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Instrumental Triumph Achievement Guide ESO


Welcome to the ESO Instrumental Triumph achievement guide. For the Instrumental Triumph achievement, you will have to find several legendary instruments and display them in Solitude Bards College, next to Solitude wayshrine in Western Skyrim. This achievement is part of the Savior of Western Skyrim achievement and will earn you 50 achievement points, as well as the the merry meadmaker music box, a Bard’s College furnishing. To access and complete this achievement, you need to own Greymoor chapter.Here you can see the achievement with the full list of required tasks that you have to complete.

Turning the Instruments

Once you have found the above instruments and displayed them at the Bards College, you will be awarded 50 Achievement points and also the Merry Meadmaker music box.

Getting the Quest “Orchestrations” and finding Petraloop

Go to the Bards College, right above Solitude wayshrine. There, talk to Leiborn to initiate the quest. He will ask you to enter an auction. You will first have to equip the Sapphire Society Disguise by pressing E. This disguise will automatically wear off once you exit the auction house. The auction house is located right by the Bards College. Use the password “A jewel of blue rules the view.” to gain entry. Once there, you have to speak to the Sapphire Auctioneer, who will tell you the instrument was just sold. You then have to find the buyer among attendants.

You can then:

  1. Either purchase the lute for 693 Gold. It will then be delivered by the buyer’s servant just outside the auction house.
  2. Steal it from the magnate’s house, located in front of the Bards College. You will have to Lockpick the door (Advanced) and then go upstairs. This house is a Trespassing area, as such if anyone notices you there, you will get a 231 Bounty. Note: even if arrested by a Guard, you will not lose Petraloop.

Turning the Instruments

Return to Leiborn, who will congratulate you and give you Nel’s Hidden Love. This book contains clues to find other instruments. It ends the quest, however you still have to find the 18 other instruments to get the achievement.

Using The Clues

Below you can find a list of using the clue for the Instrumental Triumph achievement guide.

Intro & Quest

Region:       Intro                 
Verse:         You who quibble, Disagree, take sides: Relics of song, Encyphered here hide.

Region:      Quest                      

Verse:         Bards' legend first, I keep it with meIts import true. Though worn lovingly.


Orchestrations item:


Region                                    Haafingar: x6
Verse, Piece & Location        Haafingar, go! -

1) The hilt of a blade, Jahar Fuso'ja, Sword's Point Watchtower - 2) Jade shadows hide magnificent caves. Tenderclaw Shadowgreen - 3) At western mine a long storehouse march. King Thunder Mor Khazgur, 4) Dragged across two Holds, steady an Arch. Long Fire Dragon bridge, 5) Great creature's home, Westest of Western. Shadow of Rahjin Dragonhome, 6) North frost grotto Frigid, sequestered. Jarlsbane North east grotto, next toNorthern Watch Ritual Site


Region                                    Haafingar: x6

Verse, Piece & Location       

1) A Jarl Holds court above all. Shriek-of-Silk Morthal, 2) Stirring Nord graves. A maze of cold walls! Sky-Talker Labyrynthian, 3) Towers that lower Bear weight of great tales. Dozzen Talharpa Main quest elevator, south of Shademother's Haven, 4) Following sleep, The seas this one sails. Kothringi Leviathan Bugle Ship next to the Silver Cormorant. 5) To Karthald; Turn Winds. Watching Jarl's foes. Lodestone Karthwatch, 6) Fall upon South. Brisk breezes freezes toes. Lilytongue Chillwind depths


Region                                    Blackreach: x7

Verse, Piece & Location

1) Then to the Dark: A dwemer does take. Ateian Fife Staircase, north of Dusktown wayshrine, 2) Empty, falls light Pan Flute of Morachellis Lightless hollow, 3) At waterfall's break. Hag-Husband 4) Sunsets in dark, Miners do covet. Lute of Blue Longing Nchuthnkarst, 5) A junk-heap's gem, Lord Chaurus above it. Highmourn Dizi The Scraps, 6) Towers do form From fungus that grow. Reman War Drum hidden in a crate in the fungus-infested depths of Blackreach, 7) Deep keep above And lava below. Chime of the Endless Greymoor Keep

Finding the other pieces

Lute of Blue Longing: Nchuthnkarst

Chime of the Endless: Greymoor Keep courtyard

Tenderclaw: Shadowgreen

Shadow of Rahjin: Dragonhome

Lilytongue: Chillwind Depths

Sky-Talker: Labyrinthian

Long Fire: Dragon Bridge

Highmourn Dizi: The Scraps

Jarlsbane: Just South of Northern Watch Ritual Site, in a frozen grotto

King Thunder: Mor Khazgur, Orc longhouse

Jahar Fuso’ja: Sword’s Point Watchtower

Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband: Lightless Hollow, next to Skyshard

(take right path from Lightless Hollow wayshrine)

Reman War Drum: Greymoor Keep Courtyard, to reach it you have to climb a progressive pile of mushrooms and rocks.

Ateian Fife: Dusktown, staircase north of the wayshrine

Shriek-of-Silk: Morthal, Jarl’s Hall

Kothringi Leviathan Bugle: Silver Cormorant, ship South of it

Lodestone: Karthwatch

Dozzen Talharpa: Shademother’s Haven, next to main quest elevator, south of it

Here are two condensed maps, one for Western Skyrim and one for Blackreach.


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