skill-line is part of the "World" category in the Elder Scrolls Online and is used for the Antiquities System. The Scrying skill-line lets you scry leads to uncover the location of the lead.

How do you unlock the Scrying skill-line?

To unlock the Scrying skill-line you have to visit the city of Solitude in Western Skyrim, to do that you will have to own Greymoor. Once you are inside the city, head towards the marked building (Antiquarian Circle) in the picture below. You will find a NPC called Verita Numida inside, talk to her to begin your journey!

A more detailed walkthrough on how to unlock the Scrying skill-line can be found in the Antiquities System Guide.

How do you level up the Scrying skill-line?

To level up the Scrying skill-line in the Elder Scrolls Online you have to complete leads and achievements related to scrying. You can learn more about how to level up the Scrying skill-line in the complete Antiquities Level 1 - 10 Grind Guide.
Passive abilities
Scry icon Scry Scry
Scry icon
Adds the selected contiguous group of facets to your area of control. Consumes 1 turn.
Antiquarian Insight icon Antiquarian Insight Antiquarian Insight
Antiquarian Insight icon
Allows you to scry for Antiquities of up to Ultimate difficulty.
Scrier's Patience icon Scrier's Patience Scrier's Patience
Scrier's Patience icon
Grants you two additional turns of Scrying.
Coalescence icon Coalescence Coalescence
Coalescence icon
Unites a hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian's Eye, converting the symbols to match that of the central facet. New Effect: The ability's range increases by one facet, creating a snowflake-like pattern. Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.
Future Focus icon Future Focus Future Focus
Future Focus icon
Grants you two additional Magicka Charges for use in Scrying.
Dilation icon Dilation Dilation
Dilation icon
Claim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent. New Effect: Dilation now claims ALL contiguous facets of the same type. Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.
Farsight icon Farsight Farsight
Farsight icon
Claim a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control. New Effect: Range increased from 4 facets to 6. Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.
Preemptive Power icon Preemptive Power Preemptive Power
Preemptive Power icon
Start each Scrying attempt with an additional row of facets already claimed.

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