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Sea-Serpent's Coil Set - ESO

Sea-Serpent's Coil Set - ESO

Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Sea-Serpent's Coil Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Sea-Serpent's Coil

(1 item) While at full Health, you gain 40% damage reduction. After taking damage while at full Health in combat, you gain Serpent's Rebuke for 10 seconds, snaring yourself by 40% and gaining Major Berserk and Major Courage, increasing your damage done by 10% and Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. The damage reduction does not apply while Serpent's Rebuke is active.
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This set is currently only available on the PTS
Name: Sea-Serpent's Coil
Type: Mythic
DLC Requirement: High Isle
Location: Location info: Antiquity
Buffs Sea-Serpent's Coil is an armor set in the Elder Scrolls Online that can be obtained in High Isle and Amenos. It is part of the High Isle DLC pack.

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Leads for Sea-Serpent's Coil

Lead Dig zone Drop zone Location
Black Eltheric Pearls icon Black Eltheric Pearls Black Eltheric Pearls
Black Eltheric Pearls icon
High Isle and Amenos Giant Clam node close to water in the High Isle zone
Frigid Sapphire icon Frigid Sapphire Frigid Sapphire
Frigid Sapphire icon
High Isle and Amenos Unknown
Meteoric Beads icon Meteoric Beads Meteoric Beads
Meteoric Beads icon
High Isle and Amenos Unknown
Sea Silver Chain icon Sea Silver Chain Sea Silver Chain
Sea Silver Chain icon
High Isle and Amenos Unknown
Steel Serpent Fangs icon Steel Serpent Fangs Steel Serpent Fangs
Steel Serpent Fangs icon
High Isle and Amenos Unknown
Sea-Serpent's Coil is a Mythic ring item which is obtainable for players who own the High Isle expansion. 

To obtain Sea-Serpent's Coil, you will need to find five leads. When you have found them all, the item will automatically construct itself in the highest quality. 

Sea-Serpent's Coil gives you 40% damage reduction when you are at full health, and when you take damage you instead get extra damage output at the cost of a movement speed reduction. Note that the damage output increase comes via the Major Courage and Major Berserk buffs, so if you already have those buffs from another source then it's probably not worth wearing this Mythic Item.

Sea-Serpent's Coil visual effectSea-Serpent's Coil visual effectIn order to start the process of obtaining Sea-Serpent's Coil, you will need to have access to the Greymoor DLC, either by owning it or by having an active ESO Plus subscription. You also need to have the Excavation and Scrying skill lines at at least rank 7 in order to scry and dig for master level leads. If you're not sure how Antiquities work, then check our Antiquities Guide, which will explain the process to you. You will need to get the following leads in order to construct Sea-Serpent's Coil:
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Frequently asked questions

Which DLC do I need to obtain Sea-Serpent's Coil in ESO?

To obtain Sea-Serpent's Coil you must own the High Isle DLC

Where does Sea-Serpent's Coil drop in ESO?

Sea-Serpent's Coil drops in High Isle and Amenos


Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Snow Treaders Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Snow Treaders

(1 item) While you are in combat, you are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed, but you cannot Sprint.
Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Thrassian Stranglers Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Thrassian Stranglers

(1 item) Killing an enemy grants you a stack of Sload's Call for 1 hour, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. Each stack increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 23, reduces your Maximum Health by 120, and reduces effectiveness of your damage shields by 1%. Sload's Call is lost if you remove Thrassian Stranglers, go invisible, or crouch.
Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Lefthander's Aegis Belt Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Lefthander's Aegis Belt

(1 item) Roll Dodge no longer evades attack and instead grants a damage shield that absorbs up to 20990 damage over 1 second. This damage shield is unaffected by Battle Spirit.

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