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Volendrung Skill Line - ESO header

Volendrung Skill Line - ESO

Volendrung Skill Line - ESO

Category: Pvp Artifacts
Other skill lines in Pvp Artifacts :

The Volendrung skill-line is part of the "PVP Artifacts" category in the Elder Scrolls Online. The Volendrung skill-line transforms your character into the most powerful player in Cyrodiil, equal to the power of an Emperor!

Sheogorath also made sure that there is a twist! Once you pick up Volendrung, you have to constantly feed the weapon by killing enemies to stay worthy to wield the powerful Volendrung weapon. If you fail, you die!

Each Campaign in Cyrodiil in the Elder Scrolls Online can have one player that wields the Volendrung weapon. That means there can be multiple current Volendrung wielders but they will all be in different campaigns.

If you manage to pick up the Volendrung weapon, you also get access to buy the Volendrung Replica housing item.

How do you unlock/ obtain the Volendrung skill-line?

To unlock the Volendrung skill-line on your character you have to wait for Volendrung to spawn somewhere on the map in Cyrodiil. The first player that gets there will gain the Volendrung skill-line for as long as he manages to stay alive.
Ultimate abilities
Ruinous Cyclone icon Ruinous Cyclone Ruinous Cyclone
Ruinous Cyclone icon
Turn into a living cyclone, dealing 13300 Physical Damage every 0.5 seconds for 7 seconds in an 8m radius, while pulling all enemies within 15m closer to you.
Active abilities
Rourken's Rebuke icon Rourken's Rebuke Rourken's Rebuke
Rourken's Rebuke icon
Batter foes in an arc in front of you, dealing 9975 Physical Damage, knocking enemies back 4 meters, and stunning them for 3.5 seconds.
Malacath's Vengeance icon Malacath's Vengeance Malacath's Vengeance
Malacath's Vengeance icon
Swing Volendrung in a mighty downward blow, dealing 13965 Physical Damage to a single target.
Accursed Charge icon Accursed Charge Accursed Charge
Accursed Charge icon
Spring across the battlefield to smash an enemy, dealing 10640 Physical Damage.
Pariah's Resolve icon Pariah's Resolve Pariah's Resolve
Pariah's Resolve icon
Channel Volendrung's power to grant Major Brutality, Major Endurance, and Major Expedition to you and nearby group members for 20 seconds, increasing your Weapon Damage and Stamina Recovery by 20% and your Movement speed by 30%. Activating this ability removes all snares and immobilizations from you.
Sundering Swing icon Sundering Swing Sundering Swing
Sundering Swing icon
Smash Volendrung into a structure, dealing 15960 Phyiscal Damage every 0.8 seconds for 3 seconds.

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