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Becoming a Vampire Guide - ESO
Becoming a Vampire Guide - ESO

How to become a Vampire in ESO Guide

Welcome to the ESO Vampire Guide on How to become a Vampire. You may have wondered how to become a Vampire and wondered which possible ways there are. This guide will hopefully help you find the answers you have been looking for! If you are looking for the skills please visit the Vampire skill line page.

Vampirism in ESO is also known as “Sanguinare Vampiris”. It is an affliction your character can catch that has benefits and drawbacks. Before you can be a Vampire in ESO, you need to be infected by “Noxiphilic Sanguivoria/Vampirism”. Once you have this debuff in your character sheet, you have to complete a quest in order to turn into a full Vampire in ESO.

There are three different ways you can get Vampirism in ESO. You can simply purchase Vampirism via Crown Store, this will instantly turn you into a Vampire. You can get infected by another player or via a Bloodfiend NPC, once infected you have the debuff “Noxiphilic Sanguivoria/Vampirism” on you. With this debuff you can go to one of the three Vampire Shrines to complete the quest and turn into a Vampire.

1. Crown Store Method to become a Vampire in ESO

The easiest way to turn into a Vampire is by purchasing Vampirism via Crown Store in ESO. It costs a total of 1500 Crowns, which is a lot and usually not worth it because the other two ways cost nothing and it takes around 20 minutes to finish the process with the quest.
Crown Store Curse of Vampirism in ESO

2. Infection from Bloodfiend NPCs Method to become a Vampire in ESO

The most difficult way to get infected is via Bloodfiends that can be found in Reaper’s March, Bangkorai and The Rift. They usually spawn around midnight and vanish in the morning during the Blood Moon phase. They don’t spawn every night, it is quite tricky to actually find them and even if they damage you the infection is not guaranteed, you might have to try several times. We don’t recommend trying to get it this way, getting infected via another player is way easier and will be explained below.
Vampire Bloodfiend spawns in ESO

3. Infection from other Players Method (recommended) to become a Vampire in ESO

The easiest way to get Vampirism in ESO without having to pay via Crown Store is getting a bite from another player that already has Vampirism. To get infected by another player, you need to be close to one of the Vampire Shrines and you need to make sure that the player that will infect you has the Blood Ritual skill unlocked. Players that are already infected with Lycanthropy, can not be infected by Vampirism. You can either find helpful players in guilds or in the Zone chat. Especially in bigger towns you can find lots of player which might just offer it for free, or for a few thousand gold.
Vampire infecting another player in ESO
ESO Character being infected with the vampire curse

Vampire Shrines

You can also sometimes find helpful players in the regions of the Vampire Shrines. In any case, you will need to have to go there anyway if you want to be bitten by a player, so it's good to sometimes be in the area already and ask in Zone Chat if someone has a vampire bite to offer!
Vampire Shrines in ESO
We hope you enjoyed the How to become a Vampire Guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online).


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