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Bastion Nymic Guide for ESO


Welcome to our Bastion Nymic Guide for ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online). 

This guide will explain what Bastion Nymic is, how you can access it, and how the puzzles and encounters that you can find within work.

What is Bastion Nymic?

Bastion Nymic is a new type of instanced world event added to ESO in the Necrom chapter. Portals to Bastion Nymic can be found in Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, instead of the World Events players have come to expect from previous zones, such as Dolmens, Harrowstorms and Dragons. 

However, accessing Bastion Nymic isn't as simple as visiting one of these portals and defeating a few enemies. 

In this guide we will explain what you need to do to open the portals, and how Bastion Nymic works in general. 

Table of contents

How to Access Bastion Nymic

Before you can do anything in Bastion Nymic, you'll first need to gain access. This world event is unique in two ways - it is instanced, and it is only accessible via a daily quest. 

The first step to accessing Bastion Nymic is to pick up the relevant daily quest from Ordinator Tandasea in the city of Necrom, on Telvanni Peninsula.

Ordinator Tandasea in ESO
Ordinator Tandasea in ESO

The daily quest will first task you wish collecting 5 Daedric Ichor, which must be obtained by defeating Herald's Seekers (effectively roaming World Bosses). When you have the quest, the areas where you can find Herald's Seekers will be marked on your map.

If you're alone then you will need to defeat five of them, but if you're grouped with a friend then their Ichor drops will also count towards your tally, so if your group has three or more members then you'll only need to defeat two of them. 

Daedric Ichor
Daedric Ichor

After collecting the required Daedric Ichor, the quest will point you towards the nearest portal which you can use to enter Bastion Nymic. Once there you can interact with the portal to spend the Ichor in order to gain access. 

Bastion Nymic Layout Explained

Once inside Bastion Nymic, you will begin near the centre of the map. with the quest instructing you to go to one of the three regions around the edge of the map. Each of the three regions has its own theme, containing different enemy types, puzzles and bosses in accordance. 

The regions are:

  • Dreaming Quarter
  • Plagued Quarter
  • Subverted Quarter

You'll need to navigate your way to the indicated side-boss and defeat it, and along the way you will encounter groups of enemies and optional puzzles. 

Bastion Nymic Quarters - Dreaming (blue), Plagued (green), Subverted (orange) and final boss (red)
Bastion Nymic Quarters - Dreaming (blue), Plagued (green), Subverted (orange) and final boss (red)

After reaching and defeating the boss, the quest will point you back towards the middle of Bastion Nymic, where a final boss will have spawned. A portal will open to take you back to the middle. 

At this point you can choose to either immediately challenge the final boss, or explore the other two zones and fight the bosses there, solving more puzzles along the way if you want. This is optional, but beware that once you have defeated the final boss, everything else in Bastion Nymic that you haven't defeated yet will despawn.

So if you want to get as much loot as possible then you should save the middle boss until last. If you choose to do everything then the length of Bastion Nymic will be around the same as an average 4 player dungeon.

Proceed to the Final Boss when you are ready to leave Bastion Nymic
Proceed to the Final Boss when you are ready to leave Bastion Nymic

There are three potential bosses that can appear in the centre of Bastion Nymic - the Nymic Refuter, the Nymic Defier or the Nymic Purifier. Defeating all three of these bosses is required for Bane of Heralds achievement, so if that's your goal then you'll need to do at least three runs. 

Achievements related to this guide

Name Description
Bane of Heralds icon

Bane of Heralds

Defeat the Irrefutable Herald, the Dreadful Herald, and the Noxious Herald in Bastion Nymic.
Bastion Nymic Master Puzzler icon

Bastion Nymic Master Puzzler

Solve all the puzzles in Bastion Nymic.
Keeper of the Bastion icon

Keeper of the Bastion

Complete all the achievements in Bastion Nymic.



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