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Fossilize Skill - ESO header

Fossilize Skill - ESO

Fossilize Skill - ESO

Fossilize icon


Cost: 4050 Magicka
Target: Enemy
Duration: 2.5 seconds
Maximum range: 7 meters
Encase an enemy in molten rock, stunning them for 2.5 seconds. When the stun ends, they take 1199 Flame Damage and are immobilized for 3 seconds. This stun cannot be blocked or dodged.
New effect
Immobilizes the enemy after the stun ends.
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Name: Fossilize
Found in: Dragonknight > Earthen Heart
Unlocks at: Earthen Heart Rank 30 and Petrify Rank IV

This skill is part of the scribing system.

Fossilize is a skill in the Earthen Heart skill line under the Dragonknight category in ESO (the Elder Scrolls Online).

Status effects Champion Points that buff Fossilize

Unmorphed version

Petrify icon

Other morph

Shattering Rocks icon
Shattering Rocks

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