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Unnerving Boneyard

Unnerving Boneyard

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Unnerving Boneyard

Cost: 3780 Magicka
Target: Ground
Duration: 10 seconds
Maximum range: 28 meters
Radius: 6 meters
Desecrate the ground at the target location, dealing 3580 Frost Damage over 10 seconds and applying Major Breach to enemies within, reducing their Physical and Spell Resistance by 5948. Consumes a corpse on cast to deal 50% more damage. An ally standing in the graveyard can activate the Grave Robber synergy, dealing 3375 Frost Damage to enemies in the area and healing for the damage done.
New effect
Applies Major Breach to enemies in the area, reducing their Physical and Spell Resistance.
Name: Unnerving Boneyard
Found in: Necromancer > Grave Lord
Unlocks at: Grave Lord Rank 20 and Boneyard Rank IV

Debuffs Champion Points that buff this skill

Unmorphed version

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Other morph

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Avid Boneyard

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