New Life Festival

New Life Festival

Event dates

  • From: Dec 17th 2020, To: Jan 5th 2021

About this event

Double EXP: You can acquire a 100% EXP buff collectible by completing a simple quest called “Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug“, you can obtain this quest from Breda at the event location. This EXP boost will stack with any other XP bonus.

The New Life Festival takes place towards the end of the year, basically in December during Christmas Time. The New Life Festival in-game event begins this Thursday, December 17 at 10AM EST, and runs until Tuesday, January 5 at 10AM EST. This Holiday Event only takes place in the base game zones, therefore you don’t need ESO+ or any DLC to enjoy it.

  • The New Life Festival Achievements can be found in the Achievement List under “Holiday Events”.
  • Event Tickets: You can earn Event Tickets once per day on the first New Life Festival Quest that you finish (per account).

Before you start with the festival, you need to obtain the New Life Festival Scroll from the Crown Store, The scrolls is free, you don't have to spend any crowns or gold for it. Now make sure to use the New Life Festival Scroll in your inventory to unlock “The New Life Festival” quest. After you have done that you need to speak to Breda, more about her in the next section of the guide.

Location of the New Life Festival Event

You can find the New Life Festival tent in Eastmarch, close to the Kynesgrove Wayshrine. There you can find Breda, who will give you the quests for the festival. There are 9 different quests and they can all be done every day of the event.

If you are having trouble traveling to Windhelm:
  • You can take a boat or cart from the Alik’r Desert (DC Alliance) or Malabal Tor (AD Alliance), travel by road from The Rift, or teleport to a fellow player or guildmate that’s already in the area.
  • You can teleport directly to the New Life festival tent via the portal found at Impresario (Event Merchant) locations.

New Life Festival Starter Location ESO
New Life Festival Starter Location

Quests and Achievements

The Quests will send you all over Tamriel, there’s a quest for each playable race. For example, the Khajiit themed quest will send you to Reaper’s March. Finishing a quest will reward you with a “New Life Gift Box” which can contain provisioning recipes, pages of the Skinchanger Motif as well as rare hats, costumes (like the Nordic Bather’s Towel), mementos and Charity Writs.

Note: All these quests can be done on every character that you have.

Doing every quest at least once will reward you with the “New Life Cerulean” dye. There are several additional achievements, earning them all will net you the “New Life Magnanimous” title for your character. For that title, you will have to do several special achievements for each quest, learn the full Skinchanger Motif and all the New Life Provisioning recipes.

Crystal Frost Skin

The Crystalfrost Skin can be obtained by completing the “Newly Charitable” Achievement. For that Achievement you will have to complete 12 New Life Charity Writs (any Charity Writ type works). Those are unique Crafting Writs, only obtainable during the New Life Festival. You will need to craft some basic furniture to complete the writs.

Crystal Frost Skin on a Magicka SorcererCrystal Frost Skin

Rewards from the New Life Festival

A "New Life Gift Box" typically contains random items such as crafting materials, consumable mementos, and Wolfsbane Incense, the Skinchanger style item. However, they will also have a chance to contain rarer items, including:

  • Skinchanger Motif chapters
  • New Life recipes
  • New Life collectibles (packaged in Runeboxes and tradeable):
    • Sword-Swallower's Blade memento
    • Juggler's Knives memento
    • Fire-Breather's Torches memento
    • Mud Ball Pouch memento
    • Nordic Bather's Towel costume
    • Colovian Filigreed Hood hat
    • Colovian Fur Hood hat
    • New Snowball Buddy pet
  • A selection of lights, lamps, and lanterns for your home to celebrate the Signal Fire Sprint
  • Draughts of Stealth and Escape to celebrate the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile

Charity Writs & Imperial Charity Writs

Additionally, when you open a New Life Festival Gift Box, you can also receive one of these two different types of Charity Writs.

  • Deep Winter Charity Writs—Complete to unlock pages from the Skaal Explorer outfit style.
  • New Imperial Charity Writs—Complete to unlock pages from the Rkindaleft Dwarven Weapon Style.

High Elf wearing Skaal Explorer Outfit during the New Life Festival in ESOSkaal Explorer Outfit

High Elf showcasing a Rkindaleft Weapon Bow during the New Life Festival in ESORkindaleft Dwarven Style Bow

High Elf showcasing a Rkindaleft Weapon Shield during the New Life Festival in ESORkindaleft Dwarven Style Shield

High Elf showcasing a Rkindaleft Weapon Staff during the New Life Festival in ESORkindaleft Dwarven Style Staff

High Elf showcasing a Rkindaleft Weapon One Hand during the New Life Festival in ESORkindaleft Dwarven Style 1-Hand

High Elf showcasing a Rkindaleft Weapon 2-Handed during the New Life Festival in ESORkindaleft Dwarven Style 2-Handed

Housing Items

You can find the holiday achievement furnisher Heralda Garscroft in Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Deshaan and Vvardenfell. If you’re unsure whether you’ve completed the required achievements, check the achievements section of your journal for more information. The New Life Festival achievements can be found under "Holiday Events".

Impresario & Event Tickets

The first time you complete a New Life Festival quest each day, you’ll receive three Event Tickets in addition to your Gift Box and other rewards. With Event Tickets, you can purchase the following goods from the Impresario:

  • All four Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • All 2020 Indrik Berries for the Spectral, Icebreath, Mossheart, and Crimson Indriks
    • Allowing you to complete any evolutions you might have missed this year!
  • The Rosethorn Indrik pet
  • The Snowball Buddy pet
  • Pages for the new Rkindaleft Dwarven Weapon Style
    • These are bound to your account
  • Group Repair Kits

The Crimson Indrik will be ESO’s final Indrik evolution, so don’t hesitate to snatch up this striking red mount!

How Do I Obtain The New Life Festival Writs?

Every time you turn in a New Life Daily Quest by talking to Breda, you have a chance of getting one of the Writs as a reward. They are tradeable between players, so make sure to help your friends out if you have spare ones and they are still working on earning that skin, spread the Christmas and New Life spirit!

How To Craft Furnishings & How To Get The Blueprints?

The writs will ask you to craft very basic, cheap furnishings. The blueprints, patterns and schematics for those furnishings can be bought for small amounts of gold from Crafting NPCs.

character crafting a furnishing new life festivalFurnishing Crafting

The NPCs you are looking for are Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Clothiers. They will offer the following blueprints, patterns and diagrams, buy them according to what the writ asks you to craft:

Blueprint buy locations for new life festival writsBlacksmith, Carpenter, Clothier Blueprints

Note that some of these furnishings can only be crafted if you have a certain level of the respective crafting skill line and have put skill points in the required passive. The maximum requirements are:

As you can see, these requirements are pretty easy to reach. To craft a furnishing, access the crafting station and click on the tab to the far right. If you need help to understand the crafting system, check out the crafting guides.

You can find NPCs who sell those blueprints, patterns and diagrams in the crafting areas of most cities, here’s a map of Rawl’Kha as an example of where to find those traders.

Rawl Kha Crafter Location Map New LIfe FestivalRawl Kha Blueprint Buy Locations

Crown Store Items & Motifs

There is a wide variety of Crown Store items available during the New Life Festival.

Enchanted Snow Globe Home

You can now also acquire the Enchanted Snow Globe Home, too. The entrance to this home can be found within the New Life Festival Tent next to Breda on the table.

Enchanted Snow Globe House Image New Life FestivalEnchanted Snow Globe House

Skinchanger and Frostcaster Motif
The Skinchanger Motif is obtainable through the New Life Festival Gift Boxes and the Frostcaster Motif is an exclusive purchase from the Crown Store available during the New Life Festival.

Skinchanger Motif New Life FestivalSkinchanger Motif

Frostcaster Motif Showcase New Life FestivalFrost Caster Motif

Stahlrim Armor Pack

The Stalhrim Armor Pack will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms during the New Life Festival.

Two Players showcasing the Stahlrim Armor Pack from the new Life Festival in ESOStahlrim Armor Pack

Sabre Cat Frost Atronach and Ice Nixad

Crown Gem Exclusive: Both the Sabre Cat Frost Atronach and Ice Nixad can only be purchased via Crown Gems in the Crown Store.

Note: It has not been confirmed whether these two exclusives will be available this year.

Ice Nixad New Life Festival ImageIce Nixad

Sabre Cat Frost AtronachSabre Cat Frost Atronach

Full Crown Store December Showcase - Crown Store December Showcase

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