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How to join the Fighters Guild in ESO


Welcome to the How to join the Fighters Guild Guide in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)! Here we will explain you how you can join the Fighters Guild and why it is important to do so.

As soon as you leave the tutorial, you can go into any of the first major big cities and join the Fighters Guild. To do so will give you a big advantage in many ways. First off you can start on doing the Fighters Guild main quest which will give you plenty of skill points, which you will definitely need later on. Also, it gives you quite a lot of EXP to finish these quests.

Why many players get involved with the Fighters Guild though is because of the Fighters Guild skill-line. This is very important in the long run as many builds utilize either the passives, or even the active abilities. Especially important are Slayer and Banish the Wicked. Slayer increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 3% for each Fighters Guild ability slotted and this often goes hand in hand with Barbed Trap or Dawnbreaker on melee characters. Banish the Wicked generates 3 Ultimate whenever you kill an enemy and is extremely important, because you want to regenerate as much Ultimate as possible in a short amount of time to use your Ultimate ability. Skilled Tracker is also extremely important, especially in combination with Dawnbreaker. It deals an additional 10% damage and doubles against Vampire and Werewolf players, which is why it makes it a valuable asset in PVP.

Fighters Guild skill line in ESO
In order to join the Fighter's Guild you will have to go into any of the starter towns. This either happens on its own by leveling, or you go there directly after you leave the tutorial.
Look for this symbol:
Fighters Guild symbol in ESO
Here's the places where you can find the Fighters Guild at the beginning of each region you will be in first after leaving the tutorial:

Davon's Watch in Stonefalls
Davon's Watch in ESOVulkhel Guard in Auridon
Vulkhel Guard in ESODaggerfall in Glenumbra
Daggerfall in ESOVivec City in VvardenfellVivec City in ESOAlinor in Summerset
Alinor in Summerset in ESORimmen in Northern Elsweyr
Rimmen in Northern Elsweyr in ESOSolitude in Western SkyrimSolitude in Western Skyrim in ESOLeyawiin in Blackwood
Leyawiin in Blackwood in ESO

Speak to the one that will ask you if you want to learn more about the Fighters Guild and when you have listened to that person you will be asked if you want to join. Since joining won't charge you a fee or will cost you anything, feel free to join it!

You can also level the Fighters Guild skill line by destroying Dark Anchors, kill Daedra or undead, and do tasks for Cardea Gallus inside of the Fighters Guild. Remember that some of the companions also like when you engage with the Fighters Guild, so it's a good way to level both your skill-line and make your companion happy!

We hope you enjoyed the How to join the Fighters Guild guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)!


Frequently asked questions

Where do I join the Fighters Guild in ESO?

The join the Fighters Guild you must travel to the first big city wherever you get out of the Tutorial. This can be Vulkhel Guard in Auridon, Daggerfall in Glenumbra or Davon's Watch in Stonefalls. You will also find the Fighters Guild in Vivec City (Vvardenfell), Alinor (Summerset), Rimmen (Northern Elsweyr), Solitude (Western Skyrim) and Leyawiin (Blackwood) and any new bigger city that comes with each chapter.

Can you join the Fighters Guild in ESO?

Yes you can join the Fighters Guild in ESO. It's one of the main factions and their quest line is tightly interwoven with the original questline!

Is Fighters Guild good in ESO?

Fighters Guild in ESO is insanely good since you get to use the skill called Banish the Wicked which generates 3 Ultimate whenever you kill an enemy.

What does the Fighters Guild do in ESO?

The Fighters Guild in ESO is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor in order to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries and skilled warriors in Tamriel. The skill line will help you immensely in game-play.

How do I get Fighters Guild quests in ESO?

These quests are offered by Cardea Gallus that is inside the Fighters Guild buildings of Elden Root, Mournhold or Wayrest. The quest will send you to destroy 3 Dark Anchors in a random zone. These quests can be shared with other members of your group, so it is possible to do up to 15 of these quests in a day.

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