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ESO Plus Subscription Guide - Elder Scrolls Online


ESO Plus Perks

Here you can find all the ESO Plus Perks that you will get once you got the subscription. For further details you can also check out the official website page ESO Plus.
Note: Make sure to get ESO Plus before you buy Crowns separately.


1500 Crowns cost approx 14.99$.
1650 Crowns + ESO Plus cost 14.99$.

Sign-Up Period

DurationPriceCrowns rewared
1 Month$14.99/month1650
3 Months$13.99/month4950
6 Months$12.99/month9900
12 Months$11.99/month19800

ESO Plus Perks

Here you can find the full list of all the ESO Plus Perks that you will obtain once you purchase the ESO Plus subscription.

Non-ESO Plus Members
ESO Plus Members
DLC Game PacksNOPurchase DLC Game PacksYESFull Access to All DLC Game Packs
More Crafting StorageNONo Crafting Storage BonusYESUnlimite Storage for Crafting Materials
Free CrownsNONo Free CrownsYES1650 Crowns per Month
Extra Bank SpaceNONo Extra Bank SpaceYESDouble Bank Space for Your Account
More Gold & XPNONo Bonus Gold & XPYES10% increase Gold & Experience
Bonus to CraftingNONo Bonus to CraftingYES10% increase to Crafting Inspiration & Trait Research
More FurnitureNONo Extra Furniture SpaceYESDouble Furnishings & Collectibles Space
Costume DyeingNONo Costume DyeingYESDyeable Costumes
Transmutation CrystalsNONo Bonus Tto Currency CapYESDouble Currency Cap
Exclusive DealsNONo Exclusive DealsYESExclusive Access to Crown Store Deals

How to Purchase ESO Plus

ESO Plus is available for the following platforms:

  • Playstation
  • XBOX
  • PC
To acquire an ESO Plus membership, head over to the ESO Plus web page. From there, you can choose from membership options based on your platform. You can also find ESO Plus in the Steam Store (if your ESO account is Steam-enabled), PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. You can also purchase ESO Plus membership via the ESO Plus menu in the in-game Crown Store (it will take you to the appropriate store).

An ESO Plus membership offers a fantastic selection of in-game benefits and VIP perks. If you have any questions or concerns about ESO Plus membership, please don't hesitate to contact ESO Customer Support for further help.

How Good Is The Crafting Bag?

To learn more about the Crafting Bag please check out the Craft Bag Guide.



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