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ESO Witches Festival Event Guide 2023 header

ESO Witches Festival Event Guide 2023

ESO Witches Festival Event Guide 2023

Updated: 01/01/2023

The Witches Festival is returning to ESO in 2022! Battle Tamriel’s monsters, get double XP, and earn creepy new rewards during the ESO Witches Festival in-game event! learn everything you need to know about the frightening fete here. 

How to Participate in the Witches Festival 2022

To get started in the Witches Festival Event in the Elder Scrolls Online, complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Events section of the Crown Store and acquire the free quest. 
  • Complete the quest “The Witchmother's Bargain" to receive the Witchmother's Whistle memento. 
  • If you completed the quest in previous events, you don’t need to acquire the Crow Caller or complete the quest again, and you can use the whistle already found in your Collections menu. 
  • Use the whistle to summon the “Witchmother's Cauldron," which grants you and your party a 100% XP buff that stacks with other XP bonuses. 
  • Use the Witchmother's Cauldron to transform your character into one of the undead.

Note that you don't have to use the Witchmother's Cauldron to gain the XP buff, just the whistle. The Cauldron can't be summoned in Cyrodiil.

ESO Witches Festival
ESO Witches Festival

What are Plunder Skulls and How to Get Them

Plunder Skulls are reward containers that you will be able to obtain during the ESO Halloween Event. They will drop from defeated bosses and can contain various kinds of rewards, including the following:

  • Witches Festival Provisioning and Furnishing Recipes 
  • Bonedust Pigments - collect and combine 10 of these to create a Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog pet 
  • Various Crafting Materials 
  • Various Creepy Crawlies 
  • Special Witches Festival Crafting Writs - Completing these can sometimes reward you with pages from the Hollowjack Style Motif.

  See the bottom of this page for a full list of the recipes and furniture that can drop from the Plunder Skulls.

In addition, the first boss of each type that you defeat each day will drop a special Dremora Plunder Skull. These contain all of the same rewards from the normal plunder skulls, and will also contain one of two possible Dremora Motif chapters, depending on the boss type that it dropped from:  

  • Arena Final Bosses: Bows or Legs 
  • Invasion Bosses: Daggers or Gloves 
  • Delve Bosses: Staves or Belts 
  • Dungeon Final Bosses: Helmets or Maces 
  • Public Dungeon, Sweeper and Quest bosses: Shields or Boots 
  • Trial Final Bosses: Swords or Chests 
  • World Bosses: Shoulders or Axes
ESO Witches Festival Event
ESO Witches Festival Event

How to Earn Event Tickets during the Halloween Event

You will be able to earn 2 Event Tickets per Day during the Witches Festival. You can obtain them by defeating boss enemies. 

You can spend the Event Tickets at the Impresario, ESO’s special merchant who only appears during Events. 

Impresario Rewards - What can I Buy with Event Tickets?

Each event in ESO has its own unique rewards that the Impresario will sell for the duration of the event, and the Witches Festival is no different. Here is a list of everything she will have for sale in this year’s Witches Festival:

ESO Ghastly Visitation Memento
ESO Ghastly Visitation Memento

Witches Grab Bag Rewards

Several rewards from previous Witches Festivals can no longer be obtained in Plunder Skulls. These rewards can however be obtained from the Witches Grab Bag, available from the Impresario for 2 Event Tickets each. Here are the rewards that you can get from the Witches Grab Bag:

ESO Witch's Bonfire Dust Memento
ESO Witch's Bonfire Dust Memento

Quests during the Witches Mother Festival

There are two quests unique to the Witches Festival. Plucking the Crow is a repeatable daily quest, while The Witchmother's Bargain is the Event's Intro quest, which can easily be picked up from the Crown Store for free:

  • Plucking the Crow
  • The Witchmother's Bargain

Plucking the Crow

With the ESO Witches Festival in 2021, a new quest was introduced called “Plucking the Crow”.

Witchmother Taerma
Witchmother Taerma

At the Witches Coven, you will find an NPC called Witchmother Taerma. She will offer you the Daily Quest. Its objective is to collect 50 Feathers in order to defeat a powerful Wraith-of-Crow from the Evergloam. She tells you that you will find these among “the most vile creatures throughout Tamriel and hidden among the feathers of crow-like beings.”

This sounds more complicated than it actually is.

You will receive these feathers from the Plunder skulls which you can find from any boss monsters. As soon as you have received all the feathers, you can return to Olyve’s Brewery and turn to the alchemy table to craft the effigy. You then have to show Witchmother Taerma the effigy and hand her the effigy.

Following a ritual, a portal will open and lead you to a pocket dimension in which the Crowborne Horror is waiting for you to defeat it. It is absolutely advisable to bring friends!

Completing this quest will reward you with three Plunder Skulls!

The Witchmother's Bargain

You can redeem this Quest in the Crown Store. Witchmother Olyve will appear and offer you a quest which asks you to bring her a boon. When you have collected all ingredients you need to find her in either Stonefalls, Glenumbra or Grahtwood.

You will receive a memento, the Witchmother's Whistle. Upon use it will summon the Witchmother's Brew and when you drink it you will turn into a skeleton. The most important part though is that you will receive Witchmother's Boon which will boost your experience gain by 100%.

Witchmother from the Witches Festival
Witchmother from the Witches Festival

Recipes for the Witches Festival in ESO in 2022

You can obtain the following Provisioning Recipes from the Plunder Skulls in the Witches Festival:

Furniture Recipes for the Witches Festival in ESO in 2022

You can obtain the following Furnishing recipes from the Plunder Skulls in the Halloween Event:

Witches Event Festival Furniture in 2022

You can obtain the following furniture from Plunder Skulls in the Witches Festival Event:

If you have further questions about the Witches Festival in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online please visit our community Discord server.

Past event dates

  • From: Oct 20th 2022, To: Nov 2nd 2022
  • From: Oct 21st 2021, To: Nov 2nd 2021
  • From: Oct 22nd 2020, To: Nov 3rd 2020
  • From: Oct 24th 2019, To: Nov 11th 2019
  • From: Oct 18th 2018, To: Nov 1st 2018
  • From: Oct 20th 2017, To: Nov 1st 2017
  • From: Oct 13th 2016, To: Nov 1st 2016

Outfit styles and motifs

Icon icon Dremora The Dremora style can be obtained via Dremora Plunder Skulls during the Witches Festival, specifically from slaying World Bosses.
Icon icon Hollowjack The Hollowjack style can be obtained by opening Witches Grab Bags during the Witches Festival.
Icon icon Witchmother's Servant

Frequently asked questions

When does the Witches Festival start in ESO?

The Witches Festival starts on 20 Oct 2022

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