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Coldharbour - ESO header
Achievement category

Coldharbour - ESO

Coldharbour - ESO

Coldharbour (Quests) achievement subcategory in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Parent category: Quests
Coldharbour Adventurer icon Coldharbour Adventurer Coldharbour Adventurer
Coldharbour Adventurer icon
Complete 29 unique quests in Coldharbour.
Guardian of the Great Mage icon Guardian of the Great Mage Guardian of the Great Mage
Guardian of the Great Mage icon
Rescue the Great Mage, Vanus Galerion, and help him destroy Molag Bal's Great Shackle.
Light of the Ayleid King icon Light of the Ayleid King Light of the Ayleid King
Light of the Ayleid King icon
Rescue the last Ayleid King, Laloriaran Dynar, from the Lightless Oubliette.
Meridia's Lightbearer icon Meridia's Lightbearer Meridia's Lightbearer
Meridia's Lightbearer icon
Gather all of the Lights of Meridia within Coldharbour.
Planemeld Sunderer icon Planemeld Sunderer Planemeld Sunderer
Planemeld Sunderer icon
Stop the Planemeld and defeat Molag Bal's plan of conquest at the Endless Stair.
Radiant Champion icon Radiant Champion Radiant Champion
Radiant Champion icon
Defy the will of Molag Bal in Coldharbour.

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