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ESO Dye Collection - All ESO Dyes header

ESO Dye Collection - All ESO Dyes

ESO Dye Collection - All ESO Dyes

Welcome to the Dye Collection Page for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), a full list of all the dyes can be found on this page that are available in ESO. To dye your outfit or costume you will have to visit an outfit station. Outfit stations are located in all major hub cities and can also be found in player homes.New dyes can be unlocked by completing in-game achievements. Right-click on any locked dye to learn which achievement will unlock it. There are several dye tools available:

  • The "Paint Brush" allows you to apply a dye to an individual dye slot on a single armor piece.
  • The "Paint Bucket" allows you to apply a dye to the same slot across all equipped armor pieces.
  • The "Eraser Tool" allows you to remove an applied dye from a dye slot.
  • The "Eye Dropper" allows you to copy existing colors you have already applied to other dye slots
  • The "Set Fill Tool" allows you to apply colors saved sets of your dye slots .

Important: Dyeing a piece of armor binds it to your account.To dye costumes you will need an active ESO Plus membership. Without an active ESO Plus membership you will only be able to dye outfits, but not costumes. However, you can purchase dye stamps in the crown store to dye your costumes without ESO Plus membership.

Outfit Station in ESO
Outfit Station in ESO

ESO dye list

Color Name Achievement
Abyssal Beryl Maw of Lorkhaj Completed
Adamantine Silver Dragonstar Arena Conqueror
Adept Purple Level 30 Hero
Adventurer Brown Adventurer
Aetherial Blue Tamriel Skyshard Hunter
Akatosh's Scales Gold Complete All Speed Challenges
Alchemist Bilious Master Alchemist
Alik'r Lapis Consecrated Ground
Amethyst Violet Learn a Trait
Anequina Sunrise Savior of Elsweyr
Antique Brass The Sublime Protector
Antique Silver Master Jewelry Crafter
Apprentice Blue Level 20 Hero
Apricot Outrage Blackrose Prison Vanquisher
Arc Master Moss Arcing Onward
Arcane Blue Mages Guild Skill Master
Ash'abah Hood Gray Alik'r Desert Master Explorer
Ashland Gray Hearts of Darkness
Aspect Red Aspect
Atmoran Bronze Ebonheart Master Explorer
Aurora Green Time Trial: Aetherian Archive
Automaton Bronze Dwarven Construct Slayer
Ayleid Gold Aldmeri Master Explorer
Bandit Brown Humanoid Slayer
Battaglir Green Recipe Card
Beast Collector Violet Tamriel Beast Collector
Bedlam Purple Cloudrest Conqueror
Birch White Expert of Refinement
Blackreach Blue Savior of Western Skyrim
Blademaster's Mauve Maelstrom Arena Champion
Blood Gold Queenmaker
Bloodroot Wine Horns of the Reach Delver
Boethiah Gray Daedra Slayer
Book Cover Brown Racial Style Learned
Boss Butcher Brown Dungeon Lord
Brewer's Ale Brown Master Chef
Brightfern Green Lost Depths Delver
Bugloss Blue Apprentice of Refinement
Captain's Violet Alliance War Captain
Cardsharp Crimson Roister's Club Master
Celestial Violet Time Trial or Arena: Weekly
Centurion Metal Alliance War Centurion
Champion Red Fighters Guild Veteran
Chivalric Silver Savior of High Isle
Clothier Purple Master Clothier
Coldharbour Ash Black The God of Schemes
Colossus Brass Halls of Fabrication Completed
Colovian Deep Brown Cyrodiil Cave Delver
Contraband Violet Black Market Mogul
Corporal's Green Alliance War Corporal
Covenant Blue Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant
Covenant Conqueror Blue Daggerfall Covenant Conqueror
Covenant Fisher Blue Covenant Fisherman
Covenant Vanquisher Violet Vanquisher of the Covenant
Craftmaster Gold Master Deconstructor
Craglorn Crimson Lower Craglorn Master Explorer
Cyrodilic Steel Cyrodiil Champion
Daedric Red General Executioner
Darkstorm Emerald Savior of the Reach
Deceit Orange Easy as Pie
Dibella's Blush Greenshade Master Explorer
Divine Gold Legendary Jewelry Crafter
Dolmen Deep Blue Anchor Destroyer
Dominion Conqueror Yellow Aldmeri Dominion Conqueror
Dominion Fisher Yellow Dominion Fisherman
Dominion Vanquisher Green Vanquisher of the Dominion
Dominion Yellow Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion
Doomcrag Verdigris Curse Breaker
Dragonknights' Blood Grand Dragonknight Slayer
Dragonstar Red Time Trial: Hel Ra Citadel
Dragonthorn Yellow Apprentice Crafting Harvester
Dried Blood Brown Recruit of the Undaunted
Drowned Cobalt Ascending Tide Delver
Dungeon Victor Turquoise Dungeon Annihilator
Dusky Bronze Horror of Horrors
Dwarven Brass Dwemer Style Master
Earthforge Iron Gray Legendary Blacksmith
Elemental White Atronach Element Collector
Enchanter Tangerine Master Enchanter
Entoloma Blue Truly Legendary
Epic Violet Epic Attire
Essence Green Essence
Evermore Gold End of Empire
Expert Gray Level 40 Hero
Explorer Green Explorer
Eyevea Blue Arch-Mage
Faded Dwemer Scholar Red Dwarven Secrets Gatherer
Falinesti Green Matchmaker
Fighters Guild Red Associate of the Fighters Guild
Fire Drake's Flame Pit Hero
Flame-Knight Light Red Stormhaven Master Explorer
Forest Footpad Green Sneak Thief Extraordinaire
Forge Ember Red Apprentice Deconstructor
Frozen Blood Harrowstorm Delver
Gangrene Green Undead Hoarder
General's Gold Alliance War General
Glacial Topaz Wrathstone Delver
Glenbridge Green Rockgrove Vanquisher
Graht-Bark Brown Grahtwood Master Explorer
Grand Overlord's Brass Alliance War Grand Overlord
Grand Warlord's Violet Alliance War Grand Warlord
Guardian Blue Greater Dungeon Blocker
Haunted Moor Mauve Rivenspire Master Explorer
Hazardous Chartreuse Stonethorn Delver
Heartlands Umber Support the Fight
Hist Green Egg and Root
Hlaalu Gold Plague Eater
Hollowfang Cruor Scalebreaker Delver
Hunding Gold Stros M'kai and Betnikh Explorer
Hunter Green Nature Slayer
Hyacinth Pink Journeyman Crafting Harvester
Indomitable Violet Indomitable Adventurer
Indoril Blue Deshaan Master Explorer
Ironweed Violet Legendary Clothier
Jode Red Reaper's March Master Explorer
Julianos White Aetherian Archive Completed
Jute Green Expert Crafting Harvester
Khenarthi Red Khenarthi's Roost Pathfinder
King Orgnum's Wine Savior of Galen
Kresh Flower Red Grand Master Crafting Harvester
Lamae's White Vampirism Master
Legate's Black Alliance War Legate
Legionary's Lead Alliance War Legionary
Liar's Linen I Like M'aiq
Lycanthrope Gray Lycanthropy Master
Mages Guild Blue Student of the Mages Guild
Magnus Setting Red White-Gold Tower Conqueror
Mammoth Fur Brown The Rift Master Explorer
Maormer-Eyes Gray Auridon Master Explorer
Marble White Excavation Virtuoso
Marshnettle Titian Savior of Blackwood
Master Adventurer Purple Master Adventurer
Master Gold Level 50 Hero
Mastic Yellow Legendary Woodworker
Moonshadow Orchid Waking Flame Delver
Moonstone White Trait Master
Mora's Mauve Grand Arcanist Slayer
Mort Flesh White Undead Slayer
Motif Master Brown Rare Style Master
Motif Pattern Blue Alliance Style Master
Mudcrab Maroon Chitin Accumulator
Mundus Blue Weekly Trial or Arena Complete
Murder Mahogany Kill a Grand Overlord
Nacreous Purple Dragon Bones Delver
Necromancer Blue Radiant Champion
Netch Jelly Blue Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Explorer
New Life Cerulean New Life Celebrant
Nibenay Trout Green Cyrodiil Angler
Nightblades' Indigo Grand Nightblade Slayer
Nightshade Purple Chainbreaker
Nirncrux Red Learn the Nirnhoned Trait
Nirnroot Gray Botanist
Novice Tan Level 10 Hero
Noxophilic Black Vampirism
Oblivion Vermilion Oblivion Shard Gatherer
Obsidian Black Expert Deconstructor
Ophidian Jade Sanctum Ophidia Completed
Orichalc Green Daggerfall Master Explorer
Overlord's Purple Alliance War Overlord
Pact Blood Red Hero of the Ebonheart Pact
Pact Conqueror Red Ebonheart Pact Conqueror
Pact Fisher Red Pact Fisherman
Pact Vanquisher Brown Vanquisher of the Pact
Palatine's White Alliance War Palatine
Patron's Gold Tales of Tribute Master
Pellitine Coral Return of the Dragonguard
Pillager Purple Epic Acquirer
Pit Daemon's Poison Grand Relic Hunter
Polished Steel Gray Master of Refinement
Potency Blue Potency
Prefect's Gray Alliance War Prefect
Provisioner Brown Master Provisioner
Putrid Flesh Teal Imperial City Prison Conqueror
Pyandonean Purple Dreadsail Reef Vanquisher
Quester Yellow Quester
Rank 1 Materials Rank 1 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 10 Materials Rank 10 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 2 Materials Rank 2 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 3 Materials Rank 3 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 4 Materials Rank 4 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 5 Materials Rank 5 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 6 Materials Rank 6 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 7 Materials Rank 7 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 8 Materials Rank 8 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 9 Materials Rank 9 Deconstruction Analyst
Ransacker Blue Superior Ransacker
Raw Hide Tan Master Crafting Harvester
Recipe Reaper Red Recipe Compendium
Red Diamond Red The Valley of Blades
Regicide Red Emperor Slayer
Restorative Gold Greater Dungeon Healer
Riften Copper Shattered Remnants
Roister's Cerulean Tales of Travel
Ruby Throne Red Emperor!
Sanity's Orchid Sanity's Edge Vanquisher
Scaled Court Brown Time Trial: Sanctum Ophidia
Scintillating Scarlet Flames of Ambition Delver
Scrivener's Ultramarine Scribes of Fate Delver
Senche-Tiger Orange Hallowed Moons
Sergeant's Charcoal Alliance War Sergeant
Shadowfoot Gray Felonious Recompense
Shein Violet Recipe Book
Shrike Blue Savior of Summerset
Sigil Orange City of Ash II Conqueror
Silvenar Green Malabal Tor Master Explorer
Slaughterfish Flesh Pink Master Fisher
Smith Steel Blue Master Blacksmith
Somber Cerise Imperial City Warlord
Sorcerers'-Bane Violet Grand Sorcerer Slayer
Soul Gem Purple Chasing Shadows
Soul Shriven Gray Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
Soul Shriven Pale Coldharbour Master Explorer
Spectral Blue Grand Necromancer Slayer
Spriggan Green Nature Collector
Stalhrim Chrome Wolfhunter Delver
Starlight Gold Dawn of a Champion
Stendarr White Master Monster Slayer
Stormlord's Lightning Grand Standard-Bearer
Strangler Maw Red Shadowfen Master Explorer
Sulfur Pools Yellow Eastmarch Master Explorer
Sunforge Patina Hero of Fargrave
Superior Blue Superior Attire
Syffim Red Fighters Guild Skill Master
Tainted Turquoise Imperial Transgressions
Telvanni Brown Stonefalls Master Explorer
Telvanni Walnut Hero of Necrom
Templars' Last Dawn Grand Templar Slayer
Thalmor Black Iconoclast
Tombstone Gray Dungeon Damage Dispenser
Tower White-Gold Blockbuster
Transliminal Violet Imperial Lightbringer
Tribune's Steel Alliance War Tribune
Trolls Fur Brown Monstrous Component Collector
Undaunted Bronze Undaunted Skill Master
Varla White A Rule Unquestioned
Vehk's Mystic Blue Champion of Vivec
Vine Green Glenumbra Master Explorer
Viridian Venom Toxicologist
Void Pitch Honor to the Spiritblood
Voidstone Violet Complete All Hard Modes
Volunteer's Iron Alliance War Volunteer
Warden's Moss Green Grand Warden Slayer
Warlord's Red Alliance War Warlord
Warrior's Steel Hel Ra Citadel Completed
Wayrest Royal Purple Rude Awakening
Welkynd Blue Spirit of the Bosmer
Windhelm Steel Blood Feud
Wisp Blue Bangkorai Master Explorer
Wolf's Fur Brown Lycanthropy
Woodsman Green Certified Jack-of-All-Trades
Woodworker Yellow Master Woodworker
Wyrd Tree Green Ritual Destruction
Yokudan Cod Tan Craglorn Angler

Outfit Station Example

Below you can see a character at an outfit station wearing different style pieces with one dye called Void Pitch.

Outfit System in ESO
Outfit System in ESO

Locked Dyes at the Outfit Station

To see locked dyes you can put a checkmark at the "Show Locked" button (see image below), once you have activated it you will see all your locked dyes. When you hoover over a dye you can also see what achievement you need to unlock to obtain the dye for your ESO character.

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