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ESO Antiquities Library - ESO Antiquities Leads header

ESO Antiquities Library - ESO Antiquities Leads

ESO Antiquities Library - ESO Antiquities Leads

Welcome to the ESO antiquities overview page. In this category of the website you can find a library of all the Elder Scrolls Online antiquities, including leads. It is important to know that the antiquities system is only available to players that have access to Greymoor. In certain instances leads are also located in DLC zones, therefore it is recommended to have ESO Plus as well.

Overview Antiquities

Antiquities are historical treasures hidden all over Tamriel and beyond, just waiting for you to learn about them. The Antiquities system allows you to search for these lost, forgotten, and valuable objects - to catalog them, learn about their lore, and to reap the rewards. Antiquities are only available to players who have purchased the Greymoor DLC. Players who have not purchased the Greymoor DLC are able to discover Leads for Antiquities, but will not be able to join the Antiquarian Circle - and this, they cannot Scry for or excavate those Antiquities.

To begin your journey as an Antiquarian, you'll need to visit the Antiquarian Circle, found in Solitude, in Western Skyrim. There, you will find Verita Numida, who will start you on your path.

Zone Leads
Auridon Pearls of Ehlnofey Ancestral High Elf Bow Ancestral High Elf Cuirass , Ancestral High Elf Jack , Ancestral High Elf Robe Antique Map of Auridon Echoes of Aldmeris Thrassian Stranglers Maormeri Serpent Shrine Pearls of Ehlnofey
Grahtwood Ancestral High Elf Boots , Ancestral High Elf Shoes , Ancestral High Elf Sabatons Ancestral High Elf Mace , Ancestral High Elf Maul Antique Map of Grahtwood Pearls of Ehlnofey Eight-Star Chandelier Ring of the Wild Hunt St. Alessia, Paravant
Greenshade Ancestral High Elf Dagger Ancestral High Elf Arm Cops , Ancestral High Elf Epaulets , Ancestral High Elf Pauldrons Antique Map of Greenshade Branch of Falinesti Greensong Gathering Circle Ring of the Wild Hunt
Khenarthi's Roost Ancestral High Elf Axe , Ancestral High Elf Battle Axe Ancestral High Elf Belt , Ancestral High Elf Sash , Ancestral High Elf Girdle Ancestral High Elf Helmet , Ancestral High Elf Helm , Ancestral High Elf Hat Ancestral High Elf Staff Cat's Eye Prism Bloodlord's Embrace Sweet Khenarthi's Song
Malabal Tor Ancestral High Elf Gloves , Ancestral High Elf Bracers , Ancestral High Elf Gauntlets Ancestral High Elf Sword , Ancestral High Elf Greatsword Antique Map of Malabal Tor Ring of the Wild Hunt Hollowbone Wind Chimes Silvenari Sap-Stone
Reaper's March Ancestral High Elf Greaves , Ancestral High Elf Breeches , Ancestral High Elf Guards Ancestral High Elf Shield Antique Map of Reaper's March Khajiiti Arch, Rising Malacath's Band of Brutality Moonlight Mirror Sorcerer-King's Blade

Antiquity leads in the Daggerfall Covenant

Zone Leads
Alik'r Desert Ancestral Orc Gloves , Ancestral Orc Bracers , Ancestral Orc Gauntlets Ancestral Orc Sword , Ancestral Orc Greatsword Antique Map of Alik'r Desert Coil of Satakal Ring of the Pale Order Ebon Dwarven Wolf Ebon Dwarven Wolf Stone Relief, Yokudan The Heartland Torc of Tonal Constancy Ebon Dwarven Wolf
Bangkorai Ancestral Orc Greaves , Ancestral Orc Guards , Ancestral Orc Breeches Ancestral Orc Shield Antique Map of Bangkorai Ring of the Pale Order Ebon Dwarven Wolf Ebon Dwarven Wolf Tall Papa's Lamp Torc of Tonal Constancy
Betnikh Ancestral Orc Belt , Ancestral Orc Girdle , Ancestral Orc Sash Ancestral Orc Staff Ayleid Lightwell Malacath's Band of Brutality Warcaller's Painted Drum
Glenumbra Ancestral Orc Bow Ancestral Orc Cuirass , Ancestral Orc Jack , Ancestral Orc Robe Antique Map of Glenumbra Ring of the Wild Hunt Breton Well, Storm Grey Bloodlord's Embrace Jeweled Skull of Ayleid Kings Kingmaker's Trove Ring of the Pale Order
Rivenspire Ancestral Orc Dagger Ancestral Orc Pauldrons , Ancestral Orc Arm Cops , Ancestral Orc Epaulets Antique Map of Rivenspire Pearls of Ehlnofey Remnant of the False Tower Riven King's Throne Bloodlord's Embrace
Stormhaven Ancestral Orc Boots , Ancestral Orc Shoes , Ancestral Orc Sabatons Ancestral Orc Mace , Ancestral Orc Maul Antique Map of Stormhaven Beacon of Tower Zero Ebon Dwarven Wolf Malacath's Band of Brutality Noble Knight's Rest
Stros M'Kai Ancestral Orc Axe , Ancestral Orc Battle Axe Ancestral Orc Helmet , Ancestral Orc Helm , Ancestral Orc Hat Thrassian Stranglers Dwarven Puzzle Box Dwemer Star Chart Ebon Dwarven Wolf

Antiquity leads in DLC zones

Zone Leads
Blackwood Ancestral Akaviri Axe , Ancestral Akaviri Battle Axe Ancestral Akaviri Belt , Ancestral Akaviri Girdle , Ancestral Akaviri Sash Ancestral Akaviri Boots , Ancestral Akaviri Shoes , Ancestral Akaviri Sabatons Ancestral Akaviri Bow Ancestral Akaviri Cuirass , Ancestral Akaviri Jack , Ancestral Akaviri Robe Ancestral Akaviri Dagger Ancestral Akaviri Gloves , Ancestral Akaviri Gauntlets , Ancestral Akaviri Bracers Ancestral Akaviri Helmet , Ancestral Akaviri Helm , Ancestral Akaviri Hat Ancestral Akaviri Greaves , Ancestral Akaviri Breeches , Ancestral Akaviri Guards Ancestral Akaviri Mace , Ancestral Akaviri Maul Ancestral Akaviri Shield Ancestral Akaviri Pauldrons , Ancestral Akaviri Arm Cops , Ancestral Akaviri Epaulets Ancestral Akaviri Staff Ancestral Akaviri Sword , Ancestral Akaviri Greatsword Antique Map of Blackwood Harpooner's Wading Kilt Death Dealer's Fete Shapeshifter's Chain Shapeshifter's Chain Shapeshifter's Chain Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Gaze of Sithis Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Kothringi Tidal Canoe Harpooner's Wading Kilt Shapeshifter's Chain Blackwood Tapestry Gaze of Sithis Gaze of Sithis Gaze of Sithis Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Shapeshifter's Chain Blackwood Tapestry Gaze of Sithis Harpooner's Wading Kilt Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Death Dealer's Fete Blackwood Tapestry Blackwood Tapestry Harpooner's Wading Kilt Blackwood Tapestry Death Dealer's Fete Death Dealer's Fete Death Dealer's Fete Harpooner's Wading Kilt Z'en Idol
Clockwork City Clockwork Wall Gears Mnemonic Star-Sphere
Deadlands Belharza's Band Ancient Daedric Axe , Ancient Daedric Battle Axe Ancient Daedric Belt , Ancient Daedric Sash , Ancient Daedric Girdle Ancient Daedric Shoes , Ancient Daedric Boots , Ancient Daedric Sabatons Ancient Daedric Bow Ancient Daedric Robe , Ancient Daedric Jack , Ancient Daedric Cuirass Ancient Daedric Dagger Ancient Daedric Gloves , Ancient Daedric Bracers , Ancient Daedric Gauntlets Ancient Daedric Helmet , Ancient Daedric Hat , Ancient Daedric Helm Ancient Daedric Breeches , Ancient Daedric Guards , Ancient Daedric Greaves Ancient Daedric Mace , Ancient Daedric Maul Ancient Daedric Shield Ancient Daedric Epaulets , Ancient Daedric Arm Cops , Ancient Daedric Pauldrons Ancient Daedric Staff Ancient Daedric Sword , Ancient Daedric Greatsword Antique Map of Fargrave Antique Map of the Deadlands Spaulder of Ruin Belharza's Band Spaulder of Ruin Belharza's Band Daedric Enchanting Station Dagon's Scalding Gibbet Belharza's Band Markyn Ring of Majesty Ironclad Sarcoshroud Markyn Ring of Majesty Markyn Ring of Majesty Spaulder of Ruin Markyn Ring of Majesty Markyn Ring of Majesty Shelf, Black Soul Gems Daedric Enchanting Station Belharza's Band Daedric Enchanting Station Spaulder of Ruin Spaulder of Ruin
Galen and Y'ffelon Shipbuilders Crafting Station Barkroot Blessing Antique Map of Galen Stormweaver's Cavort Barkroot Blessing Barkroot Blessing Music Box, Blessings of Stone Music Box, Blessings of Stone Music Box, Blessings of Stone Music Box, Blessings of Stone Music Box, Blessings of Stone Syrabane's Ward Barkroot Blessing Faun's Lark Cladding Syrabane's Ward Syrabane's Ward Barkroot Blessing Faun's Lark Cladding , Faun's Lark Cladding Jack Faun's Lark Cladding Barkroot Blessing Stormweaver's Cavort Vulk'esh Egg Barkroot Blessing Barkroot Blessing Stormweaver's Cavort Syrabane's Ward Barkroot Blessing Syrabane's Ward Shipbuilders Crafting Station Shipbuilders Crafting Station Stormweaver's Cavort Stormweaver's Cavort Faun's Lark Cladding Faun's Lark Cladding Barkroot Blessing
Gold Coast Antique Map of the Gold Coast Golden Idol of Morihaus Meridian Sconce Shrine to Dibella
Hew's Bane Antique Map of Hew's Bane Morwha's Blessing Yokudan Skystone Scabbard
High Isle and Amenos Ancestral Breton Battle Axe Ancestral Breton Sash , Ancestral Breton Belt , Ancestral Breton Girdle Ancestral Breton Shoes , Ancestral Breton Boots , Ancestral Breton Sabatons Ancestral Breton Bow Ancestral Breton Robe , Ancestral Breton Jack , Ancestral Breton Cuirass Ancestral Breton Dagger Ancestral Breton Gloves , Ancestral Breton Bracers , Ancestral Breton Gauntlets Ancestral Breton Hat , Ancestral Breton Helmet , Ancestral Breton Helm Ancestral Breton Breeches , Ancestral Breton Guards , Ancestral Breton Greaves Ancestral Breton Mace , Ancestral Breton Maul Ancestral Breton Shield Ancestral Breton Epaulets , Ancestral Breton Arm Cops , Ancestral Breton Pauldrons Ancestral Breton Staff Ancestral Breton Sword , Ancestral Breton Greatsword Antique Map of High Isle Lefthander's Aegis Belt Sea-Serpent's Coil Druidic Provisioning Station Mora's Whispers Druidic Provisioning Station Druidic Provisioning Station Dov-Rha Sabatons Dov-Rha Sabatons Dov-Rha Sabatons Dov-Rha Sabatons Dov-Rha Sabatons Draoife Storystone Druidic Provisioning Station Druidic Provisioning Station Sea-Serpent's Coil Lefthander's Aegis Belt Lefthander's Aegis Belt Oakensoul Ring Oakensoul Ring Mora's Whispers Sea-Serpent's Coil Nighthunter's Cowl Druidic Provisioning Station Oakensoul Ring Druidic Provisioning Station Oakensoul Ring Mora's Whispers Sea Elf Galleon Helm Sea-Serpent's Coil Mora's Whispers Lefthander's Aegis Belt Druidic Provisioning Station Sea-Serpent's Coil Oakensoul Ring Lefthander's Aegis Belt Mora's Whispers Druidic Provisioning Station Druidic Provisioning Station
Murkmire Antique Map of Murkmire Ring of the Wild Hunt Nisswo's Soul Tender
Northern Elsweyr Antique Map of Northern Elsweyr Khajiiti Water Vessel, Large Moth Priest's Cleansing Bowl Stained Glass of Lunar Phases
Southern Elsweyr Antique Map of Southern Elsweyr Khajiiti Well Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool Shrine of Boethra
Summerset Alinor Allemande Antique Map of Summerset High Elf Altar, Crystal Thrassian Stranglers Prismatic Sunbird Feather
The Reach Ancestral Reach Axe , Ancestral Reach Battle Axe Ancestral Reach Belt , Ancestral Reach Sash , Ancestral Reach Girdle Ancestral Reach Shoes , Ancestral Reach Sabatons , Ancestral Reach Boots Ancestral Reach Bow Ancestral Reach Cuirass , Ancestral Reach Jack , Ancestral Reach Robe Ancestral Reach Dagger Ancestral Reach Gloves , Ancestral Reach Gauntlets , Ancestral Reach Bracers Ancestral Reach Helmet , Ancestral Reach Helm , Ancestral Reach Hat Ancestral Reach Breeches , Ancestral Reach Guards , Ancestral Reach Greaves Ancestral Reach Mace , Ancestral Reach Maul Ancestral Reach Shield Ancestral Reach Pauldrons , Ancestral Reach Arm Cops , Ancestral Reach Epaulets Ancestral Reach Staff Ancestral Reach Sword , Ancestral Reach Greatsword Antique Map of the Reach Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud Dwarven Scarab Dwarven Scarab Dwarven Scarab Dwarven Scarab Dwarven Scarab Ring of the Pale Order Red Eagle Cave Painting Pearls of Ehlnofey Dwarven Scarab Dwarven Scarab Vampiric Stained Glass
Vvardenfell Antique Map of Vvardenfell Sixth House Ritual Table St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star
Western Skyrim Antique Map of Western Skyrim Companion's Coronet Dwemer Body Markings Dwemer Crown Dwemer Face Markings Font of Auri-El Snow Treaders Ebon Dwarven Wolf Seat of the Snow Prince Ysgramor's Chosen Body Markings Ysgramor's Chosen Face Marking
Wrothgar Antique Map of Wrothgar Anvil of Old Orsinium Malacath's Band of Brutality Ring of the Pale Order Tusks of the Orc-Father

Antiquity leads in dungeons

Zone Leads


Antiquities System Guide - Elder Scrolls Online
Welcome to the Antiquities System Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online. We are going to take a look at all aspects of the Antiquities system in this guide.
Antiquities Grind Guide - Elder Scrolls Online
Welcome to the Antiquities Grind Guide for the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) which will show you how to level up the Scrying and Excavation skill-line as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How can you find Antiquity leads in ESO?

The ESO antiquities leads drop from specific zones and sometimes from very specific monsters or bosses. Each antiquity page will indicate in what zone it drops and what monster or boss that you have to kill. Antiquity leads can drop even if you don’t have access to Greymoor. However, you won’t be able to use them. because you will need to have the scrying and excavation skill-line to access the leads. You can learn more about how to start the Antiquities quest line in the Antiquities Overview guide. Leads can have different difficulty levels, therefore you need a certain level to be able to activate gold leads.

Antiquities Codex in ESO

The Antiquities Codex allows you to see all of the Antiquities you can Scry for, and all of the Antiquities you previously uncovered. Any time you want to search for an Antiquity, the Codex should be your first stop.

The first entry in the Antiquities Codex is the Scryable list. This list displays all of the Antiquities you can currently search for. Select an Antiquity from this list to begin Scrying. Remember that you can only Scry for Antiquities found in the zone you're currently standing in.

The remaining entries in the Codex list Antiquities by zone. This list allows you to see what Antiquities you've found, how many times you've found them, and any Lore Entries you've uncovered for those Antiquities.

Every Antiquity has at least one Lore Entry associated with it. You'll uncover a Lore Entry by successfully excavating that Antiquity. Some Antiquities have more than one Lore entry; in that case, you'll uncover a new Entry every time you successfully excavate it, until you've found them all.

Some Antiquities are fragmented into multiple parts. Each fragment of an Antiquity will have its own Lore Entry, and will require its own Lead. Once you've found all of the fragments of an Antiquity, they will automatically combine to create the final Antiquity.

Leads in ESO

When you first begin your journey as an Antiquarian, your Antiquities Codex will appear rather sparse. This is because the majority of Antiquities are hidden. In order to learn about the existence of these undiscovered Antiquities, you'll need to uncover Leads. Most Antiquities require you to find a Lead before you can Scry for them. Excavating a hidden Antiquity consumes its Lead, so you'll need to find another Lead to Scry for that Antiquity again. However, your Codex will retain all the details you've learned about that Antiquity so far.

You can find Leads all over Tamriel and beyond. Try speaking with merchants, exploring the world, searching for treasure chests, slaying bosses, fishing, stealing... Antiquity Leads can be almost anywhere!

One final note: Leads will expire after a long period of time, so be sure to track down hidden Antiquities in a timely fashion!

Scrying in ESO

The first step in uncovering an Antiquity is Scrying for it. Gazing into the Antiquarian's Eye will allow you to expand your awareness and mystically search for these hidden treasures. In order to Scry for an Antiquity, you must be in the same Zone as the Antiquity, and you must have a relevant Lead (if the Antiquity requires it).

To begin Scrying, open your Codex and select the Antiquity you wish to Scry for from the Scryable list. (If the Antiquity does not appear on that list, you cannot Scry for it.) Once you've made your selection, you'll be taken to a view of the Antiquarian's Eye. When Scrying for an Antiquity with the Antiquarian's Eye, you begin at the large crystal in the bottom-middle. This crystal indicates how many turns you have remaining. When the crystal is totally depleted, your Scrying session ends.

Your goal is to claim the glowing Foci scattered across the lens. Every Foci you claim eliminates on possible Dig Site from your map, narrowing and expediting your search. You must acquire at least one Foci to begin searching for the Antiquity. To move toward the Foci, select a facet adjacent to your area of control. This will add that facet - and all facets of the same type that touch it - to your owned area. In this way, you can claim more and more facets as you Scry.

If you don't acquire all the Foci, you can return to the Codex and Scry for the same Antiquity again. There is no cost associated with trying again, and obtaining more Foci the second time will narrow down the Antiquity's possible locations.

Locating the Antiquity

Once you successfully Scry for an Antiquity, you'll need to venture out into the world in order to find it. To begin with, open your Zone Map. The map will display a number of "Dig Sites." Only one of these Dig Sites contain the Antiquity. The more Foci you obtain while Scrying, the fewer Dig Sites will appear on the map - down to just one, if you claimed all the Foci.

Once you venture to a Dig Site, your compass will glow, much like a Quest step that requires you to search the area. In much the same way, you'll need to investigate your surroundings to find the Antiquity's resting place.

You can use the Antiquarian's Eye from your Quickslot, or from your Collections menu, to point the way toward the nearest possible location for the Antiquity. However, you can only call on the Antiquarian's Eye in this way every so often, so be sure to look around while you search.

The visible cue you're looking for is a mound of dirt with subtle sparkles floating upwards from it. The dirt may match the terrain's coloration, so keep a sharp eye out. Purchasing the Keen Eye passive may help you spot these dirt mounds more quickly. Once you've found a suspicious pile of dirt, interact with it.

If it is not the Antiquity's actual location, you will find some simple Treasure, and that Dig Site will disappear from your map. This means the Antiquity is resting in some other location.

If a dirt pile does contain the Antiquity, you will enter the Excavation phase of your journey.

Excavation in ESO

The last step in acquiring an Antiquity is Excavation. During an Excavation, you work to remove the Antiquity from the dirt, without breaking it, and within the time allotted. To begin an Excavation, you must first Scry for the Antiquity, and then locate its exact burial spot within its Dig Site. once you interact with the Antiquity's dirt mound, the Excavation begins.

You have a limited number of actions you can take during an Excavation, indicated by the Intuition meter at the top of the screen, and by the daylight remaining. When you've used up your limited actions, the dig is over. If you fail to Excavate an Antiquity (whether by breaking it, or by running out of turns), the dig Site will disappear. Don't worry, though. You can find it again, somewhere within the same Dig Site on your map.

The first phase of an Excavation involves locating the Antiquity's location within the dirt, using the Antiquarian's Eye to Augur for it. When you Augur, the chunk of dirt you select will light up. The brighter and greener the light, the closer that chuck is to the Antiquity, with brilliant green indicating the Antiquity's exact location.

Once you've located the Antiquity, you'll need to uncover it, using your Hand Brush. In lower-difficulty Excavations, the Hand Brush alone can uncover the sought Antiquity. More challenging Excavations, however, require the use of other tools, which you can unlock by leveling up the Antiquarian Skill Line.

Advanced Excavation

Attempting to excavate more difficult Antiquities often leads to new challenges. First, you will find t hat many Antiquities are buried near additional items, known as Bonus Loot. These rewards - while not a valuable as an Antiquity - still provide added benefit to your Excavation.

After you excavate an Antiquity, you can continue to dig for any Bonus Loot still hidden in the dirt. Note, however, that the Augur skill does not reveal Bonus Loot, and you can only keep Bonus Loot if you successfully excavate the Antiquity.

You may also stumble upon Fissures; these small pockets of volatile gas often appear near rarer Antiquities. Removing the last chunk of dirt from a fissure will trigger a detonation, damaging the Antiquity. Upgrading the Trowel can turn these explosions to your benefit by removing large amounts of dirt in a single action. But be wary - these explosions can break an Antiquity and end your excavation in an instant.

As you advance the Excavation Skill Line, you will unlock additional tools to aid you in your digging efforts. Both of these tools require you to build up Intuition by using the Hand Brush, and both depend on the elevation of the chunks surrounding where you use them, so be sure to plan your moves carefully.

The Trowel allows you to dig deeply, removing several layers of dirt and rock from a single chunk of the Excavation site. Once upgraded, it can safely trigger Fissures, allowing you to control their detonation, and even chain their explosions together.

The Heavy Shovel can remove a large area of dirt in a single action. It only affects adjacent chunks of the same height as the chunk you select. Use Heavy Shovel to flatten an area quickly, or to remove huge amounts of soil in a hurry. Once upgraded, you have a chance to not consume any Intuition when you use the Heavy Shovel.

Excavation: Augury

Once you've begun an Excavation, you'll want to determine the Antiquity's exact location using the Augur skill. First, select the Antiquarian's Eye on the Excavation screen to use your Augur skill. Then, select a chunk of dirt to Augur. A glow indicating the Antiquity's distance from the selected chunk will appear, as shown in the image below.

Excavation in ESO
Excavation in ESO

There are 4 types of indicators:

  • A faint red outline with no glow: indicates that the Antiquity is at least five chunks of dirt away.
  • An orange outline with a subtle glow: indicates that the Antiquity vis 3-4 chunks of dirt away.
  • A yellow outline with a strong glow: indicates the Antiquity is nearby, 1-2 chunks of dirt away.
  • Finally, a bright green outline with a strong, pulsating glow: indicates the Antiquity is directly beneath the Augured chunk.

You can only use your Augur skill a limited number of times during an Excavation. However, using the Augur skill does not consume your limited number of turns for the Excavation, so don't be afraid to use this important skill to give yourself an edge.

Finally, keep in mind: at first, your Augur skill can only detect the Antiquity starting from the lowest, darkest layers of dirt in an Excavation. Once upgraded, it can detect the Antiquity through the middle and lowest layers. This means you may need to remove some dirt before you can successfully Augur for the Antiquity.

Excavation: Fissures

When excavating rarer Antiquities, you may encounter Fissures: vents of volatile gas. Removing the last layer of rock or dirt from a Fissure's space will cause it to detonate, damaging the Antiquity. Without the proper tools, it's best to avoid Fissures. However, with an upgraded Trowel, you can turn Fissures to your advantage.

Excavation Fissures in ESO
Excavation Fissures in ESO

If an upgraded Trowel is used to expose a Fissure, it will not deal damage to the Antiquity. Furthermore, if two Fissures can be connected by a path of dirt and rocks that are at the exactly the same height, exposing the Fissure will cause an explosive chain reaction! Every chunk between the two Fissures will be destroyed, allowing you to remove huge amounts of dirt in one fell swoop.

However, be warned: if the path between two exploding Fissures crosses directly over any part of the Antiquity, the Antiquity will be completely destroyed - instantly ending the Excavation in failure.

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