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Blacksmithing Trait Research Guide

Researching traits in Blacksmithing in The Elder Scrolls Online is important; only once you have researched a trait you can craft a weapon or apparel with that specific trait. In addition, if you plan to craft specific sets, they usually require a certain amount of researched traits for it to be craftable.


  • Hunding's Rage Set - Requires 6 researched traits per item before you can even attempt to craft it.

Trait Research Time

The time it takes to research a trait gets exponentially longer.

Trait ResearchResearch Time
16 hours
212 hours
324 hours
448 hours
596 hours (4 days)
6192 hours (8 days)
7384 hours(16 days)
8768 hours (32 days)
91536 hours (64 days)
Total3066 hours (127,75 days)

  • ESO Plus offers a 10% trait research time reduction, therefore you will need slightly less time to complete this.
  • The ingame Crown Store also offers Instant Blacksmithing Research scrolls that can reduce the time needed for trait research.

Blacksmithing has a total of:

  • 7 Weapons
  • 7 Armor Pieces

That means you will have to research 14 x 9 = 126 traits in total!

Metallurgy Passive

The passive Metallurgy reduces the overall time needed to research traits and it also allows you to increase the amount of traits that you can research at a time. You should place skill points into this passive as soon as it levels up if you want to focus on researching traits.

Metallurgy Passive

  • Level 1 - 5% Research Time Reduction
  • Level 2 - 10% Research Time Reduction, 2 items research
  • Level 3 - 20% Research Time Reduction, 3 items research
  • Level 4 - 25% Research Time Reduction, 3 items research, limits max research time to 30 days.

Research Order

You should decide on a specific research order. The first few traits will be researched in no time, therefore it is recommended to research the more important traits at the beginning and the less useful traits at the end.

For you to research a trait, you need a weapon or apparel with the trait that you want to research. You can get these from defeated enemies, quest rewards, treasure chests, or you can buy them in the guild store.

Research Trait E1 Blacksmithing Guide ESO Research Trait


While the Blacksmithing trait research is not particularly difficult, it requires alot of time and careful planning. Players often forget about it and days or weeks pass without researching anything, that means it will take way longer to research all the traits.


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