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Abyssal Geysers - ESO header
Achievement category

Abyssal Geysers - ESO

Abyssal Geysers - ESO

Abyssal Geysers (Summerset) achievement subcategory in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Parent category: Summerset
Abyssal Assaulter icon Abyssal Assaulter Abyssal Assaulter
Abyssal Assaulter icon
Complete 10 Abyssal Geysers.
Abyssal Demolisher icon Abyssal Demolisher Abyssal Demolisher
Abyssal Demolisher icon
Complete 25 Abyssal Geysers.
Abyssal Devastator icon Abyssal Devastator Abyssal Devastator
Abyssal Devastator icon
Complete 50 Abyssal Geysers.
Back to the Abyss icon Back to the Abyss Back to the Abyss
Back to the Abyss icon
Defeat each of the following bosses that can appear at Abyssal Geysers.
Calm and Calculated icon Calm and Calculated Calm and Calculated
Calm and Calculated icon
Defeat Girawell the Erratic at an Abyssal Geyser.
Churug's Chagrin icon Churug's Chagrin Churug's Chagrin
Churug's Chagrin icon
Defeat Churug of the Abyss at an Abyssal Geyser.
Deadly Allure icon Deadly Allure Deadly Allure
Deadly Allure icon
Defeat Darkstorm the Alluring at an Abyssal Geyser.
Declawed icon Declawed Declawed
Declawed icon
Defeat Ruella Many-Claws at an Abyssal Geyser.
Hammer Meet Nail icon Hammer Meet Nail Hammer Meet Nail
Hammer Meet Nail icon
Defeat Reefhammer at an Abyssal Geyser.
Put a Cork In It icon Put a Cork In It Put a Cork In It
Put a Cork In It icon
Destroy the Abyssal Pearl at each Abyssal Geyser in Summerset.
Radiant Riot icon Radiant Riot Radiant Riot
Radiant Riot icon
Defeat Eejoba the Radiant at an Abyssal Geyser.
Snake Charmer icon Snake Charmer Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer icon
Defeat Vsskalvor at an Abyssal Geyser.
Tidal Grave icon Tidal Grave Tidal Grave
Tidal Grave icon
Defeat Tidewrack at an Abyssal Geyser.
To the Depths icon To the Depths To the Depths
To the Depths icon
Defeat Sheefar of the Depths at an Abyssal Geyser.
Wave Breaker icon Wave Breaker Wave Breaker
Wave Breaker icon
Defeat Muustikar Wave-Eater at an Abyssal Geyser.

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