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How do Proc Sets work in ESO? Proc Set rules explained.


Welcome to the ESO Proc Set Guide. Proc sets have always been very controversial in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Numerous changes have been done to the proc sets over the years. In the Deadlands DLC (update 32) they have seen another major rework. In this ESO Proc Set Guide you will learn how the proc sets work. Often the game doesn't tell you a lot about how the proc sets work, we are going to lay out all the details that you need to know!

Table of contents

How do proc sets scale in ESO?

Many players are confused at how proc sets actually scale in ESO. The game itself doesn't really tell you how certain values scale, you need to figure that out by yourself with testing, or reading the guide here. The game differentiates between three different values: damage, healing and tanking based proc sets. Please also keep in mind that the scaling of the proc sets is based on the old damage numbers pre update 30 (Blackwood). But basically proc set values increase with higher stats.Damage proc sets

  • Damage focused proc-based events will scale with the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage.
  • You must have 6,574 Weapon or Spell Damage to reach the original value of many sets.

Heal proc sets

  • Healing focused proc-based events will scale with the higher of your Max Magicka or Stamina.
  • You must have 39,901 Max Magicka or Stamina to reach the original value of many sets.

Tank proc sets

  • Tanking focused proc-based events will either scale with your Max Health, and in some rare cases, will use the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance.
  • You must have 43,968 Max Health or 30,680 Physical or Spell Resistance to reach the original value of many sets.
Proc Sets Scaling
Proc Sets Scaling

Can proc sets critically strike in ESO?

Yes, since the Deadlands DLC (update 32) most proc sets can critically strike again. Item sets that scale off weapon damage, spell damage, max magicka, and max stamina can now again critically strike. However, there are a few exceptions. Item sets that scale in order of magnitude, or based on additional modifiers will not critically strike, there are only a very few of them.Sets that can't critically strike are:

The list of proc sets that can't critically strike is very small. The reason these can't critically strike is because otherwise they would simply be too powerful.

Below in the image you can see an example of a proc set that can critically strike. Stormfist hit the target dummy with a critical strike idicated by the exclamation mark behind the damage number, dealing massive damage.

Proc Set Critical Strike
Proc Set Critical Strike

Explaining the burst damage cooldown on proc sets

Burst damage proc sets have always been a pain in PvP in ESO. Players used to stack 3 different proc sets and let them go off all at the same time, that way the enemy won't have a chance to actually react to the insane damage if they all go off within a second.To avoid this issue, the developers implemented a mechanic where item sets that deal a "burst" of damage in 4 seconds or less now have a 1 second window after proccing that prevent similar item sets from activating. That means if you are wearing 3 proc sets they won't go off at the same time, but every 1 second one of the proc sets will activate.

How do you determine the order of how it will activate the proc sets?

If wearing multiples of these sets at once, any action that would activate multiple sets will instead trigger the first set you equipped and suppress others for 1 second. After that second passes you will be able to attempt to trigger them again. Basically you have to equip the sets on your character in the order you want them to activate.The sets affected by the proc order change are listed below:

How do champion points affect proc sets?

Proc sets are also affected by the champion point system in ESO. There are a few perks that effect the proc sets, you can find the list below. Please keep in mind that proc sets scale with the higher of your stat. For example, if you have higher spell damage, then ESO will take that as indicator, if you have higher waepon damage, then ESO will take that as indicator for proc set damage. Same for healing, just with magicka and stamina.

Damage proc sets:

Healing proc sets:

Tanking proc sets:

Proc sets that activate shields:

Developer comments regarding the proc sets rework

Below you can find the developer comments regarding the proc sets rework in the Deadlands DLC (update 32).

Regarding the scaling:

"Now with the hard cap to Critical Damage and Healing, as well as a new rule set that aims to diminish stacked item set burst potential, we’re moving forward with re-enabling item sets to Critically Strike when applicable. We decided to only target sets that are made for builds that are already building higher than base Critical chance, and have made additional changes to ensure they don’t become outright better than flat stat sets. This should significantly help viability of these sets in PvE, while many of the other targeted adjustments made should keep them reigned in for PvP environments. We expect these values or rules may change over time and we will be keeping a close eye on it."

Regarding proc order:

"In efforts to help reduce the viability of stacking multiple proc sets at once and triggering them at high moments of burst, we've adopted a new standard for sets that lack ingrained counter play. These sets will now always prevent other sets on the list from activating at a singular moment, reducing the ability to front load damage into things such as Heavy Attacks or Ultimates and instantly killing targets. This list can be expanded and adjusted upon in the future, and moving forward, item sets will be held under greater scrutiny in terms of ensuring there are either moments of opportunity to avoid or outright prevention in terms of stacking."

"Now you know everything there is to know about how proc sets work in ESO. For further questions you can also join our community partner discord server.



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