Undaunted Celebration

Undaunted Celebration

Event dates

  • From: Dec 3rd 2020, To: Dec 15th 2020

About this event

The Undaunted Celebration event returns, bringing new rewards for Tamriel’s brave dungeon delvers. The Undaunted Celebration begins Thursday, December 3 at 10:00AM EST and runs until Tuesday, December 15 at 10:00AM EST.

How to Participate

To participate in this event, take on Tamriel’s four-player dungeons by using the Dungeon Finder tool or by traveling to a dungeon with your group. Normal or Veteran difficulty, it’s up to you!

  1. Navigate to the Group & Activity Finder
  2. Select Dungeon Finder
  3. Select either Random Normal Dungeon or Random Veteran Dungeon
  4. Select your role (Damage Dealer, Healer, or Tank) and queue up

Castle Thorn Wallpaper ESOCastle Thorn Dungeon

Earn Rewards

When you defeat a dungeon’s final boss during the Undaunted Celebration, it’ll drop a special Undaunted Reward Box in addition to its usual loot. In these containers, you can discover all kinds of useful and valuable items, such as:

  • Undaunted Keys
  • Undaunted plunder
  • Motif pages
  • Repair kits
  • Transmute crystals
  • Riding lessons
  • ...and more.

Note: You can also earn one Undaunted Reward Box a day by completing Bolgrul’s daily Undaunted delve quest. You can find Bolgrul within any Undaunted Enclave.

More Rewards!

During the Undaunted event you can also earn "Opal" monster weapons, masks and shoulders.

  • Opal Monster Weapon Outfit Style
    • The first time you slay a dungeon’s final boss each day, you’ll earn a special "Glorious Undaunted Reward box". These larger containers house the same items as their smaller cousins, but they also contain a random page of the new Opal Monster Weapon Outfit style pages. Note that Opal Monster Weapon Outfit style pages can drop from regular Undaunted Reward Boxes on very rare occasions, but the only way to get one guaranteed is from a Glorious box.
  • Opal Monster Masks Outfit Style
    • If you’re interested in the Masks, the Opal Monster Mask styles can drop from Veteran Hard Mode final bosses within Spindleclutch II (Bloodspawn), Crypt of Hearts I (Illambris), Darkshade Caverns II (Engine Guardian), and Blessed Crucible (Troll King). If you’re interested only in the regular version of the Masks, they will still drop on Veteran difficulty, too.
  • Opal Monster Shoulder Outfit Style
    • Opal Shoulder Outfit Style pages for the above monsters will be available from Undaunted vendors during the event, too. Note that you must own the normal versions (also available from the same vendors) of the Shoulders first before you can acquire the Opal ones.

Opal Monster Style Pages:

Opal Iceheart, Nightflame, Lord Warden, Swarm Mother ESOOpal Iceheart, Nightflame, Lord Warden, Swarm Mother

Opal Styles Bloodspawn, Engine Guardian, Illambris, Troll King ESOOpal Bloodspawn, Engine Guardian, Illambris, Troll King

Event Tickets

During the Undaunted Celebration Event, you can earn additional Event Tickets and pick up all four Nascent Indrik Feathers.

To earn Event Tickets during this event, complete a dungeon by defeating its final boss. In addition to the regular rewards the boss drops, you’ll receive three Event Tickets. Note that you can only earn these three tickets once per day per account and they’ll reset at 1:00AM EST each morning.

When participating in the Undaunted Celebration, you can earn three Event Tickets the first time you slay any final boss in any dungeon each day. Here’s a list of goods available at the Impresario:

  • All four Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Three Crimson Indrik Berries (Berries of Budding, Bloom, and Growth)
    • The fourth Berry will be available in the upcoming New Life Festival
  • Opal Monster Outfit Styles (including Weapons, Masks, and Shoulders)
  • Group Repair Kits

Crimson Indrik with Morrowind zone BackgroundCrimson Indrik

Dungeon Guides

You can also find dungeon guides in the Dungeon Overview page on Alcasthq. Happy Hunting!

Unhallowed Grave Dungeon ESOUnhallowed Grave Dungeon

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