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How do I Level Up Blacksmithing?

Leveling up Blacksmithing in The Elder Scrolls Online is not a very difficult task but it can be time consuming, especially when you are a new player and you aren't very familiar with how it works, plus you will probably forget about it a few times because there are so many other things to learn in ESO. For an experienced player this takes a few minutes, for a new player this might take a week or two, mostly depending on how many materials you have available.


Inspiration is the experience you gain to level up all crafting skill lines in ESO. There are only a few ways to increase your actual Inspiration experience.

  • 10% "Inspiration Boost" from the ESO Plus Membership.
  • 20% “Inspiration Boost” Champion Point perk, acquired by spending 30 CP in the “Tower” Champion Points tree.

ESO Plus Inspiration Boost

ESO Plus is the subscription that Elder Scrolls Online offers, there are a lot of benefits to it, and one of these is the extra 10% inspiration boost that you get.

ESO Plus Inspiration Boost Blacksmithing Guide ESOESO Plus Inspiration Boost

Champion Points Inspiration Boost

In the Tower tree of the Champion Points system, you can find a perk called "Inspiration Boost" that will increase your Inspiration experience gained by 20%.

Inspiration Boost Champion Points Blacksmithing Guide ESOInspiration Boost Champion Points

What about other Experience Boosters?

Experience boosters such as Ambrosia Drinks or Experience Scrollsdon't have any effect on the Inspiration experience gained.

Leveling Blacksmithing

Leveling Blacksmithing in ESO is done through either deconstructing items that you get from monsters or from guild stores or refining ore.

  • Deconstruct Items
  • Refine ore

Deconstruct Items

As a new player you can either sell items that you get from quests or killing monsters or you can deconstruct them. While leveling up Blacksmithing we do recommend deconstructing all items except the items with an Ornate trait. The ornate trait increases the amount of gold you get for selling the item, therefore you can make easy money with items that have this trait.

Anything else should be deconstructed till you reach the maximum Blacksmithing level. There is also a trait called Intricate that items can have, if you deconstruct an item with that trait you will gain more experience!

  • Sell: Items with Ornate trait
  • Deconstruct: Everything else

Intricate trait Blacksmithing Guide ESOIntricate Trait

Refine Ore

While you explore the world of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online you should always pick up any materials and ores you find. You can then use these ores to refine them into ingots and gain Inspiration experience while doing so.


It isn't particularly difficult to level up Blacksmithing Crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online, but it requires dedication because you will have to deconstruct a lot of items.


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