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Argonian Skills Skill Line - ESO header

Argonian Skills Skill Line - ESO

Argonian Skills Skill Line - ESO

Category: Racial
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Argonian is one out of the ten playable races in the Elder Scrolls Online. You can find a full list of all the races here.

Ingame Description

The racial skills of the Argonians reflect their people's perilous swamp environment; giving them bonuses to healing done, restoration staves, disease resistance, resources gained from consuming potions, swimming speed, as well as base health and magicka.

Below you can see the racial passives that you benefit from when you select Argonian as your race.
Passive abilities
Amphibian icon Amphibian Amphibian
Amphibian icon
Increases your experience gain with the Restoration Staff skill line by 15%. Increases your swimming speed by 50%.
Life Mender icon Life Mender Life Mender
Life Mender icon
Increases your healing done by 6%.
Argonian Resistance icon Argonian Resistance Argonian Resistance
Argonian Resistance icon
Increases your Max Health by 1000 and your Disease and Poison Resistance by 2310.
Resourceful icon Resourceful Resourceful
Resourceful icon
Increases your Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 1000. When you drink a potion, you restore 3125 Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

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