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Benefit of Item Sets? - Elder Scrolls Online



There are currently 6 Weapon Skill lines in the game;

Every weapon that occupies two slots in the character screen (Two-Handed, Bow, Destruction Staff and Restoration Staff) counts as two bonuses.

For example, if you have 3 jewelry and 1 two handed weapon, you will have a complete 5 piece bonus set.
It's also worth noting that shields don't count as weapons, but count as armor.

In contrary to armor, the quality of a weapon is very important as you gain a huge stat boost when you improve it from for example purple to gold quality. If you want to take a look at all the traits that weapons can have, please check it out here: "Pick your Traits".

Weapon Example ESOWeapon Example

Shiny Stuff!

Certain sets have special effects. For example some weapons can have a glow effect. The sets that can be obtained in Maw of Lorkhaj, Roar of Alkosh, Moondancer and Lunar Bastion have a blueish glow effect.

There are plenty more examples, such as Infallible Mage having a special purple glow effect, or Berserking Warrior which gives you a shiny white special effect with sound when you unsheathe the weapon.

Set Effects: You can find more sets with special effects in the Visual Set Fashion Guide.

Set Effects Visual Style ESOAlkosh Glow Effect


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