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The Warrior Fitness tree contains everything regarding health, regeneration and restoration.

It offers many perks for survivability or sustain, meaning that if you struggle with Magicka, Stamina or Health issues, or dying to quickly, you might want to invest some points into this tree. This is also one of the most important trees for tanks!

Champion Points Stars

Name Description
Arcane Alacrity While under the effects of a damage shield your dodge roll costs 160 less stamina per stage.
Bashing Brutality Increases your Bash damage by 60 per stage.
Bastion Increases the effectiveness of your damage shields and damage against shielded enemies by 3% per stage.
Bloody Renewal Restore 300 Stamina per stage, whenever you kill an enemy.
Boundless Vitality Grants 28 Max Health per stage.
Defiance Reduces the cost of Break Free by 110 Stamina per stage.
Expert Evasion Your next Roll Dodge is free of cost. After consuming this effect, you cannot gain it again for 30 seconds.
Fortification Increases the amount of damage you can block by 2% per stage.
Hardened Increases the duration of Crowd Control Immunity by 3% per stage.
Hasty Increases your movement speed when Sprinting by 2% per stage.
Hero's Vigor Grants 280 Max Health per stage.
Ironclad Grants 34.6 Armor per stage.
Juggernaut While under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity, you take 2% less damage per stage.
Mystic Tenacity Reduces the duration of Elemental Status Effects applied to you by 5% per stage.
Nimble Protector Increases your Movement Speed while Bracing by 3% per stage.
On Guard While under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity, increases the amount of damage you block by 2% per stage.
Peace of Mind Increases Magicka and Health Recovery while under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity by 40 per stage.
Piercing Gaze Increases your Stealth Detection by 1 meter per stage.
Rejuvenation Grants 3 Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery per stage.
Rousing Speed Reduces the cost of Sprint by 50 Stamina per stage, while under the effects of Crowd Control Immunity.
Savage Defense Reduces the cost of Bash by 45 Stamina per stage.
Shield Master Reduces the cost of your damage shield abilities by 2% per stage.
Siphoning Spells Restore 300 Magicka per stage, whenever you kill an enemy.
Slippery When you are affected by a disabling effect, you automatically Break Free for no cost. After using this effect, you become Winded and cannot trigger this effect or others like it for 21 seconds.
Spirit Mastery Decreases the time it takes to resurrect an ally by 33%.
Sprinter Reduces the cost of Sprint by 20 Stamina per stage.
Strategic Reserve Gain 30 Health Recovery for every 10 Ultimate you have.
Survival Instincts While afflicted with a Status Effect, your core combat skills cost 5% less per stage.
Tempered Soul Return to life after resurrection with 5% more resources per stage.
Tireless Guardian Reduces the cost of Block by 20 Stamina per stage.
Tumbling Reduces the cost of Roll Dodge by 120 Stamina per stage.
Unchained When you use Break Free, the cost of your next Stamina ability used within 5 seconds is reduced by 11% per stage.

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