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Indrik Vendor Guide for ESO


The Indrik Vendor Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online will tell you where to find the Indrik Vendor merchant, how she works, which Indriks you can obtain from her at different times of the year and how to make the Indrik that you want to get. The Indrik Vendor will become available during events after the High Isle Chapter and update, starting with the 2022 Zeal of Zenithar event.

Who is the Indrik Vendor in ESO?

The Indrik Vendor is a High Elf lady known as Nenuluare. She will only appear during in-game events, and while she is active you will be able to buy various feathers and berries which are used to craft Indrik mounts, as well as a selection of smaller Indrik pets. Everything that she sells will cost Event Tickets, a special currency that you can earn by performing certain tasks during an event. Check out our ESO Events guides for more information on how to obtain Event Tickets in each event.

Nenuluare the Indrik Vendor in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Where is the Indrik Vendor in ESO?

ESO Indrik Vendor locationHow can I get Indrik Mounts in ESO?The Indriks are a collection of mounts that are completely free and earnable in-game. They were previously available during events a couple of years ago. The Indrik vendor will allow players who are new to ESO, or who missed out on the Indrik mounts before, new chances to get them.There are eight special variations of the Indrik mounts, more on those later, but to get started you will first need to obtain the Nascent Indrik mount. This is a basic version of the mount which still looks cool but can be upgraded later on. You will need to buy the following items from the Indrik Vendor, all of which will be available whenever she is active during an event:

Each feather will cost 5 event tickets, so the full Nascent Indrik costs 20 tickets in total. Once you have all of the feathers, activate one of them in your Collections menu to combine them and create your first Indrik mount!

Nascent Indrik mount in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)Once you have the Nascent Indrik, you will be able to purchase further customisation options from the Indrik Vendor. We will talk about these in the next part of the guide.

How can I upgrade my Indrik Mount in ESO?

Once you have obtained the Nascent Indrik mount, it is possible to upgrade it to various different types of Indrik. To do this you will need to buy four berries from the Indrik Vendor that correspond to the Indrik that you want, and then combine them in the Collections menu. The berries will cost 10 event tickets each.It's important to note that the berries sold by the Indrik Vendor will change over the course of the year. She will sell two different types at a time. Below we will show you all of the different Indrik varieties, which berries you need to make them, and when it is possible to obtain the correct berries from the Indrik Vendor.

Which Indriks are available in Spring?

During Spring events, you will be able to get berries for the Dawnwood Indrik and the Spectral Indrik.The Dawnwood Indrik requires Dawnwood Berries of Bloom, [Dawnwood Berries of Budding], Dawnwood Berries of Growth and [Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness].

Dawnwood Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)The Spectral Indrik needs Spectral Berries of Bloom, [Spectral Berries of Budding], Spectral Berries of Growth and [Spectral Berries of Ripeness].

Spectral Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Which Indriks are available in Summer?

During Summer events, up to and including Zeal of Zenithar, you can buy the berries for the Luminous Indrik and the Icebreath Indrik.The Luminous Indrik can be crafted after purchasing [Luminous Berries of Bloom], Luminous Berries of Budding, Luminous Berries of Growth and Luminous Berries of Ripeness

Icebreath Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Which Indriks are available in Autumn?

During Autumn events (or fall, if you prefer) you can get the Onyx Indrik and the Mossheart Indrik. Note that Autumn encompasses all events that start after Zeal of Zenithar but before the Witches Festival.The Onyx Indrik can be crafted using the Onyx Berries of Bloom, [Onyx Berries of Budding], Onyx Berries of Growth and [Onyx Berries of Ripeness].

Onyx Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)If you want the Mossheart Indrik, then you need [Mossheart Berries of Bloom], Mossheart Berries of Budding, Mossheart Berries of Growth and Mossheart Berries of Ripeness.

Mossheart Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

Which Indriks are available in Winter?

Winter encompasses all events from the Witches Festival until the end of the year. In winter, you can get the Pure-Snow Indrik and the Crimson Indrik.The Pure-Snow Indrik requires Pure-Snow Berries of Bloom, [Pure-Snow Berries of Budding], Pure-Snow Berries of Growth and [Pure-Snow Berries of Ripeness].

Crimson Indrik in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)Which Indrik Pets Can I get from the ESO Indrik Vendor?In addition to the Indrik Mounts, Nenuluare will also sell two Indrik non-combat pets at a time. These are basically smaller versions of the Indriks listed above that can be summoned to follow you around or placed in your house. These will also rotate through the seasons:

These Indrik pets cost 10 Event Tickets each.

Frequently asked questions

Will I lose my Nascent Indrik when I use the berries to upgrade it?

Yes, this counts as your Indrik "evolving" into a new type, so the Nascent Indrik will be replaced with whichever Indrik you have bought the berries for. It's possible to get it again by buying the feathers again, though. 

Do I always need four of the same berry type to upgrade my Indrik?

Yes. You cannot "mix and match" berries . For example, if you want the Crimson Indrik, then you must have all four Crimson berries in your Collections menu. It will not work if you have three crimson berries and an Onyx berry, for example. 

Am I locked to one Indrik type once I have upgraded my Nascent Indrik?

No! You can actually have all nine variations of the Indrik mount if you manage to accumulate enough event tickets to do so. To get multiple different Indrik types, follow these steps:

  • Buy the feathers and combine them to obtain your first Nascent Indrik.
  • Upgrade the Nascent Indrik to any other Indrik of your choice using the correct berries. This will replace your Nascent Indrik with the new one. 
  • Buy the feathers and combine them again to obtain another Nascent Indrik.
  • Upgrade your new Nascent Indrik to a different type with another type of berries. Obviously you can only make each of the upgraded types once. 

You can repeat these steps as many times as you want until you have all eight upgraded Indriks and the original Nascent Indrik in your collections. 

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