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Chronological Timeline Guide for ESO
Chronological Timeline Guide for ESO

ESO Chronological Timeline Guide - Best Way to Play the Story

Welcome to the Chronological Timeline Guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Here you will find all the information you need to know in order to play ESO in a chronological order. Since the One Tamriel update in 2016, players can now explore the game in whichever way they like, but some players would also enjoy playing the game in chronological order. The game doesn’t necessarily teach you this and leaves you all the options to enjoy it whichever way you like.

In this Chronological Timeline Guide for ESO we will show you exactly how to play ESO the way it was released, which makes a lot of sense in the long run, as some NPCs will respond to you in ways which you would not have experienced if you didn’t do it in a chronological order.

Remember that at any point you can decide you no longer want to follow this Chronological Timeline Guide for ESO and switch it up, or explore Tamriel with your friends. You are at no time bound to this and if you decide that you want to explore new things, you always can.

Also, you do not always have to travel to a specific location in order to start a quest, or a DLC quest. You can also get them from your Collection tab, but we suggest you try to find the NPC, as this has a bigger immersion factor.

The numbers you see below are the order in which you would visit these places if you were to play them chronologically!
World map of Tamriel with numbers for all the zones for chronological playthrough of ESO
Aldermi Dominion
1Khenarthi's Roost
5Malabal Tor
6Reaper's March

Ebonheart Pact
1a & 1bBleakrock Island & Bal Foyen
6The Rift

Daggerfall Covenant
1a & 1bStros M'kai and Betnikh
5Alik'r Desert

XBase GameColdharbour
7Base GameCraglorn
8Base GameImperial City
10Thieves GuildHew's Bane
11Dark BrotherhoodGold Coast
13Clockwork CityClockwork City
16ElsweyrNorthern Elsweyr
17DragonholdSouthern Elsweyr
18GreymoorWestern Skyrim & Blackreach
19MarkarthThe Reach & Blackreach

You can also pick up Zone DLC and Chapter story quests from your Collections tab in stories. Oftentimes it isn't necessary, sometimes it's a bit hard finding the NPC in the game, which is why you might pick it up directly from the tab.
Collections tab in ESO with stories Zone DLC and Chapter story quests

Table of contents

Achievements related to this guide

Name Description
Soul Shriven Style Master icon

Soul Shriven Style Master

Learn the Soul Shriven style book, found by completing Cadwell's Silver.
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour icon

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour

Complete Main Quest Chapter 1.
The Harborage icon

The Harborage

Complete Main Quest Chapter 1.5.


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