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Ancestral Tombs Hunter Achievement Guide - ESO
Ancestral Tombs Hunter Achievement Guide - ESO

Ancestral Tombs Hunter Achievement Guide ESO

Ancestral Tombs Hunter is an achievement and a reward for finding each of the30 ancestral tomb plaques in Vvardenfell and completing the miniature replica of the island. Bradyn will direct you to the first tomb as part of the introductory quest "The Ancestral Tombs". Prints of the plaques can be acquired before starting the quest, but it must be completed in order to begin handing them in. These prints will take up space in your inventory until you turn them in. After you have returned all of them you will receive a quest called "The Lost Library" which you have to complete before you can receive the collectible furniture of Vvardenfell.

Vvardenfell map with waypoints to Ancestral Tombs Achievement in ESO

Just south of the Dwarven bridge and the Skyshard.
On a peninsula across the lake from the town.


Area is full of nix-hounds and the world boss Nilthog the Unbroken.
Right next to the road, just off the northeastern corner of Hlormaren Stronghold.


On the other side of the ridge from the delve, on the south side of a major roadway between there an Vassir-Didanat Mine.

Guarded by Netch Gouger goblins, northwest of the Skyshard.
This is the one Librarian Bradyn sends you to.
South-southwest of Galom Daeus.
On the other side of the road from Inanius Egg Mine, in the hilly area.
The island is roughly circular in shape, with the tomb in the center.
A Buoyant Armiger offering the quest An Armiger's Duty is next to the tomb.


Guarded by a few hostile kwama.
Just off the north-south road.



Leave the road at the intersection nearest the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine and approach from the southeast.
Several hostile kwama nearby.

Two nix-hounds spawn next to the tomb.
Two kagouti spawn on the plateau above the tomb.

Quest Walk-Through

The quest starts in the library in Vivec's City, talk to the librarian Bradyn. The quest is called “The Ancestral Tombs”. The Librarian will give you the location of the first tomb. He will tell you to go get the “rubbings” of the tomb stones. There is a total of 30 tomb stones in Morrowind. Once you give all the 30 rubbings to the Librarian, he will give you a new quest and send you to the Lost Library of Andule. You will get the “Librarian” title, once you complete the second quest you will also get the Vardenfell Scale Model for your House!

Librarian Bradyn in Vivec City for quest Ancestral Tomb and same achievement in ESO

Tombs & Rubbings

The tombs you should be looking out for look like this here, I also added the “rubbing” that you are also going to find at the tomb.

After putting all pieces together, the map in the middle of the room should look like this:

Lost Library

After completing the first quest, you now must find the Lost Library, which is marked on the map and should be easy to find.

Now you must find the right way to light the three braziers. It is pretty simple, follow always the three symbols, as long as you do not step on any other symbols you are good to go:

Once all the three braziers are lit up, you can now pass to the next area where you have to answer a few questions. Here you can find the right answers:

House Indoril:
  1. Religion.
  2. Be preserved at all cost.
  3. Outsiders may visit, but they must always be watched carefully.

House Dres:
  1. House Dres holds slavery to be their sacred right and duty.
  2. Because Dres feeds Morrowind with its agricultural might.
  3. Dres beleivces Dunmer should keep to themselves and focus on improving Morrowind.

House Hlaalu:
  1. Succeed at business and turn a tidy profit.
  2. Compromise while always seeking to obtain the best possible deal.
  3. Acknowlege Dunmer culture, but adapt as necessary to succeed.

House Redoran:
  1. To fulfull your duty and maintain your honor.
  2. We must accept and endure the harschness of life.
  3. The way of the warrior.

After that you can get the last book and return to the Librarian, which will award you with the Vvardenfell scale model.

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