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Farming Blacksmithing Materials

Blacksmithing materials can be very expensive in the guild stores, therefore many players prefer to farm them. In this part of the Blacksmithing Guide we are going to showcase the best ways to farm materials.


Preparation and a solid tactic is important to be as efficient as possible while gathering materials. This applies to all crafting related materials that you can farm in the open world. You don't need to follow every step of this guide, but the more steps you follow, the faster you will be able to farm materials.

For example you can simply chose the approach to farm materials with your main character, which will work fine. You could also create a second character that is specifically optimized for farming materials in the open world. Or you could also have some secondary gear ready on your main character that you can use when you want to farm materials. There are plenty of options.

Farming Character Optimization

The best option would be to create a character that is optimized for crafting and farming. Therefore you will not need to spend any skill points on your main character for crafting. Lets calculate how many skill points you would need if you really want to have all crafting related skill lines maxed out.

  • Alchemy: 20
  • Blacksmithing: 25
  • Clothing: 25
  • Enchanting: 21
  • Jewelry Crafting: 17
  • Provisioning: 23
  • Woodworking: 25

Total: 156 Skill points

This obviously takes into consideration that you will have everything active, which most of the time is not the case. But this should show you how many skill points you could really sink into crafting and why a character specifically made for crafting might be a good choice if you plan to play this game long term!

Speedy G. is a build that is optimized for farming materials as fast as possible. The build is at the maximum speed limit and can stay in stealth a 100% of the time without running out of resources. I always recommend creating a Nightblade for a crafting/ farming character, you can stealth pretty much through all the monsters to avoid losing time fighting monsters!

Buildlink: Speedy G. Farming Nightblade Build

Flower Farming Build Example Blacksmithing Guide ESOOptimized Farming Build Speedy G

Maximizing Speed

Lets analyze all the options you have that could increase your speed. The speed limit is 200%, walking already accounts for 100% speed. Now what can we do to boost our speed? We also should differentiate our speed while walking/stealth vs while sprinting. Reaching 200% speed limit while sprinting is easy to achieve.

However, we want to get close to 200% with our walk speed in stealth/sneak. Therefore, we can simply sneak, be invisible all the time, have unlimited resources due to a neat trick and pretty much have 200% speed without sprinting.

Important: We need to be a Vampire with this setup to ignore the movement speed penalty in sneak thanks to the Dark Stalker passive.

Walk Speed Increase

  • Jailbreaker Set = 15% speed (Minor Expedition).
  • Retreating Maneuver Skill = 30% speed for 7 seconds (Major Expedition).
  • Ring of the Wild Hunt Set= Movement speed buff of 15% in combat and 45% out of combat.
  • Steed Mundus Stone = 15% (with 7 Divine trait).
  • Swift Trait = 6% speed gold quality, 5% speed purple quality.
  • Wind Running Perk Champion Points (the Lover Tree) = Movement speed buff of 2%.
  • Concealed Weapon Skill = 25% movement speed while in stealth.

Sprint Speed Increase

  • Sprint = 40% Sprint Medium Armor passive
  • Athletics Passive = 1 piece = 3%, 7 pieces = 21%.
  • Coward's Gear Set = While sprinting you gain 30% speed (Major Expedition).
  • Fiord's Legacy Set = While sprinting you gain 15% speed (Unique buff).
  • Swift Warrior passive = While sprinting you gain 10% speed (unique buff).

The Speed Setup

Important: Be a Vampire for the Dark Stalker passive to remove the speed penalty in sneak! Now lets calculate what our speed is with the setup and what options you have to diversify the build.

  • 100% from our base speed.
  • 15% from the Jailbreaker set
  • 15% from the Steed Mundus Stone.
  • 15% from Swift trait on jewelry purple quality.
All this combined already gives us a 145% walk speed buff.

This brings us already to 170% speed while we are sneaking.

Now you have three more options

  • Use Retreating Maneuver to get another 30% speed but the Major Expedition buff only lasts for 7 seconds and you get kicked out of stealth for half a second when activating it.
  • Use Channeled Acceleration to gain 30% speed Major Expedition buff for 12 seconds and it won’t kick you out of stealth.
  • Use Ring of the Wild Hunt which gives you a 45% speed boost outside of combat.

Vesture of Darloc Brae

So, without even sprinting we can pretty much reach 200% while in permanent sneak and have unlimited resources thanks to the Vesture of Darloc Brae set and a smaller detection radius.

Speed Showcase

The build video showcases the speed in stealth wonderfully and you can also see that we never actually lose resources.

Example Farming Session

This video is a showcase of the build that was done a while ago farming materials.


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