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ESO Champion Points 2.0 - Here is what you need to know


Experience needed per Champion Point

Welcome to the Experience needed per Champion Points for ESO. Below you will find the tables that showcase how much experience you will need to get to the next Champion Point.

Overview Champion Points Experience

To learn more about how to optimize experience gain I recommend reading the ESO Grind Guide.

  • Total EXP needed to reach 600 Champion Points is 61'507'666.
  • Total EXP needed to reach 1200 Champion Points is 206'420'816.
  • Total EXP needed to reach 1800 Champion Points is 434'389'074.
  • Total EXP needed to reach 2400 Champion Points is 900'924'274.
  • Total EXP needed to reach 3600 Champion Points is 2'206'446'183.

The current max Champion Points that you can earn are 3600. This may be increased in the future when new trees are added. Data used came from this google doc.

Note: CP soft cap at 1800. That means, before 1800 Points you will earn CP faster than after 1800 points. Therefore you will see a jump in EXP needed at 1800 CP.

10-3600 Champion Points List

Below you can find all the Champion Points experience from 10 to 3600.

Champion Points EXP Needed Cumulative Points
10 36307 0
11 36537 36307
12 36768 72844
13 36999 109612
14 37229 146611
15 37460 183840
16 37691 221300
17 37922 258991
18 38152 296913
19 38383 335065
20 38614 373448
21 38844 412062
22 39075 450906

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