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ESO Champion Points System header

ESO Champion Points System

ESO Champion Points System

Welcome to the ESO Champion Points system overview page. In this category of the website you can find all information about the Champion Points system in the Elder Scrolls Online. The Champion Points system in ESO is unlocked after you reach level 50 with your character. The system gives your character more power depending on how many Champion Points you have unlocked.

Calculator: Please visit the Champion Points Calculator Page.

To learn more about each section of the Champion Points system, please check out the categories below for reference. Each of the sections (Craft, Warfare, Fitness) has a full list of each individual perk that you can check out.

With Update 29, released on March 8th in 2021, Zenimax Online Studios released an overhaul of their ESO Champion Point System. If you have more questions, you can also ask someone in our community partner discord about this ESO Champion Point System Guide!  

Craft header
Learn more about the Craft Champion Points Tree. The celestial "Thief" tree is split into roughly 3 different sections: Ledgerdemain/Assassination, Craft and Quality of Life enhancements.
Fitness header
Learn more about the Fitness Champion Points Tree. The celestial "Warrior" tree contains everything regarding health, regeneration and restoration.
Warfare header
The Mage Warfare tree is by far the most complex as it has two additional subtrees called "Extended Might" and "Staving Death".
ESO Champion Points 2.0 - Here is what you need to know header
ESO Champion Points 2.0 - Here is what you need to know
Champion Points 2.0 has been released, here is what you need to know about the new Champion Points system for ESO.
ESO Champion Points Calculator - CP Calculator header
ESO Champion Points Calculator - CP Calculator
Champion Points Calculator for the new Champion Point 2.0 System. Save & Share your Champion Points setup with one click!

Frequently asked questions

How do you unlock champion points in eso?

Once a player reches level 50, Champion Points unlock. The requirement of experience needed to get a Champion Point rises per level. Champion Points are gained on a rotation per tree, and every character got their own set of Champion Points.

How do you earn champion points?

Instead of gaining levels, after level 50 you will start gaining Champion Points. Which means that you will be able to spend points into special perks instead of using a skill point for skill trees.

How do I use champion points?

You can spend a Champion Point in any of the three main trees to start your journey on unlocking specific Champion Point stars. Just go into your Champion Points and choose one perk and invest points by investing points.

Do champion points matter before level 50?

Since Champion Points also apply before your other toons reach level 50, they do indeed matter and make leveling alts a lot easier!

What is the highest champion level in eso?

3600 Champion Points is the maximum that any player can get in ESO and advance that way throughout your gameplay.

What is the level cap in eso?

The level cap in ESO is level 50, after that you start earning Champion Points instead and won't earn skill points, but will be able to purchase Champion Point specific perks which make your character stronger in turn.

How much xp do you need per champion point?

In general, you need around 230 XP more than for a former level, which means that each level the amount of XP needed increases by around 230 XP.

Do champion points apply to all characters?

Your Champion Point level and the available Champion Points are the same on all characters, however every character of yours has their own set of Champion Points allocation, meaning the Champion Point build is not shared among characters.

Can you respec champion points in eso?

You can respec your Champion Points in ESO from anywhere, as you only need to open the menu and navigate to your Champion Points. At the bottom of your screen you will find the redistribute option. It costs 3000 gold per reset.

How much does cp effect dps in eso?

Champion Points, or CP, effect dps by a ton! Depending on how you skill your Champion Points and depending on your class, it can make a difference of anything between 60-80%.

By reaching Level 50 in the game, you will now gain access to your Champion Points.

You can access the Champion Points ingame by clicking + (default key). If you haven’t bound a key to it, or want to bind another key to it, you can do so when you press ESC on your keyboard and choose “CONTROLS”. There under User Interface you find the entry “Champion”, which is where you can set your keybind. On controllers, there is no Gamepad Default for accessing Champion Points.

When you open your Champion Points for the first time, you can see three different images, a green, blue and red avatars of the celestial alignments, represented here as female depictions.

Champion System
Champion System

Each celestial stands for the focus of your Champion Points.

  • Green stands for Craft.
  • Blue stands for Warfare.
  • Red stands for Fitness.

The maximum amount of Champion Points that you can now reach is 3600, with you being able to distribute them all in the trees, meaning 1200 Champion Points per tree. Though, you can not have all perks active at the same time. In order to have a perk active now, you need to add it to the Champion Bar.

The Champion Bar is on top of the celestial and will determine which perks are active during your gameplay.


Each celestial has three base stars and three independent stars.

Base Stars
Base Stars
Independent Stars
Independent Stars

The independent stars are in the same color of the tree and are not connected to any other star.The base stars are yellow and they are needed to unlock other perks. Without unlock them first, you can't unlock others.Some perks are in the same color as the tree, which means that they have to be slotted into the Champion Bar in order to be activated.The Champion Bar is at the top and is separated into the three celestials.

Champion Bar

Champion Bar Empty
Champion Bar Empty

In order to slot a perk you need to first spend the points by confirming your choice. After that you can drag and drop it into any slot of your Champion Bar and confirm again that it is slotted.Only those perks will be active that are in your Champion Bar, no matter how many you have unlocked.This means you can be very versatile with your build and go into different situations with a different set up, without having to adjust your Champion Points each time.

Champion bar Full
Champion bar Full

The Celestials and Perks in Detail

With this system we now have a better focus on these three different aspects of the game, whereas before we used to have a mixture of passives spread throughout the constellations.

Each celestial has a tree of perks that now build upon each other, meaning that you have to unlock perks by putting points into 3 base star constellations first before you can unlock additional perks.

There's 3 exceptions per tree, which you can take regardless of what you have unlocked so far.

The Green Celestial focuses strongly on Crafts, which makes it useful for crafters, gatherers and thieves.

The Blue Celestial focuses on everything regarding Warfare, meaning combat; both PvE and PvP. There's offensive, defensive and healing abilities combined in the tree. Additionally, we have two sub-alignments, represented by two purple star-constellations (in the Mage's chest and right arm's elbow called Staving Death and Extended Might).

The Red Celestial focuses primarily on preservation and protection in both PvE and PvP. All of these perks are more or less defensive or help restore your ingame attributes.

The Thief - Craft Champion Points Tree

The Thief
The Thief

Full list of all the perks from the Craft tree can be found in the Craft category.

This celestial tree is split into roughly 3 different sections: Ledgerdemain/Assassination, Craft and Quality of Life enhancements.

In order to unlock the left side of the tree you have to spend at least 8 points into Fleet Phantom (Reduces the Movement Speed penalty of Sneak by 5% per stage.), so that you can follow the path from Friends in Low Places (Removes 1000 gold from your bounty once per day when committing a crime where bounty is added. You must be level 50 for this passive to activate, and your current bounty must be at or greater than 1000 gold.) to be able to unlock more stars.

The system builds on unlocking perks, so that you can't choose any perk before you haven't unlocked another.

In order to unlock Master Gatherer (Reduces the time it takes you to harvest by 10% per stage.) at the center, you need to spend at least 260 Champion Points before you can actually put point into this perk as you need to meet the prerequisites.

The Mage - Warfare Champion Points Tree

The Mage
The Mage

Full list of all the perks from the Warfare tree can be found in the Warfare category.

This celestial is by far the most complex, as it exists of 3 trees in total. The first body represents everything that has to do with damage, be it through direct or indirect cause, single target or AoE. The staff the Mage is holding represents the healing perks.

Additionally, we have 2 other trees, hidden in her chest and her right side elbow, marked by purple stars.The first in her chest is called Staving Death and provides us with everything that we need to protect ourselves.

The second, Extended Might in her elbow, is meant for Martial damage, as well as additional bonuses to combat in general. The same principle to unlock stars applies to this tree.

In order to unlock specific perks, you have to first unlock them by using any of the three base perks and then unlocking further perks in the tree.

Staving Death Subtree - Warfare

Staving Death is a subtree in the Warfare category, you can enter the subtree by clicking on it. A full list of the Staving Death perks can be found in the Staving Death category.

Staving Death - The Mage
Staving Death - The Mage

Extended Might Subtree - Warfare

Extended Might - The Mage
Extended Might - The Mage

Full list of all the perks from the Fitnesstree can be found in the Fitness category.

Extended Might is a subtree in the Warfare category, you can enter the subtree by clicking on it. A full list of the Extended Might perks can be found in the Extended Might category.

The Warrior - Fitness Champion Points Tree

The Warrior
The Warrior

The red celestial contains everything regarding health, regeneration and restoration.

It offers many perks for survivability or sustain, meaning that if you struggle with Magicka, Stamina or Health issues, or dying to quickly, you might want to invest some points into this tree.

This is also one of the most important trees for tanks!

This tree also has three subtrees.

Wind Chaser Subtree - Fitness

Wind Chaser - The Warrior
Wind Chaser - The Warrior

Walking Fortress Subtree - Fitness

Walking Fortress - The Warrior
Walking Fortress - The Warrior

Survivor's Spite Subtree - Fitness

Survivor's Spite - The Warrior
Survivor's Spite - The Warrior


Celestial = Champion Point tree

Perk = Passive ability

Stage = Jump Point

PvE = Player versus Environment

PvP = Player versus Player

Bracing = Holding Block

Magical = Magic, Flame, Frost and Shock Damage

Martial = Physical, Poison, Disease and Bleed Damage

AoE = Area of Effect

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