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ESO Arcanist Builds - Arcanist Class header

ESO Arcanist Builds - Arcanist Class

ESO Arcanist Builds - Arcanist Class

Welcome to the Arcanist builds overview page for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Below you can find a list with all the Arcanist builds that exist on ESO-Hub for each role.

You can also create your own build with the ESO Build Editor, we do recommend you create an ESO-Hub account so you can edit your builds later. Please click on the build that you would like to view.    

ESO Arcanist Builds Introduction

The Arcanist class is expected to be a versatile class, suited to builds of any in-game role. This is because its three skill lines are each designed to support a specific role. 

The three skill lines for the Arcanist class are:

  • Herald of the Tome: Manipulate arcane energies to bombard your foes with damaging blasts, beams, and more. This will be the main offensive skill line for the Arcanist. This skill line is primarily focused on DPS builds. 
  • Curative Runeforms: Make use of healing runes to keep yourself and your group healthy and shield your allies from damage. This skill line is primarily focused on support and healing, so it will probably see the most use by healer and tank builds.
  • Apocryphal Soldier: This skill line helps you to play defensively and protect your allies, and also allows you to dominate your foes' attentions and buff yourself and your group's defensive capabilities. It is likely that this skill will contain a taunt ability, making it an obvious point of interest for tank builds.
Apocryphal Gate skill for ESO Arcanist Builds
Apocryphal Gate skill for ESO Arcanist Builds

When Necrom is released, you will be able to browse player-created builds for the Arcanist class on this page. If you make an Arcanist Build with our ESO Build Editor, it will appear here provided you set the visibility of the build to Public. 

You might also want to check out our Arcanist Class Overview Page, which we will update with new information about the Arcanist Class as it becomes available. 

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