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ESO Scrivener's Hall Dungeon Guide


Scrivener's Hall is one of the two new dungeons added to the Elder Scrolls Online in the Scribes of Fate DLC in March 2023. 

This guide will teach you how to complete this dungeon, including the boss and trash mechanics, strategies for defeating the different enemies that you'll find in the Scrivener's Hall dungeon, and the secret features found within the dungeon. 

Table of contents

Loot and Rewards

Completing Scrivener's Hall can yield several different rewards, including armor sets and collectible items. This section of the guide will provide an overview of what you can get by beating this dungeon.  

Armour Sets

Here we will list the armour sets that can be found in the Scrivener's Hall dungeon, along with a quick summary of how they work. 

Like all ESO dungeons, Scrivener's Hall contains a unique 2-piece monster set themed around one of its bosses. The Ozezan the Inferno monster helm can drop in Light, Medium or Heavy armour by completing the final boss in Scrivener's Hall. This monster set grants Minor Vitality to allies when you heal them, and gives them a substantial armour boost if you overheal them. The effect only lasts for 1 second but has no cooldown, so you can get a very good uptime by applying consistent HoT (heal-over-time) effects. This is a set that may be useful for your group if you're struggling to survive in situations where the group takes a lot of damage. It fits most naturally on a healer, but experienced tanks could also run the set to good effect in some situations. 

To obtain the shoulder piece, you'll need to purchase it from the Undaunted Enclave. 

There are also three other sets that can be looted from bosses and treasure chests in Scrivener's Hall:

  • Abyssal Brace: A Heavy Armour set that gives your entire group Minor Evasion whenever the wearer is blocking. Potentially useful for situations where too many group members are dying to unavoidable AOE damage, for example execute phases on some trial bosses.
  • Apocryphal Inspiration: A Medium Armour set that gives you and nearby group members Major Fortitude, Major Intellect and Major Endurance, improving recovery of all three attributes. Probably not a useful set generally speaking, as those buffs can easily be sourced from potions. 
  • Runecarver's Blaze: A Light Armour set that gives you extra damage, penetration and imbues the third tick of all of your DoT (damage over time) attacks with a tick of fire damage that is guaranteed to apply the Burning status effect. 

Collectible Rewards

Here we will list the Collectible (cosmetic) rewards you can get in Scrivener's Hall, along with what you need to do to get each one. 

Iterative Onyx Glyphic Memento in ESO
Iterative Onyx Glyphic Memento in ESO

Trash Pulls

Scrivener's Hall contains several different types of trash enemies. Here we will list the most notable trash enemies along with an explanation for how to deal with them. 


Battlescribes are small human enemies that occupy this dungeon, usually hanging around in small groups. They come in a few different varieties, such as mages and archers. They should not pose too much of a threat on their own - the tank should try to keep them taunted and stacked so that the DPS players can quickly and easily deal with them. 

Magma Bears

Magma bears are huge bears made from molten rock. They can do a lot of damage, so they should be a priority taunt for the tank. They can also stomp on the ground to create a big AOE, which players should get out of. 

Storm Atronach

Storm Atronachs can sometimes be found accompanying the Battlescribes in this dungeon. They should be a priority taunt for tanks. They don't do too much until their health is low - at this point they will explode, dealing heavy damage to anyone who doesn't get out of the way in time. You can see the AOE expanding from the atronach just before this happens, so you have a couple of seconds to move back. 

Hollow Armor Sentinels

Hollow Armour enemies are large humanoid enemies that can be found after the first boss. The tank should aim to taunt them quickly to stop them from hitting a DPS or healer. The Hollow Armour Sentinels carry a shield which they will sometimes throw at a player, dealing high damage and stunning anyone who gets hit. You should sidestep this before it hits you to avoid it. 

Hollow Armour Duelists

These are similar to the Sentinels, but carry two swords. They should be a priority taunt. They will sometimes begin waving their swords around which creates an AOE field around them. DPS and healer players should avoid standing in this AOE. 


Havocrels are large humanoid daedra, carrying a flaming melee weapon. They can deal high single target damage, so tanks should make sure to taunt them to keep them away from the rest of the team. They can also jump at a distant player (bypassing taunt when they do this) dealing high damage to anyone nearby and leaving a large fire AOE at the location they jumped to. Finally, they may sometimes channel another fire AOE attack, which should be interrupted by bashing, or a skill like Crushing Shock


In the middle part of the dungeon, you'll start seeing groups of Dremora instead of groups of Battlescribes. These act the same way as any other basic mob enemy in dungeons and should be dealt with in the same way. 

Iron Atronachs

Iron Atronachs should be  taunted quickly to prevent their heavy attack from being targeted at a DPS or healer player. If this happens then the best thing to do is to dodge the heavy attack. 


In the latter parts of the dungeon, you'll find groups of spiders in some of the trash packs. These don't do much damage and don't have much health, but they're quite numerous so can slow you down if the tank doesn't stack them. 


Spiderkith are daedric trash enemies found in the latter parts of the dungeon, often accompanies by Spiders. They can hit quite hard in melee, so the tank should taunt them. 

Websnare Spider

Websnare spiders are large daedric spiders. They have fairly high HP compared to some of the other trash enemies in the dungeon. They have a heavy attack which should be dodged. 

Flesh Atronach

There's nothing too special about the Flesh Atronachs in this dungeon, they just hit hard so the tank needs to taunt them quickly. 

Boss 1 - Ritemaster Naqri

Ritemaster Naqri is the first boss in Scrivener's Hall. This boss is an Arcanist mage who has 5.4 million health on Veteran difficulty. 

Ritemaster Naqri Mechanics

Here we will list the most notable mechanics and dangerous attacks that Ritemaster Naqri has, so that you know what to expect and how to deal with them. This is quite a mechanically heavy fight, with several things that need to be taken care of at once. 

Freezing Codex

At the start of the fight, Naqri will call a storm of books which will fly around him in a small AOE. The tank can pull the boss away from this AOE so that it causes less of a problem. 

The books will also periodically send out many bolts of ice in different directions, which act as very small ground AOEs that deal high damage to anyone who gets hit by them. You can get killed if you are hit by several of these in quick succession, so be careful of your positioning. 

Hidden Codex

At 80%, 55% and 35% health remaining, Naqri will summon a large floating book to the room. This book will have one of three coloured runes floating above it. The runes are each associated with a different attack that will be targeted at players in the group:

  • The Red book will summon an add who needs to be interrupted to prevent him from attacking players in the group. 
  • The Green book will spawn an AOE beneath players. The AOE follows you, but you can block it to mitigate the damage. 
  • The White book spawns white ghosts who will attack players with a charged heavy attack. This attack ignores dodge and should therefore be blocked. 

These effects will repeat, doing more damage each time, until the Hidden Codex mechanic is dealt with. Regardless of which colour Codex you have, the method to deal with it is the same. Keep an eye on the book with the coloured rune - every few seconds it will shoot a coloured runic bolt towards one of the book cases around the edges of the room. This book case contains the Hidden Codex that is responsible for the spells, so a DPS player needs to run away by themselves (take a shield and/or self-heal) to find and destroy the book before it can cause too much damage to the team. There will be two books that you need to find to disable this mechanic each time it happens. 

Hidden Codex mechanic
Hidden Codex mechanic

If you have enough DPS, you may be able to ignore the final Hidden Codex mechanic at 35% and nuke the boss down before it kills anyone. 

Unstable Literature 

Unstable Literature is a small green AOE that will appear on the ground for a few seconds. Someone (ideally the tank) should stand in the AOE before it explodes. If nobody does this then it will deal heavy damage to the group, which can potentially cause a wipe. 

Unstable Literature mechanic
Unstable Literature mechanic

Ritemaster Naqri Hardmode Mechanics

On Hardmode, this boss will instead have 9.2 million health. The boss will deal more damage with his attacks. The mechanics are mostly the same, with the exception of the Unstable Literature mechanic. 

Unstable Literature will now instead spawn two AOEs at the same time, which both need to be mitigated. Ideally the tank and the healer should do this, as the DPS players might be busy finding the books for the Hidden Codex mechanic. 

Boss 2 - Ozezan the Inferno

Ozezan the Inferno is the second boss in Scrivener's Hall. It has 7.3 million health on Veteran difficulty. 

Ozezan the Inferno Mechanics

Below are the mechanics for Ozezan the Inferno, along with the most notable attacks that you need to watch out for. 

Lava Pools

Every once in a while, Ozezan will burrow into the ground and emerge in another location, leaving behind a very large lava AOE at the previous location. These AOEs will persist for the entirety of the fight, resulting in area denial. The tank can minimize this danger by keeping the boss at the edge of the arena and overlapping new lava pools as much as possible with the outer wall and with previous lava pools. 

Lava Pool AOE
Lava Pool AOE


Ozezan will target two players with a laser, which needs to be kited for a few seconds to avoid the damage. 

Lasers mechanic
Lasers mechanic

Poison Cone

Ozezan will target the tank with a large conal cleave, which should always be faced away from the group to avoid unnecessary damage and potential deaths. 

Evolved Broodlings

Evolved Broodlings are small flying adds that will spawn throughout the fight. They're not too dangerous at first, but its important to keep killing them, otherwise you might get too many of them which could cause a problem. They can also channel an attack that does heavy DoT damage to all players, which should be interrupted. 

Evolved Broodlings
Evolved Broodlings


About halfway through the fight, the boss will burrow to the middle of the room and a massive AOE will quickly expand outwards, filling about 90% of the room. Only the outermost parts of the room, closest to the wall, will not be covered by this AOE. When the AOE is finished expanding, all players will be sucked towards the middle of the room. 

If you didn't get out of the AOE in time, you will be sucked to the boss and you will die. If you did get out in time, you will still be sucked but only about halfway to the boss. Note that it is still possible to die in the latter scenario if the tank accidentally dropped a lava AOE in a bad place - if you are sucked into a lava pool you will die, and there's nothing you can do about it. So make sure to position yourself so that there are no AOEs between you and the boss during this phase. 

Get to the edge of the room to survive the Suction mechanic
Get to the edge of the room to survive the Suction mechanic

Ozezan the Inferno Hardmode Mechanics

On hardmode, Ozezan will be buffed up to 13.1 million health. 

Some of the mechanics work differently in Hardmode, making the fight more challenging. 

Firstly, the lasers will now be targeted at all four players instead of just two, so you will need to be more careful with the kiting to ensure you do not run into other players. 

More adds will also spawn during Hardmode. In addition, you have the following extra mechanics to worry about:

Iron Atronachs

At 40% and 20% health remaining, the boss will spawn an Iron Atronach which the tank will need to taunt asap. How you approach this will largely depend on how good your group is; if your tank can survive a lot of damage and your group DPS is high, you may be able to ignore one or both of them and nuke the boss. However if you're struggling then its probably best to play it safe and kill the iron atronachs. 

Green Bugs

These bugs are actually present in non-hardmode too, but in that mode they just turn into fire bolts that will deal some extra damage. 

In Hardmode, the Green Bugs will transform into extra adds, which can become extremely numerous if left unchecked. To counteract this, players should squash the bugs by running over them before they can transform. 

Green Bugs
Green Bugs

Boss 3 - Valinna

Valinna is the final boss in Scrivener's Hall. On Veteran difficulty she has 11 million health. She is accompanied by a giant spider called Lamikhai, which has 5.1 million health. You will begin the fight by battling against Lamikhai. 

Valinna Mechanics

Valinna has quite a few mechanics that you need to be wary of - ignoring the mechanics on this boss fight will cause you to wipe quite rapidly. 

Fire Meteors

Throughout the fight, random players will be targeted by a fire meteor. This is indicated by a red rune floating above your head. You'll have a few seconds to move to a different position before the meteor lands on you. When it lands it will leave a permanent fire AOE on the ground at your location, so you should aim to put it at the edge of the room, out of the way. 

You should avoid placing it at the exit of the room, because you'll need to run through there later on. 

Fiery Meteor rune
Fiery Meteor rune

Spider Enrage

The spider will periodically turn red, enraging and dealing more damage. At the same time, the friendly NPC accompanying your group will summon an ice AOE. The tank needs to bring the spider into this AOE, which will temporarily freeze the spider and remove the enrage effect. 

Enraged Spider mechanic
Enraged Spider mechanic

Fiery Eruption

When the boss reaches a certain health threshold, they will leave the room, and the room will begin to fill with an AOE. At this point, the gate to the next room will open, and everyone needs to quickly run through it to the next stage of the fight. Anyone who is too slow will be one-shotted by the Fiery Eruption AOE. 

Ensnaring Spiders

From the second room onwards, you will begin to see Ensnaring Spiders spawning into the fight. These will appear at the edges of the room, and will cocoon a random player and begin pulling them towards them. The Ensnaring Spider needs to be killed before the cocooned player is pulled to the spider, otherwise the player in the cocoon will die. 

Ensnaring Spider
Ensnaring Spider

Immolation Trap

Sometimes, all players will have an AOE placed on them which will stay in place and gradually expand. You need to stay inside this AOE until it explodes - leaving the AOE too early will one-shot you. 

Exploding Meteors

In the final stage of the fight, exploding meteors will sometimes land in the room. These are large glowing orbs on the ground. DDs need to destroy them quickly before they explode, otherwise they will knock players back and deal heavy damage, potentially causing a wipe. 

Exploding Meteors mechanic
Exploding Meteors mechanic

Valinna Hardmode Mechanics

On hardmode, Valinna has 17.6 million health. 

The mechanics are pretty much the same on hardmode, but you will take more damage. 

Secret Scamps

In Scrivener's Hall there are secrets that you can uncover, like in most other DLC dungeons. However in this dungeon it works a little bit differently. 

At the start of the dungeon, there is a vault which you will be unable to access. The NPC guarding the door will explain that the keys to the door have been stolen, but you're welcome to access it if you are able to retrieve the keys. 

Inside the room there are chests which contain extra loot, including treasure maps and item set pieces from the dungeon. 

To find the keys, you'll need to locate Cartoklept Scamps. You can find two in each dungeon - one after the first boss, and one after the second boss. 

First Scamp

After the first boss, you will come to an area that contains several green caves that lead away from the main path. A Scamp will be located in one of these caves. The scamp will try to run away when you attack it. If you defeat the Scamp, you will be rewarded with a key which you can use to unlock the gate after you finish the dungeon. 

A green cave where you can find a Scamp
A green cave where you can find a Scamp

Second Scamp

After the second boss, you will enter an area where there are a series of side passages and rooms blocked by spider webs. You can interact with the webs to burn them away. One of these webbed areas will contain another Scamp, which you can defeat to find another key. 

Burn away the webs to search for Scamps
Burn away the webs to search for Scamps

We hope you liked this guide for the Scrivener's Hall dungeon in ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Zenimax Online Studios. 

Achievements related to this guide

Name Description
Dousing Exterminator icon

Dousing Exterminator

Defeat Ozezan the Inferno after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
Fate's Secrets icon

Fate's Secrets

Complete optional content in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener's Hall.
Harsh Edit icon

Harsh Edit

Defeat Riftmaster Naqri after placing the Challenge Banner and burning Riftmaster Naqri's memoirs in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
Inflammable icon


Defeat Valinna after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
Scrivener's Hall Conqueror icon

Scrivener's Hall Conqueror

Defeat Riftmaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.



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