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Dye: Yokudan Cod Tan - ESO header

Dye: Yokudan Cod Tan - ESO

Dye: Yokudan Cod Tan - ESO


Yokudan Cod Tan

Obtained by completing the Craglorn Angler achievement
Name: Yokudan Cod Tan
Craglorn Angler icon
Craglorn Angler

Catch all 12 rare fish in Craglorn.

  • Glasshead Barreleye (Lake)
  • Crag Salmon (Lake)
  • Forlorn Catfish (Lake)
  • Ghost Knifefish (Lake)
  • Nirn Flounder (Lake)
  • Spiny Orcfish (Lake)
  • Yokudan Cod (River)
  • Nedic Eel (River)
  • Dragon Goby (River)
  • Croaker (River)
  • Bitterling (River)
  • Mermouth (River)
Dye: Yokudan Cod Tan

Dye color data

RGB: 191, 156, 135
Hex: #BF9B87

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