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Dungeon Finder Guide - How to use the dungeon finder in ESO


The Dungeon Finder in ESO is a tool to find a group or a group member in case you are either alone, or don’t have enough players to go into a 4-player dungeon. In this ESO Dungeon Finder Guide you will learn all about the Dungeon Finder in ESO and how to use it.

The Dungeon Finder makes it easy to find a group to play Dungeons with and this ESO Dungeon Finder Guide will help you even more! Through the Dungeon Finder, you can choose to play a random or specific Dungeon. Once a tank, a healer, and two damage dealers are found using the Dungeon Finder, a group will automatically be formed and each player will be teleported to the Dungeon. After completing the Dungeon, you can leave the Dungeon and will be removed from the group and returned to where you were before you entered the Dungeon. You have about 2 minutes to either explore the dungeon further, hand in a quest, or leave on your own, before you will be teleported outside.

To use the Dungeon Finder, press the P key on PC (default) to open your Group & Activity Finder, then click on Dungeon Finder located in the left column of the menu. Make sure to select the role you can perform:



DamageSelect if you want a random or specific dungeon by using the drop down in the upper right. Click the Join Queue button to be queued for a Dungeon. When the Dungeon is ready, you will receive a ready check notification when you are out of combat. Accepting this confirms that you’re ready to start the Dungeon.

If you are in a group created by the ESO Dungeon Finder and a player leaves, reducing the group to less than 4 players, the group leader can use the Dungeon Finder to find replacements.

The first time per day you choose to join and complete a random Dungeon, you will get the bonus rewards featured under Daily Bonus Rewards. This is a great way to gain a lot of experience in a very short time, once a day in ESO.

Looking For Group

The Dungeon Finder is also referred to as Looking For Group or LFG in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). To use the Looking For Group tool when you are not currently in a group, press the P key on PC (default) to open your Group Menu, then click on the Dungeon Finder or Alliance War options located in the left column of the menu.

Select the activity type and location of the content you wish to play with a group from the pull down menus. Only content appropriate to your character will be selectable. Press the R key (default on PC) to begin searching.

Find or Replace Groupmates

If you are already in a group, your group leader can find new members by entering an activity queue. Press the P key (default on PC) to open your Group Menu, then select either the Dungeon Finder or Alliance War, and choose to join the queue.

If your group is in a Dungeon or Alliance War activity, and a member leaves, the group leader will be presented with an option to find a new member by the system.

Dungeon Finder Events

During the Undaunted Celebration, enjoy bonus rewards for completing Dungeons of any difficulty.

To start, simply jump into a Dungeon - either through the Dungeon Finder or by traveling directly to the Dungeon via a Wayshrine or your Map.

During the Undaunted Celebration, you can earn Undaunted Reward Boxes by defeating and looting the final boss of any Dungeon. The first time you complete a dungeon each day, you instead earn a Glorious box, with even more rewards inside.


Frequently asked questions

Where is the Dungeon Finder in ESO?

Open the Group & Activity Finder from your UI, and select Dungeon Finder. From there, you should indicate your role (damage, tank, or healer) and then indicate how you want to queue. Note that you must be, at minimum, level 10 in order to use the Group & Activity Finder.

How long does ESO Dungeon Finder take?

The Dungeon Finder in ESO can be anything from instantly to quite some minutes. It all depends on which class you play and how many players want to play a specific dungeon. It's usually advisable to queue for dungeons which are on the Undaunted Daily Quest rotation.

Is there a Group Finder in ESO?

In ESO, the Dungeon Finder helps you find a group, or members for your existing group. In the Group screen you can select Group Tools to start a search. You will need to know what activity your group should complete.

Is the group limit 4 players in ESO?

Yes, the maximum player limit for dungeons is 4 players. However, you can also go with Companions to fill the needed space if you can't find an additional member in the Dungeon Finder or your group.

Do the dungeons have lock out timers in ESO?

No, the dungeons in ESO don't have lock out timers and you can run them as often as you want. You will have to reset the dungeon though, which means inviting someone else into the group and changing from Normal to Veteran and back. Otherwise you will have to wait at least 15 minutes for the Dungeon Finder.

Does everyone get separate loot in ESO?

Yes, everyone gets separate loot in ESO. Whether it is from trash mobs or from bosses, everyone gets separate loot. However, you can trade the loot up to 2 hours after it has dropped with your party members.

How to get to dungeons in different factions in ESO?

Usually you can teleport to an area and just walk in, as using the Dungeon Finder will also put three others in the group. You can also ask others to help you teleport there by them teleporting there first and you then teleport on them.

Does ESO automatically group you with other players?

ESO automatically groups you with other players when you use the Dungeon Finder. It is a group finding tool to help you find the roles you don't play and to find people to run a dungeon.

Do dungeons have level limits in ESO?

There's only a couple of level limits for dungeons in ESO. Mostly it's DLC dungeons, which are only accessible after level 45.

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