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ESO Witches Festival Event Guide 2022

ESO Witches Festival Event Guide 2022

Boo! Battle Tamriel’s monsters, get double XP, and earn creepy new rewards during the ESO Witches Festival in-game event! Learn everything you need to know about the frightening fete here.

  • Double EXP: This event has a 100% experience boost bonus.

Participate in the Witches Festival

  1. Navigate to the Holiday section of the Crown Store and acquire the free quest.
  2. Complete the quest “The Witchmother's Bargain" to receive the Witchmother's Whistle memento.
    1. If you completed the quest in previous events, you don’t need to acquire the Crow Caller or complete the quest again, and you can use the whistle already found in your Collections menu.
  3. Use the whistle to summon the “Witchmother's Cauldron," which grants you and your party a 100% XP buff that stacks with other XP bonuses.
  4. Use the Witchmother's Cauldron to transform your character into one of the undead.
    1. Note that you don't have to use the Witchmother's Cauldron to gain the XP buff, just the whistle. The Cauldron can't be summoned in Cyrodiil.

Earn Horrifying Rewards

During this freaky ESO Witches Festival, you can earn some frightful Witches Festival-themed items, collectibles, and more, simply by defeating boss monsters and looting Plunder Skulls.

When you tear open a Plunder Skull, you have a chance to snatch up some of these items:

....and an assortment of creepy and valuable items!

Skelettmarionette als Andeken Hexenfest ESO

More Rewards!

In addition to this, the first time you defeat each different type of boss each day for the ESO Witches Festival (detailed below) you’ll receive a Dremora Plunder Skull. This special reward contains the same kind of items in the regular Skulls, but also features a Dremora Motif style page. However, that’s not all! Dremora Plunder Skulls also have a chance to contain the following new items:

In addition to the above goodies, this year’s ESO Witches Festival also introduces a new daily quest, titled "Plucking the Crow". This new quest is available each day from Witchmother Taerma, who is within Olyve’s Brewery AND at every Impresario tent in Tamriel. Her daily quest charges you with collecting 50 Cursed Feathers, found within Plunder Skull containers. Once you have collected all 50, you can transform them into an effigy that you can then use to transport yourself into a special realm to battle a new world boss monster—good luck!

Glenmoril Armor Style Witches Festival ESOGlenmoril Armor Style

What Bosses Give Me Rewards?

Depending on the type of boss you slay this years ESO Witches Festival, you’ll receive one of two different Dremora Motif pages:

  • Final Arena Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Bows and Legs
  • Dark Anchor, Geyser Bosses, and zone Dragons drop Dremora Motif pages for Daggers and Gloves
  • Delve Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Staves and Belts
  • Final Dungeon Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Helmets and Maces
  • Public Dungeon, Imperial City Bosses and Quest Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Shields and Boots
  • Final Trial Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Swords and Chests
  • World Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Shoulders and Axes

Event Tickets

During the ESO Witches Festival, the first time a boss drops a Dremora Plunder Skull each day, it’ll also drop two Event Tickets. Don’t forget to loot it.

During the event, the Impresario will stock the following goods:

What are Grab Bags? These curious containers have a chance to contain a collectible from a previous Witches Festival event. When you open a Grab Bag, it will only ever contain items you don’t already own or know, and once you’ve acquired every possible item within them, they’ll no longer be available for purchase. Be sure to open each bag and remove its items as soon as you acquire it (to avoid duplicate items from subsequent bags).

If you have acquired every collectible but still have Grab Bags to open, they’ll contain Group Repair Kits instead—useful!

For this event, a Grab Bag can contain:

Note that all of the above items, when purchased from the Impresario, are bind-on-pickup and non-tradable. The Impresario is located in Daggerfall (Daggerfall Covenant), Davon's Watch (Ebonheart Pact), and Vulkhel Guard (Aldmeri Dominion).


Plucking the Crow

With the ESO Witches Festival in 2021, a new quest was introduced called “Plucking the Crow”.
 At the Witches Coven, you will find an NPC called Witchmother Taerma. She will offer you the Daily Quest. Its objective is to collect 50 Feathers in order to defeat a powerful Wraith-of-Crow from the Evergloam. She tells you that you will find these among “the most vile creatures throughout Tamriel and hidden among the feathers of crow-like beings.” This sounds more complicated than it actually is.You will receive these feathers from the Plunder skulls which you can find from any boss monsters. As soon as you have received all the feathers, you can return to Olyve’s Brewery and turn to the alchemy table to craft the effigy. You then have to show Witchmother Taerma the effigy and hand her the effigy. Following a ritual, a portal will open and lead you to a pocket dimension in which the Crowborne Horror is waiting for you to defeat it. It is absolutely advisable to bring friends!

Crowborne Horror in ESO Witches Festival

The Witchmother’s Bargain

You can redeem this Quest in the Crown Store. Witchmother Olyve will appear and offer you a quest which asks you to bring her a boon. When you have collected all ingredients you need to find her in either Stonefalls, Glenumbra or Grahtwood. You will receive a memento, the Witchmother’s Whistle. Upon use it will summon the Witchmother’s Brew and when you drink it you will turn into a skeleton. The most important part though is that you will receive Witchmother’s Boon which will boost your experience gain by 100%.

Witchmother Olyve Witches Festival in ESO

Crown Store items and Witches Festival Rewards in 2021

Cinder Wolf
Frost Draugr Senche
Plague Husk Horse
Exorcised Coven Cottage
Hollowjack Netch
Jhunal's Owl Mask
Plague Husk Horse
Pumpkin Spectre
Rajhin's Cat Mask
Skeletal Pony Guar
Skeletal Senche
Unholy Glow Bone Dragon
Witch's Infernal Familiar
Cinder Wolf
Frost Draugr Senche
Plague Husk Horse
Skeletal Bear
Skeletal Camel
Skeletal Guar
Skeletal Horse
Skeletal Senche
Skeletal Wolf
Banner of Sheogorath
Black Bear
Black Bear Cub
Bull-Heart Skull Sallet
Casual Plague Doctor
Cinder Mask
Dragon Warrior
Murderous Strike
Sheogorath Costume
Stag-Heart Skull Sallet
Statue of Sheogorath, the Madgod
Tapestry of Sheogorath
Winterhold Blizzard Hood
Death Grin Body Tattoo
Death Grin Face Tattoo
Inkwing Death Crow Body Tattoo
Inkwing Death Crow Face Tattoo
Karthwolf Body Tattoo
Karthwolf Face Tattoo
Pirate First Mate's Outfit
Pirate Sash and Bandolier Garb
Pirate Swab Outfit
Shadowghost Guar
Shadowghost Pack Wolf
Shadowghost Senche-Panther
Summit Lord's Silken Robes
Swarm of Crows
Whisperweft Gala Wear
Azure Sky Blue Lip Tint
Colovian Badger
Crow's Calling
Darloc Brae Beast Mask
Death Grin Skull Mask
Dominion Scout
Dragon Cult Body Tattoo
Dragon Cult Face Tattoo
Dreadhorn Body Tattoo
Dreadhorn Face Tattoo
Dremora's Kiss Purple Lip Tint
Nocturnal Indigo Lip Tint
Northern Lynx
Sanguine's Rose Red Lip Tint
Serpentine Interlace Body Tattoo
Serpentine Interlace Face Tattoo
Wood Elf Vanguard

Witches Festival 2021 Rewards in ESO
Bonedust Pigment for Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog
Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros
Marshmallow Toasty Treat
Ruby Candlefly Gathering
Specimen Jar, Spare Brain
Vampiric Container, Yellow Liquid
Vampiric Lamp, Azure Tall
Vampiric Lightpost, Azure Single
Webs, Cone
Witch's Bonfire Dust

Recipes for the Witches Festival in ESO in 2021

Recipe: Sweet Sanguine Apples
Recipe: Crisp and Crunchy Pumpkin Snack Skewer
Recipe: Crunchy Spider Skewer
Recipe: Ghastly Eye Bowl
Recipe: Bowl of "Peeled Eyeballs"
Recipe: Frosted Brains
Recipe: Witchmother's Potent Brew
Recipe: Witchmother's Party Punch
Recipe: Bewitched Sugar Skulls
Recipe: Purifying Bloody Mara
Recipe: Corrupting Bloody Mara
Recipe: Pack Leader's Bone Broth

Furniture Recipes for the Witches Festival in ESO in 2021

Blueprint: Coffin, Lid
Blueprint: Gibbet, Single
Blueprint: Stockade
Blueprint: Witches Brazier, Primitive Log
Blueprint: Witches Totem, Antler Charms
Design: Argonian Totem of Skulls
Design: Pumpkin, Display
Design: Common Bowl of Stew, Display
Design: Pumpkin, Display
Design: Sugar Pumpkin, Wax
Design: Wood Elf Bone Chimes
Diagram: Cage, Covered
Diagram: Common Cage, Hunting
Diagram: Common Cleaver, Cooking
Diagram: Common Trap, Hunting
Diagram: Vampiric Candlestick
Pattern: Common Pack, Backpack
Pattern: Witches Corpse, Wrapped
Praxis: Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual
Praxis: Vampiric Sconce, Azure

Witches Event Festival Furniture in 2021

Animal Bones, Fresh
Animal Bones, Gnawed
Animal Bones, Jumbled
Bear Skeleton, Picked Clean
Bear Skull, Fresh
Branch, Curved Burnt
Branch, Curved Laurel
Branch, Forked Burnt
Branch, Forked Laurel
Branch, Sturdy Burnt
Branch, Sturdy Laurel
Crop, Wheat Pile
Crop, Wheat Stack
Gravestone, Small Broken
Gravestone, Broken
Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual
Mushroom, Emerging Stinkhorn
Mushroom, Large Puspocket
Mushroom, Lavaburst Bud
Mushroom, Poison Pax Shelf
Mushroom, Poison Pax Stool
Mushroom, Puspocket Sporecap
Mushrooms, Large Puspocket Cluster
Pumpkin, Frail
Pumpkin, Sickly
Saplings, Burnt Cluster
Shrub, Burnt Brush
Toadstool, Bloodtooth Cluster
Tool, Harvest Scythe
Vampiric Container, Congealed Liquid
Vampiric Container, Yellow Liquid
Vampiric Lamp, Azure Tall
Vampiric Lightpost, Azure Single
Witches Bones, Offering
Witches Brazier, Primitive Log
Witches Remains, Hagraven
Witches Skull, Horned Ram
Witches Totem, Bone Charms
Witches Totem, Emphatic Warning
Witches Totem, Gnarled Vines and Skull
Witches Totem, Twisted Vines and Skull
Witches Totem, Wooden Rack

Past event dates

  • From: Oct 21st 2021, To: Nov 2nd 2021
  • From: Oct 22nd 2020, To: Nov 3rd 2020
  • From: Oct 24th 2019, To: Nov 11th 2019
  • From: Oct 18th 2018, To: Nov 1st 2018
  • From: Oct 20th 2017, To: Nov 1st 2017
  • From: Oct 13th 2016, To: Nov 1st 2016

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