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Once you click on one of the available scryable leads, you will be placed in the scrying window. Here you have to find a way to connect all the 6 points together. If you manage to connect all 6 points, only 1 location will be marked on the map where the item can be. If you miss some, more locations will pop up and the search progress will take more time.

While you are leveling up the Scrying skill-line, you will get more and more skills that are very useful to make the scrying process easier.

There are a total of 3 different skills that you can use in the scrying window.

Coalescence skill - Unites hexagonal cluster of facets in the Antiquarian’s Eye, converting the symbols to match that of the central facet. Facets = Symbols.
Dilation skill - Claim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.
Farsight skill - Claim a line of facets, stretching out from your area of control.

Generally speaking, the Coalescence is the most useful one that covers the biggest area.

Scrying Example Antiquities System ESOScrying Example

Once you've successfully connected all the dots, a map will pop up with the location of the treasure. Now you can go there and search the Antiquity, time to excavate!

Excavation example Antiquities System ESOExcavation Location

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