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New Tutorial in ESO!


Like many other games and MMOs, ESO has its own tutorial. In the very beginning, we started out in Coldharbour, as soulless in the Wailing Prison.

We would meet Lyris, the Titanborn, who would lead and help us to go through the prison, we would meet many remarkable characters, such as Cadwell and we would escape Molag Bal’s prison with a mysterious old man, starting our journey in Tamriel.

Much has changed since then, because even when the base game’s introduction remained the same, with every new chapter we would get a new tutorial.

It usually played in the realm of the newest chapter and it would teach the player the essential actions they can perform, like blocking.

If you had already gone through the tutorial once, you didn’t have to go through it again and could skip it.

Table of contents

Tutorial - What's new?

A range of weapons is displayed in the tutorial so that the player can choose whichever they like or allYou can choose any weapon of your liking

With this chapter, we will get a tutorial that is no longer focused on the current story, but a tutorial for everyone, whether they own the base game, or the newest chapter.

The player will now be able to choose from any weapon in the beginning, or can take all if they fancy that. There's also plenty of armor that the player can choose from throughout the tutorial.

The biggest difference is the ending. At the end you can choose wherever you want to go, as long as you either own the chapter, or the DLCs that you want to go to. You will find several portals that lead to all different areas of the game, three of which are the base game and which can be chosen by every player.

Tutorial - What's the story?

An elf awaits you behind a closed doorThe beginning of the tutorial

The story is that you were crash-teleported on the Isle of Balfiera, the home of Clan Direnni. Clan Direnni is a clan of aristocratic Altmer who became a powerful dynasty ruling over High Rock for centuries. They usually pride themselves on their hospitality, but for your own safety you were put behind bars to see if you were friend or foe when you woke up.

Apparently, you arrived via a portal, along with a Daedra called Shyazzel. It seized control of their golems and unleashed them on the island. Norianwe, who greets you upon awakening, will only free you if you promise to help stop Shyazzel.
Here you can see a Harvester. A Daedra that looks like a snake with four armsShyazzel, the Daedric HarvesterUpon freeing you, Norianwe will tell you her name and that she is a member of House Direnni. You are both bound for the Keywright's Gallery, an ancient substructure of Balfiera Island. It has its name from all the ancient gates that stand in there, each with some arcane connection to places in Tamriel and beyond. It seemed as if the gates came back to life, and rifts opened. The player fell out of one of them. The Daedra emerged from another.

Tutorial - What can we learn?

During the tutorial we learn a few things about the game. First, it matters which weapon you choose. This will unlock one specific weapon skill line and if you were to equip another one, that one would also unlock upon the first kill of an enemy.
Norianwe summoning a sparring partnerNorianwe and a golemWith entering the next room we learn the essentials of combat as Norianwe summons a sparring partner. The first lesson we learn is to Light Attack. This is how you attack as a very basic thing, but will also be a very important tool to utilize in advanced combat. Unfortunately, the game doesn't tell you about it in the tutorial, but you should always Light Attack in between using an ability.

The next thing you learn is also incredibly important. Blocking means that you shield yourself from incoming attacks. It won't negate the damage entirely, but it will help you minimize it. It also stuns your target, which you can use to cast a Heavy Attack.

Breaking Free is also very important, as attacks can stun you and will eventually kill you. At least it always leaves you in a very vulnerable position.

Bashing is especially important, as many opponents can cast powerful spells or heals that need to be interrupted.

Always keep in mind to look at thelower right where the helpful tips will appear. For example it will tell you that you can unlock an armor skill line by equipping 3 pieces of a specific armor type.
A Khajiit sneaking up to a trapA bear trap

As you continue in your journey, you will come across a stray golem. In order not to be attacked by it, Norianwe suggest that you sneak past through it. Be careful of the trap that is lying towards the next room. You can either avoid it or you can disarm it.

The game also teaches you how to Sprint, or how to increase the size of your Field of View, while making your way to the gallery. You can also attack more golems there, as well as some tigers and practice your combat techniques.
A gargoyle protecting a skyshardA Gargoyle and a Skyshard

At the end you have to prove yourself against Shyazzel the Traveler. She will challenge you to use your knowledge that you acquired in your combat techniques. As a general advice: If you see something red on the ground, run out of it!

However, something the tutorial doesn't teach you though, but something you should definitely do, is loot all the urns. They can contain quite valuable items and sometimes sell for a lot of gold!
Looting an urn and looting decorative wax and ashesLoot urns!

Tutorial - Where can we go from here?

In the last room, the gallery, you will find more than a dozen active portals that lead you all to different parts of Nirn and beyond. The first three in this list will be easy base game, with the exception of Vvardenfell which is also accessible early on, the rest are DLCs and the last is the latest chapter.

Stros M'Kai is a fascinating island with rich Dwarven and Reduard history. Alas, it's been largely overrun by pirates. This leads to the Daggerfall Covenant questline.
Khenarthi's Roost is a Khajiiti isle with emerging ties to the Aldmeri Dominion. Sea elves have been flexing their muscles in that part of the Topal Bay. Competing interests could lead to bloodshed.
Bleackrock is a Nord holding north of Eastmarch. This leads to the Ebonheart Pact storyline.
This portal leads to Vvardenfell. Spies indicate there might be something wrong with the Dunmer's god-king, Vivec. Anything capable of that is a threat to everyone.
Summerset Isle, the ancestral home of all Elves. Fair warning -- the elves in the Aldmeri Dominion can be a prickly bunch, but spies indicate something is amiss at the Crystal Tower. They need an outsider's perspective.
This portal leads to Elsweyr. The home of the cat-folk is well-worth visiting, especially in light of recent events. Reports indicate that Dragons reemerged there. The Khajiit could definitely need some help.
Greymoor is a cold place inhabited by colder people. They may disagree, but those Nords need fresh perspective. A group of vampires have mounted a shadow-invasion and they need someone to help stop it.
This portal leads to Blackwood -- on the southern border of Cyrodiil. An intelligence report talks about a series of high-profile murders with links to the region, most likely Daedric mischief.

Tutorial - Video Walkthrough


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