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Templar Class in ESO - Everything you need to know! header

Templar Class in ESO - Everything you need to know!

Templar Class in ESO - Everything you need to know!

Templars in ESO are a very beginner friendly class in ESO, they deal a lot of damage and have skills which deal damage and heal you at the same time. They also make absolutely excellent healers, great damage dealers and decent tanks!
ESO Templar Class overview page Seeking darkness whether it might be found, the Templar in ESO is a beacon to their allies and a blinding threat to their foes. As a Templar, you must bring justice to Tamriel in the form of cleansing light. Call forth the limitless power of the sun to obliterate your enemies and restore yourself and your allies in radiant light.

Since the Templar is available with the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) base game, you can play the class from the get-go if you want. If you want to learn more about all classes that you can play in ESO please visit the Classes Overview Page.

Templar Class Introduction

Templars are a very popular class in-game, as many favor them for healing. They also make for great damage dealers (DPS), Magicka, as well as Stamina. The only downside here may be that even the Magicka spec prefers melee range, as they deal the most damage at close range. Templar tanks are often underestimated, but they definitely have their strengths. Below you can find a list of the pros and cons of the Templar class in ESO.

  • Excellent healers
  • Great for group play
  • Great damage dealers
  • Lots of support skills
  • Great for solo gameplay
  • Very beginner friendly

  • Stamina damage dealer (DPS) difficult to master
  • tanking specs aren't very common

DPS Templar Pros and Cons

The Templar class can push great damage as both magicka and stamina damage dealer. It is preferred to play in melee range but you can also create very powerful ranged setups. The magicka version Puncturing Sweep and the stamina version Biting Jabs is the signature skill of Templars, that is the main reason you want to play in melee range. However, like mentioned above, you can also create ranged specs that deal great damage.

  • easy rotation
  • melee and ranged playstyle
  • stamina builds are fast and fun to play
  • deals a lot of damage
  • great healing capabilities while dealing damage
  • one of the better solo specs

  • resource management can be tricky if you use too many AoE (Area of Effect) abilities.

Healer Templar Pros and Cons

Templars are excellent healers, and are usually the preferred spec to be played in endgame ESO. Mostly thanks due to their class skill line Restoring Light which brings plenty of healing based benefits with it.

  • great healing output
  • burst heal with their Breath of Life ability
  • Cleansing Ritual and both its morphs provides the "Purify" synergy, one of the most used synergies in the game
  • Channeled Focus provides extra sustain and increases resistances at the same time

  • none

Tank Templar Pros and Cons

Templars are good tanks, but they aren’t very common in ESO.

  • good resource management
  • great shielding via Radiant Ward
  • easy survivability
  • great defensive capabilities
  • Repentance can recover a lot of sustain
  • Extended Ritual can be used to provide the "Purify" synergy
  • No class crowd control ability

Templar Class Skill Lines explained

Next we are going to take a look at the three class skill lines that the Templar has. Of course you can use any skill line available in the game to create your own playstyle. Most, if not all builds do use a mix between class and non class skill lines.

You can find a full list of all the Templar class skill lines on the Templar Skills Overview Page.

Aedric Spear Skill Line

The Aedric Spear skill line is part of the Templar toolkit and has a focus on offensive abilities. Bring holy vengeance with relentless, powerful weapons formed of hard light that can deal magic damage, stun your enemies, and support your allies.

Its Ultimate ability is Radial Sweep. It is a strong and cost effective Ultimate ability that targets all nearby enemies and deals additional DoT (damage over time) damage. Crescent Sweep is one of its morphs and deals additional damage to enemies in front of you. Empowering Sweep deals physical damage and the duration of the DoT is extended for each enemy hit. It also grants Empower for its duration.

Spear Shards is an extremely strong and useful Templar skill. The skill applies a DoT (damage over time] effect on the ground and also provides allies with a synergy to restore resources. Watch this video to see how it’s used.

Dawn's Wrath Skill Line

The Dawn's Wrath skill line is focused on offensive abilities. Unleash the unyielding power of the sun to bathe your enemies in flame and deal massive damage. Empower your attacks and weaken your foes in radiant heat.

Its Ultimate ability is Nova. It has a very flashy effect which is described as “calling down a fragment of the sun”, dealing a lot of damage over time (DoT) and afflicting them with Major Maim, reducing their damage done. An ally near the fragment can use its synergy, dealing additional damage. Solar Disturbance is one of its morphs and reduces the cost, plus making Major Maim stay on the enemy after leaving the area. Solar Prison deals more damage and stuns for longer.

Radiant Oppression is one of a Templar’s strongest offensive abilities. The ability deals extra damage when the health of the boss is in execute range. Watch this video to see how it’s used.

Restoring Light Skill Line

The third and last skill line of the Templar-focused skill lines is called Restoring Light and is focused on healing and support abilities. Restore and protect your allies with the power of the Aedra’s sacred light. Consecrate the ground and turn the tide of battle with spells that cleanse and protect your team from attack.

Its Ultimate ability is Rite of Passage. It heals you and nearby allies over time (HoT). Since it is channeled, you will not be able to move, but you gain immunity to all disabling effects. Practiced Incantation is one of its morphs and increases the duration of the channel and therefore the health restored. Remembrance is the other morph and makes you gain Major Protection after casting, reducing your damage taken.

Channeled Focus is a very powerful self-buff. It increases your sustain and also buffs your resistances by a huge amount. Watch this video to see how it’s used.

Templar Class Builds for ESO

Below you can find a full list of common Templar builds. If you are a new player we do recommend starting with the beginner guides. However, you can also go take a look at the endgame builds to see what the class can look like when you reach the endgame.

Beginner Templar Class Guides & Builds

The Beginner Templar guides and builds are meant for new players. They introduce you to the Templar class and give you a good starting point for your adventure in ESO.

PvE Solo Templar Class Builds

The PvE Solo Templar builds are optimized for solo gameplay. The builds below have a good balance between damage, survivability, healing and movement. Everything you need to get through ESO alone. Of course, you can also use these solo builds in a group, especially useful in random groups.

PvE Dungeon & Trial META Templar Class Builds

The Meta Templar builds listed below are meant to be played in a group. The Meta Templar builds have a very cookie cutter approach and rely heavily on other group members.

If you are interested in PvP, you can take a closer look at this page, as it lists a variety of PvP builds and explains them in detail.

Is the Templar Class Beginner Friendly?

Templars are extremely beginner friendly, as they offer a self-heal very early on and you can deal a lot of damage pretty much from the get-go. The Templar is also often recommended to players that need help with picking a start class to start out in ESO. That might also be one of the reasons why you see plenty of Magicka Templars running around. But what exactly makes a Magicka Templar so beginner friendly?

The Templar gets access to Puncturing Strikes which then is morphed into Puncturing Sweep very early on. Puncturing Sweep deals a lot of damage and heals you for around 40% of the damage done. That alone makes the class already very beginner friendly, because one of the first abilities doesn't only deal damage, but it also heals you at the same time. Once you progress a bit more you will also unlock the passive Burning Light which will increase the damage even further when you use Puncturing Sweep.

Another ability that you gain access to early on is the Sun Fire skill, which deals damage over time and provides you with Major Prophecy, boosting your critical chance by a lot. In the Restoring Light skill tree you will also unlock Channeled Focus eventually, which will make sustain a lot easier once you have a higher level.

Magicka Templar Damage Dealer Showcase

Magicka Templars are powerful magicka users which benefit a lot from their class abilities and passives. Powerful passives such as Burning Light, Piercing Spear, Spear Wall, Illuminate, Restoring Spirit and Master Ritualist make up the backbone of Templars.The most prominent class ability of a Magicka Templar is the Puncturing Sweep skill, which deals a lot of damage and heals you at the same time. Other good class abilities are Blazing Spear, Reflective Light, Purifying Light and the good old Radiant Oppression that all increase the high damage of a Magicka Templar Build. Not all the skills are used in every build, but in general you will always find some of the skills in a build.

The video below shows the Solo Magicka Templar Build in action, clearing the veteran mode Elden Hollow 1 dungeon solo.

Stamina Templar Damage Dealer Showcase

Stamina Templars in ESO are very powerful. Stamina Templars make use of abilities such as Biting Jabs, Power of the Light, Restoring Focus and Repentance. Stamina Templars also benefit from powerful passives such as Burning Light, Piercing Spear, Spear Wall, Restoring Spirit and Master Ritualist.

In the first part of the video below (00:00 to 00:40) you can see some gameplay of the Solo Stamina Templar Build.

Healer Templar Showcase

Templars are the main healers in ESO. They are most commonly used because they have very powerful passives and abilities for healing. They also have a full class skill line dedicated to healing alone. The Templar Healers best class abilities are Breath of Life which is a powerful burst heal, Luminous Shards which provides a synergy to gain extra resources, Ritual of Rebirth which is a huge AoE (Area of Effect] heal, Extended Ritual which provides the popular purify synergy and Channeled Focus which provides sustain and extra resistances. Powerful class passives are Spear Wall, Illuminate, Restoring Spirit, Mending, Sacred Ground, Light Weaver and Master Ritualist.

Below you can find a video to see a Templar Healer Build in action, the video is from the VanaEvr youtube channel.

Tank Templar Showcase

Templar Tanks are the least used spec on the Templar class even though you can make some great setups with them. Templar tanks can provide a lot of support to the group. Abilities like Extended Ritual and Luminous Shards can provide great support to the group. You can create big shields to protect yourself from enemy attack with Radiant Ward and sustain is also fairly easy thanks to Repentance.

For more information on the Templar Tank I do recommend checking out the Templar Tank Build.

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Frequently asked questions

What race is best for Templar in ESO?

It all depends on how you want to play your character. For tanking, Nords, Argonians and Imperials are great. For healing, Bretons, Altmer and Argonians bring a lot to the table. As DPS, Orc, Khajiit, Dunmer and Altmer are really good!

Is Templar a good class ESO?

Every class can be a good class in ESO. It all depends on your personal playstyle and whether you choose PvE or PvP. Generally speaking, it's a very good class, especially at healing.

Is a Breton Templar good?

A Breton is really good at magicka DPS or healing, as their passives support these builds the most.

Is Nord good for Templar?

A Nord is exceptionally good at tanking, as their passives support these kind of builds the best.

Is Imperial good for Templar?

An Imperial  is exceptionally good at tanking, as their passives support these kind of builds the best.

Is Altmer good for Templar?

An Altmer is really good at magicka DPS, as their passives support these builds the most.

Is Dunmer good for Templar?

Dunmer are pretty versatile and good at basically everything, even if they aren't really specialized. Especially their fire damage passive is pretty great!

Is Khajiit good for Templar?

Khajiit are pretty versatile and good at basically everything, even if they aren't really specialized. Their strongest capability is possibly their crit passive.

Is Argonian good for Templar?

Argonians have great passives when it comes to tanking and healing, so that they make great tanks and healers, even in PvP.

Is Bosmer good for Templar?

A Bosmer's racial passives are more targeted towards DPS, especially Stamina DPS. Which makes them not necessarily ideal for tanks or healers.

Is Redguard good for Templar?

Redguard's racial passives are more targeted to either tanks or Stamina DPS. Even though their skills are even better for tanking.

Is Orc good for Templar?

Orcs are exceptionally good at dealing damage. Their passives are especially targeted at Stamina DPS, but they can also be a good choice for Magicka DPS.

What is the best tank class in ESO?

Nords, Imperials and Argonians are really great as tanks in ESO. All of them have great racial passives that support a tanking role.

What is the best healer class in ESO?

Breton, Altmer and Argonians are really great as healers in ESO. All of them have great racial passives that support a healing role.

What is the best DPS class in ESO?

For Stamina, Orcs, Bosmer and Khajiit are the best. For Magicka, Altmer, Khajiit and Breton are really great!

Can Templar use magic?

Yes, every class can use magic. It is called Magicka in ESO and is a stat that every race and class has.

What weapon should a Templar use?

It all depends on your playstyle. Tanks usually wield a shield and one-hand weapon, whereas Stamina DPS use either daggers or axes and Magicka DPS use staves, as well as healers.

What's the best class in ESO?

It all depends on your playstyle and what you want to achieve in ESO. There's no "one class is the best" as it all depends on the build and whether you want to play it in PvE or PvP.
Insomuch as all fell things abhor the light, so has Stendarr gifted all those who invoke His Name with the ability to clothe themselves in a righteous aura of blessed light. Over time, even as evil's many Abominations found new ways to afflict Tamriel's mortals with destruction and death, the Priests and Resolutes of Stendarr have adapted Stendarr's glowing gift to many purposes, whether to smite, to defend, or to heal.

For offensive means, Stendarr's gift most often manifests as a piercing beam of light, resembling a spear of purifying sunlight and oft referred to in those terms. As a form of armor, Stendarr's gift may take the form of a diffuse aura that surrounds the righteous, mitigating the attacks of the abominable, or it may focus into an almost-palpable shield to ward off a specific threat.

Worshipers who eschew all forms of violence, such as the Harmonious Masters of Lillandril, have turned Stendarr's glowing gift into a tool for healing, and then freely spread their knowledge of cleansing and healing rituals, even to Stendarr's more militant adherents. For even in the hands of a warrior, how can the curing of ills be an ill thing?

Precepts of Stendarr

All are welcome within Stendarr's gracious embrace. His temple doors are never closed, for all in Tamriel deserve comfort and shelter. He welcomes the afflicted, the hopeless, the forgotten, and yes, even the heretical. Through his priests, he offers them counsel and assistance.

His hallowed radiance heals those who open their hearts and seek his benevolence. His mercy is boundless, and by the clarion call of his horn, he can mend any wound, stay any disease, and soothe any broken soul.

Stendarr's faithful are blessed by great revelations in the healing arts. If you seek his wisdom, wield the gift of restoration magic in his name. Follow his precepts, and make yourself vulnerable to his will.
  • Never refuse aid you are capable of providing.
  • Go among the infirm and the wounded wherever you find them.
  • Offer prayer to Stendarr every day.
  • Do not hoard wealth or indulge physically.

Above all, never forget Stendarr's command: Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick, and give to the needy.

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