Waking Flame DLC - Everything you need to know!

Waking Flame DLC - Everything you need to know!
By Nara at 10 Aug 2021 12:08

Waking Flame DLC

Two new dungeons!

  • Red Petal Bastion: For centuries, the honorable Knights of the Silver Rose prosecuted crusades against the servants of Oblivion. Now, they wield their Daedric plunder almost indiscriminately. Invade Red Petal Bastion and uncover the truth behind the once noble order's fall.
  • The Dread Cellar: The Empire kept its darkest secrets hidden in the depths of Black Marsh, far from prying eyes—the Dread Cellar, a torture chamber meant to hold those the Empire wanted to vanish. Explore this forgotten abattoir and learn its secrets, old and new.

Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar are 4-player Dungeons which can be reached via Glenumbra and Blackwood respectively. Red Petal Bastion's entrance is in northeastern Glenumbra. The entrance is east of the Burial Mounds. The Dread Cellar's entrance is located in northern Blackwood, northwest of Wilke. Both dungeons include a Normal and Veteran version, of course. They also have challenging Hard Modes for each of their three boss encounters.

You can get a sneek peak of both dungeons in the following two videos:
Three containers in Red Petal Bastion in ESO
These are the new sets that will be available:

Additionally, you will be able to get unique Body and Face Markings for completing the dungeon, as well as a unique Memento, several titles and unique housing items!

New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes

Like always, a new DLC also brings along several new collectibles, outfit styles, mementos, markings and more!

Outfit Styles



Shattered Chivalry Tattoo in ESO


New pet Scorion Pyreling in ESO

New Furnishings in the Dungeons

New Bust and Trophy furnishings have been added to commemorate victory in Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar. In addition, completing these dungeons on any difficulty unlocks purchase of two new achievement furnishings from Undaunted Quartermasters – the Silver Rose Banner and Agonymium Stone, Inert. For more information on new furnishings please visit the Waking Flame DLC Furnishings List.

Trophy & Bust Images:
Magma Trophy & Magma Bust
Prior Thierric Trophy & Prior Thierric Bust

Agonymium Stone inert & Silver Rose Banner ESOSilver Rose Banner & Agonymium Stone

New Achievements and Titles

Waking Flame introduces 47 new achievements, 4 new titles, 6 new collectibles, and 1 new dye.

  • The "of the Silver Rose" title can be obtained by earning the "Bastion Breaker" achievement.
  • The "Seeker of Artifacts" title can be obtained by earning the "Prior Offenses" achievement.
  • The "The Dreaded" title can be obtained by earning the "Battlespire's Best" achievement.
  • The "Incarnate" title can be obtained by earning the "Unshaken" achievement.

New Motifs

Waking Flame has 2 new Motifs available and will be released sometime after the DLC launches.

  • The first motif is the Sul-Xan Motif. The Sul-Xan Chapters can be obtained by the Rockgrove Weekly Quest. The associated style item, the Death-Hopper Vocal Sac, can be obtained by defeating Rockgrove Bosses.
  • The other motif is the Black Fin Motif. The Black Fin Chapters, as well as the style item (The Marsh Nettle Sprig), can be obtained by completing Blackwood Delve Dailies.

New Collectibles

Update 31 brings a few new collectibles and items for you to acquire through various means:
The video below shows the Wargame Trebuchet Emote in action.

Tutorial Portal Videos Improvements

Now, when you complete the tutorial and enter a portal to one of the possible starting locations, you'll be treated to a short introductory cinematic. These cutscenes tease the main quest of the area you're going to, and feature voice-overs from characters integral to the zone and its main questline. We hope they get you excited and ready to go on an adventure!

Base Game additions in the Waking Flame DLC

For Update 31, the existing No-CP Cyrodiil and Imperial City campaigns will now also prohibit proc sets from firing. ZOS has expanded the number of sets from the original grouping that worked during the initial test several months ago

Rewards for the Worthy - New Sets

Three new item sets have been added to the Rewards for the Worthy for the Waking Flame DLC.

New Homes Waking Flame DLC

There are two new homes available in this update!

  • Sweetwater Cascades: Set in an idyllic location between Khajiiti and Imperial lands, this tranquil villa draws upon the Anequina Aqueduct for its dancing fountains and deep cisterns. After relaxing outside, retreat indoors to enjoy healthy nourishment and restful sleep.
  • Doomchar Plateau: Forged in the fires of the Deadlands, this lava-ringed plateau features a stunning view of Daedric landmarks and a solid foundation on which to build your very own Daedric dwelling. Live dangerously within the realm controlled by Prince Mehrunes Dagon! (Note: Doomchar Plateau can be previewed from its entrance southwest of the Dra’bul wayshrine in Malabal Tor, but is not yet available to own.)

New house Sweetwater CascadesNew house Doomchar Plateau

New Furnishings Waking Flame DLC

Update 31 will bring a ton new furnishings into the game and will also update existing furnishings! For more information on new furnishings please visit the Waking Flame DLC Furnishings List.

Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:
As usual, Rolis has also handed the prior set of furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio. These can now be purchased at the reduced price of 100 writ vouchers:
Faustina has bundled up the Western Skyrim plans into a new Furnishing Folio, which can be purchased for 700 writ vouchers and contains the following plans:
A new set of 21 Leyawiin Structural Furnishing Recipes are now available from Leyawiin Reward Coffers, which can be obtained by completing World Boss or Delve Boss daily quests in Blackwood. These include a variety of walls and platforms, as well as several doors, a wooden stairway, and other structural elements!
  • Please note this requires the Blackwood Chapter to access.

New furnishings with Waking Flame DLC

Champion Point System Updates

Since ZOS is constantly working on the new Champion Point System, we will also have new updates in two of the three major trees so far! The ESO Champion Point Calculator will be updated once the patch goes live.

  • Added three new sub constellations to the "Fitness tree" focusing on more core combat gameplay interaction, as well as focusing on more universal engagement for PvE encounters as the original nodes tend to have very limited diversity in that regard. Each of these constellations is filled with new slotable stars only.
    • Wind Chaser sub constellation, focused on movement speed and Sprinting
      • Celerity: Increases Movement Speed by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
      • Thrill of the Hunt: Whenever you kill an enemy you gain Major Expedition for 3 seconds per stage, 2 stages, 25 points per stage
      • Refreshing Stride: You gain 100 Health and Magicka Recovery per stage while sprinting, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
    • Survivor’s Spite sub constellation, focused on pushing back and fighting against the odds
      • Sustained by Suffering: Increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by 30 per stage while under the effects of a negative effect, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
      • Pain’s Refuge: Reduces your damage taken by 1% per negative effect on you up to a maximum of 20%, 1 stage, 50 points
      • Relentlessness: Gain Major Protection for 3 seconds after being Stunned or Feared, 1 stage, 50 points
    • Walking Fortress sub constellation, focused on Block and Damage Shields
      • Bracing Anchor: Increases Block Mitigation by 4% per stage but lowers your movement speed by 16% at all stages, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
      • Ward Master: Reduces your damage taken by 2% while blocking with a Damage Shield active, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
      • Soothing Shield: When you successfully block an attack, you have a 15% chance to restore 147 Health per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage
  • Ironclad: Renamed this passive to Fortified to prevent confusion for legacy players, as the original Ironclad has made its return in Warfare.

  • Ironclad: This Champion star makes its return as a slottable star in the Warfare tree, reducing damage taken from direct damage attacks by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage.

Multithreaded Rendering in ESO

There's also some exciting changes for those that may have a weaker CPU: Multithreaded Rendering!

Multithreaded Rendering (Beta) is an optional performance optimization available in the Video Settings panel. This option enables a separate thread for the render process which can improve performance and provide a smoother overall experience if the limiting factor on your device is CPU processing, rather than GPU processing. The setting change is only applied after a client restart.

Please note if you have this option enabled, you may hear your PC graphics cards working hard during loading screens. This is expected with the framerate now being uncapped during loading.

This feature is in Beta, so if you experience any negative effects, please disable it.

Interaction Priority Changes

ZOS has added new rules for determining which things you'll interact with when there's a potential conflict. Generally speaking, interactable objects that are valuable (such as resource nodes and lootable corpses) will have priority over things that are mobile or player-made (such as Companions and Mementos). You should also have less of a problem attempting to interact with doors, Dye Stations, and other permanently available interactable objects, even when they're surrounded by Jubilee Cakes or Sorcerer pets.

Mail Reply Quality of Life Improvement in ESO

ZOS has added a Reply option to received mail, which will open a new mail with the subject line and player name pre-populated.

Update 32 Prologue Quest – An Apocalyptic Situation

The Dread Lady, Lyranth the Dremora, needs your help to investigate the activities of Mehrunes Dagon cultists and determine the nature of a situation she believes could spell the doom of the mortal world. Join her on an adventure that will take you across Tamriel and possibly even to realms beyond!

  • To begin the Deadlands Prologue Quest for testing, you’ll need to first obtain the free Crown Store Quest Starter item, Lyranth’s Letter.
  • Venture to Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard (depending on your Alliance) and find Lyranth’s messenger Rogatina Cinna outside the city walls.
  • Talk to Rogatina to begin the first of two quests: An Apocalyptic Situation.

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