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ESO Craft Bag Feature Explained - Elder Scrolls Online


Often you hear the word "ESO Craft Bag" thrown around. In this guide for The Elder Scrolls Online we are going to take a closer look at what the Craft Bag offers in ESO. Long term players often tell you that they wouldn't be able to play the game without the Craft Bag which is a special feature only available to ESO Plus Subscription members.

Table of contents

What is the Craft Bag?

The ESO Craft Bag holds all the materials in the game. Anything related to crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online goes into your crafting bag instead of your normal inventory. This process happens automatically, so once you pick up a material it will immediately go into the craft bag. To retrieve an item from the craft bag you simply need to go to the craft bag directory and right click on the item to withdraw it into your normal inventory. To be able to trade items from your craft bag or list them in the guild store, you need to have them in your normal inventory.

Why is the Craft Bag Important?

Lets call it a normal MMO problem, your inventory is too small! Before the ESO Crafting Bag existed, players had to create "Bank Characters", they would deposit all the materials they farmed in the bank and then place them on characters that only have one purpose, holding items! Once you needed the items to craft something, you had to go back to your bank character, transfer the items into your bank and then craft things.

With the Crafting Bag you don't have that problem anymore because all materials go into your Crafting Bag and they are instantly available on all your characters, because the Craft Bag is account wide.

Players that often play the game, every day a few hours will definitely benefit from the Craft Bag and therefore ESO Plus is kind of a must have to enjoy the game. If you are only playing a few hours per week or per month you probably don't really care about materials that much, you just want to enjoy the story of The Elder Scrolls Online. Then the Craft Bag is not really that important, because you might not plan on playing long term anyway.

Craft Bag Materials
Craft Bag Materials


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