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ESO Heroes of High Isle Event Guide header

ESO Heroes of High Isle Event Guide

ESO Heroes of High Isle Event Guide

Updated: 01/01/2024

The Heroes of High Isle Event is a new event that will take place in late September in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online). The event will run from September 29th until October 11th 2022.

The Heroes of High Isle event commemorates the unfolding Legacy of the Bretons storyline of The Elder Scrolls Online. 

How to Participate in Heroes of High Isle in ESO

To get started in the Heroes of High Isle event in the Elder Scrolls Online, you will need to complete the following steps:
  1. Open the Crown Store, and select "Event Quest: The Island Tour" to obtain it. This is free of charge.
  2. Talk to Philien Visour. He can be found in the Gonfalon Gaming Hall, in Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and Amenos.
  3. Sample the local cuisine. Look around inside Gonfalon Gaming Hall to find it. Be careful not to accidentally steal something while doing this.
  4. Scout Fishing Holes and Scenic Viewing Points around High Isle and Amenos. Open your map to find these. There are four of each so this may take a little while.
  5. Return to Philien Visour and provide feedback about your experience touring High Isle. You can then complete the quest.

Extra Rewards during the ESO High Isle Event

During the ESO High Isle event, you will be able to earn extra rewards from the following activities in High Isle and Amenos:Additionally, you will get double rewards from High Isle daily quests, and increased loot from resource nodes, world bosses, public dungeon bosses, delve bosses, and trial bosses in High Isle and Amenos

Heroes of High Isle ESO - High Isle Event
Heroes of High Isle will give you extra rewards for playing in the High Isle zone

New Reward Boxes

Completing your first daily quest in the High Isle and Amenos zone each day will award a Society of the Steadfast's Largesse, which will contain various rewards during the ESO High Isle Event. 

These rewards can sometimes include rare rewards from the High Isle and Amenos zone, such as motif pages, furnishings and furnishing recipes. 

You can also get Society of the Steadfast's Munificence reward boxes by completing subsequent activities after your first daily quest. These are similar but have a reduced chance of yielding rare rewards.

These boxes are guaranteed to drop at least one of the following:
  • Crafting materials
  • High Isle treasure
  • Style page from High Isle motifs
  • High Isle overland set items
  • Companion Gear, if Ember or Isobel is your active companion
They may also drop one of the following:
  • High Isle furnishings
  • High Isle furnishing recipes
  • High Isle Treasure Maps or Survey Reports
  • High Isle Motif Page
  • Small chance of a tradeable of the new Oaken Order motif

Community Rewards in Heroes of High Isle

In addition to the normal rewards that you can earn for yourself, there will also be some extra rewards that will unlock from the efforts of the ESO community as a whole. There is a Heroes of High Isle progress meter which will fill up each day depending on how many players completed the High Isle Pathfinder achievement. Upon completion of the event, a free bundle will be added to the Crown Store that may contain the following rewards, depending on how full the progress meter is:
Oak's Promise Body Marks from ESO Heroes of High Isle EventOak's Promise Body Marks from ESO Heroes of High Isle EventThe Ascendant Horde Box can drop the following items:
  • Undaunted keys and Undaunted plunder
  • Tel Var Stones
  • Outfit Change Tokens
  • Crafting Writs
  • Riding Lessons
  • Transmute Crystals
  • High-Level Companion Gear (Including legendary-quality companion jewelry)
  • High Isle Item Sets
  • Unattuned Crafting Stations
  • An Ascendant Lord Statue

Plant Yourself Emote from ESO Heroes of High Isle EventPlant Yourself Emote from ESO Heroes of High Isle Event

Event Tickets during the High Isle Event

During the Heroes of High Isle event, you will be able to earn two Event Tickets every 24 hours as a reward for the first High Isle daily quest you complete.

As usual, you will be able to trade these tickets for special items are the Impresario, See the rewards available from the Impresario during this event below.

Impresario Rewards in Heroes of High Isle

As usual during most events in the Elder Scrolls Online, the Impresario will spawn in various locations throughout Tamriel, and she will remain there for the duration of the event. See this page to learn more about the Impresario and where to find her.

During the Heroes of High Isle Event in ESO, the Impresario will be selling the following rewards:
ESO Oaken Order Style, High Isle Event
ESO Oaken Order Style
ESO Daggerfall Paladin Costume
ESO Daggerfall Paladin Costume

Past event dates

  • From: Sep 29th 2022, To: Oct 11th 2022

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